What would you do with an LG Optimus G pro?

Joel Nazareth
"If i'm the lucky winner, I'm going to replace my mmx smartphone with this beauty. And since it has all the new features one can long for, i wouldn't have to think of buying any other phone. Optimus G Pro rocks!!! :)"
Mahesh kumar
"i will enjoy the phone's gaming "
Arjun Duvedi
"i would use it as an all in one."
Abhilash Chipkar
"I would pamper it as if it were my baby."
Gaurav G Raj
"Play Games"
Rumana Nazarali
"Show off the best phone in the hands of the best person (Me"
Vinay KH
"work and education"
Shivangi Kataria
"i would like to gift it to my mom as her birthday present. plus since she is a music lover so she is definitly goina love it. so ya. i really hope i win."
Satish Gurram
"Browsing, Checking Mails, Capturing memories with Camera and Playing Games"
Hari Vignesh
"i am a gamer, i will use this device for gaming with out lag....................................."
Pradeep Chaudhary
"Best alternative to primary mobile device"
Ayush Agnihotri
"well i would do some autodesk work and photography.. autodesk because i am a designer and this phone can be of good use ... !!! "
"The LG Optimus G pro will fill my appetite as a developer and also help me in discover and learn things."
Thomas Sumanth Reddy
"photography and entertainment "
Vijay Budhwani
"the best i can do is photography, watch movies and it may help me to impress girls"
Bhaskar Moturi
"play latest games"
Zahran Khan
"Would do things that no other smartphone can "
"internet surfing"
Siddhartha Tewari
"bring out the creativity in me"
Vikas Seth
"I want to try dual recording feature in LG Optimus G Pro"
"Browse the igyaan website seamlessly instead of my lappy"
"Explore all features"
"Capture my child's life moments in a more beautiful way"
Rohan Mehta
"primary mobile device with occasional photography and for educational purposes"
Kapil Saini
"Show off,"
Samish Srivastav
"Play Games and Watch movies"
Tejas Gupta
"everything it can do"
Richard Jeremiah
Abinav Seelan
"Video Editing. "
Dilip Rajendran
"With 13 MP camera I will choose to shoot good quality videos for my VISCOM Projects :) "
Soumyadeep Paul
"Root it and then flash new ROMs, to unlock its true power."
vimal bhat
"i will explore it and see how lg phones are in terms of ui and it it doent turn up to be good ,I WILL ROOT IT"
"will troll my girl friend with that glossy led home button.."
"HEAVY GAMING and photography"
Varun Patil
"Gaming, surfing, replace my workstation with it for most of my needs."
"i would do everythinhg that my current phone doesnt!"
Vasu Gopal
"htc butter fly"
Tapas Sharma
"If in case I win this giveaway this would be my first android and since I am getting into college for btech in CS i would definately try my hands into android app and rom developement!!!"
Mithun Pandya
Avinash Aigal
"ultimate gaming"
Ankush Malik
"I have never used sophisticated devices like this so I would used it to play Games, Handle my assignments , make use of apps to update myself and lastly juice out the maximum out of this device."
"Watch HD Movies! :D"
Suraj Nair
"i would like to use this as a gamin device,since it has all the specks that one could dream of."
Aashish Samant
Hridey Sharma
Parth SK Tank
"Gaming , xtreme gaming !"
"shooting vidoes"
"I want to compare it with my Samsung galaxy S3"
"photography, video recording, games , calling , songs and checking out various videos online of igyaan.in adn sharing it as much as possible"
Ramesh Varma
"Calls,Messaging,Games,Surfing,Downloading apps"
Probaho Bera
"Root it and then use it for developement for custom roms"
"Gaming and Travelling"
Omkar Manwadkar
"Lg optimus g pro is pure beauty, and as i am gamer, Quad-core 1.7 GHz and Adreno 320 gpu ,the games will run at its best on stuning 1080p screen. which makes gaming experiance come alive."
Vinod Kumar
"Will replace my existing Galaxy S3"
vikramaditya shekhawat
"everything as i have mts coloured set which have nothing except cheap calls"
Anmol kapoor
"games & browsing"
Suresh Mohan
"Play Full HD Videos,Take Great Pictures,Connnect to Friends & Family"
"watch hd videos"
Arpit Verma
"it is a very goodphone from phtography to all"
"Have sex with it "
"What ever it does."
Nikhil Nikmeh
"I wil do gaming,gaming and more gaming"
CA Ch Praveen
"games & fun"
Kvks Kumar
Venroy Lewis
"I would use it as a replacement to a laptop."
"I am dam sure that the Lg Optimus Pro is going to replace my Laptop. I will use it like a genie which is always with me to entertain me & give every sort of help whenever I face a problem."
arjun j u
"best alternative to laptop and camera on traveling"
ashish karri
"i will use it for scheduling my time in a rite manner"
Krishnasai Iyer
"games and internet"
Shabahat Fateh
"watch videos"
Sunil Dahiya
"gaming and working"
Mayukh Impulsive Chatterjee
"I Would use it for listening to music anf play games"
Soubhadra Nag
Vinay Tallapalli
"Im an artist and a professional photographer. So i want to try these things with Optimus G Pro"
Praveen Austin
"i have olways wanted to hav a full hd mobile phone ..ji can take lot manu photos and can watch videos in full hd display"
Venkat Shastry
"Definitely play with it..It has the most gorgeous screen and brilliant hardware and the UI is very seamless"
Prateek Agrawal
"will dance in my roof tarif"
"I would go for photography and videos since I love clicking photos and watching full HD videos!"
Yash Khelkar
"i have never owned a smart phone ,even though i crave for one .Mobile technology just captures my imagination as i can see endless possibility that this technoloy.if i owned optimus g pro then i would use to discover how far i can take this technology as i happen to to be a cse student passionate about pc (mobile).."
Abhinav Singh
"replace my laptop , mobile, camera with this fantastic device."
Ankit Agarwal
"gaming,photography,videos @1080p ultimate clearity"
"Document Editing, Music, Some movies - use as a standby for mainstream cumputing"
Sashikant Tiwari
"i would like to lick some awesome snaps with it."
Shashank Sharma
"Use it to replace by old battered but highly respected sony ericsson naite which managed to survive three years of 'me', and to keep up with the times!"
Krunal Thacker
"it will be an all in one device for me "
"Use it to learn to develop custom roms :)"
Saptarshi Bhadra
"If I win this then I'll use this high end device to study the android OS and learn and try to do kernel and ROM development. Apart from that there is always the normal usage of gaming,photography,calling and browsing etc."
Girish Raichur
Kunal Mali
"i will gift it to my dad, as he gave me last month canvas HD. Thank you"
Vaibhav Yedavi
"Photography, Personal and Work E-mail, Social Networking"
avnish misra
"chuck my existing phone and live a good life"
Tushar Khatri
Kiran Gowle
"i would like to gift it to my father on his birthday"
Arijit Das
"I will use the smartphone as my best alternative to primary mobile device."
Debdip Bandyopadhyay
"download diffrent kinds of application ."
"best alternativeto primary mobile"
Himanshu Shahi
"Probably use it like a Smartphone it is"
Nimit Bhandari
"My portable buddy with all day juice to be my camera, laptop and media center :)"
"Want to compete Bharat Nagpal by pioneering wegyaan.in ;)"
Hemant Kumar Singh
"Mostly use for reading articals and do a lot of blogging."
Vibhakar Lal
Vinay Nayak
"call bharat sir!... :P"
"its got an adreno 320 so a lot of gaming "
Abhishek Raj Rana
"I would like to do lot of gaming on the Lg optimus g pro as its Cpu is snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.7 ghz quad core and that impressive full hd screen plus its screen size !"
Sandeep Pandey
"I will make awesome videos which capture my reaction to the events being captured by the main camera by making use of the dual camera video recording feature which is simply amazing."
Bharat Nagpal
Saurav Mittal
"First I would throw away my camera, old phone, tv remote & iPod as this device replaces them all!"
Rajendra Prasad
"Well Optimus G is a powerhouse.. so i'll do extensive multitasking and ofcrse, the camera, I'll snap lot of photos... Unlike nexus4 there's no limitation of the storage.. so i'll load it up with lot of HD Movies, music and toooo many apps n games."
Chidu Sridhar
"i would love to unbox and use it "
Anirban Mitra
Ravishankar M
"play the latest intensive graphic games"
Manish Panjabi
"Photography and videos"
Alisha Dmellø
Rohit Naudiyal
"watch movies on it"
Anvesh Gorrepati
"watch videos"
Aakash Rohilla
"Just for exploring new apps."
Ujwal Adiga
"Use it for my studies :)"
"Primary device"
Ayush Parikh
"throw the old junk out"
Sachin Acharya
"#LGOptimusGProClassy degine 5.5 full hd (Android 4.1.2 Jelly beans) "
Gautam Roy
"I'll throw a party to my friends celebrating the turn of luck i'll have on winning this phone. Then i'll record the party with this phone and then since i'm already so lucky that i won this phone i'll take part in the igyaan giveaway again and repeat history. Then when i turn 30 something and have kids(probably) i'll show them the phone that i won(if i never win another phone again). Then i will punish them for watching videos of justin beiber on my phone. i wonder if all that makes sense."
Merwyn Pinto
"Daily Activities."
Akash Dubey
"music and gaming with photography"
Mayank Jain
"Photography, Music, Apps"
Rohit Vijayapuram
"I would gift it to my mother as she always wanted to have a smart phone."
manik tikoo
"continue to watch igyaan till i dnt win a free giveaway"
ganesh damodharan
"well iam a photographer !! i would store my best pics and show people, also will upload my videography cllips in to mobile and have it handy to exibit !! :) "
"Actually I own a windows phone but I am sick of it due to lots of limitations so I want t have a android smartphone but do not have enough money to buy it."
Sujith John Daniel
"Watch stunning Full HD Movies"
Abhinanddan S Gandhe
"Mobile filmmaking."
"connecting with social media &updates"
"Primary Mobile Device"
Kaostubh Sheoran
"Emails, Updates from the tech world, photography, operate social profiles, will be in touch with igyaan's feed. !"
Abhishek Bhatnagar
"I would gift it to my mom and buy myself another one."
Dusan Pavlicevic
"Make nice and long calls with my frends."
Keri Lynn Carroll
"If its bootloader gets hacked to be unlocked (which currently isnt) i will use it ROM development. Else with enjoy full HD games and movies"
Vivek Goel
"i will video chat with my friends from delhi i miss them a lot"
Jitendra Singh Shahi
"I will use it for calling, the basic feature of a fone."
Ishan Wadke
"its a great Phablet for presenting office documents on the go!"
Saumya deep Modak
"Photography, gaming and making everyone jelous"
Swati Srivastava
"work and interaction with friends via the apps"
Shivam Batra
"photography, gaming, a lil work too"
Amogh jagadale
"Compare it with my nokia 1100"
"1. I need a new phone"
Ankit Chowdhury
Natasha Stroud Hoover
"I would take photos and video of my son with it!"
"will get to know android better,try to find out bugs and understand the advancement of technology"
Prateek Chauhan Rajput
"adore its design and do photography"
Lakhinandan Baruah
"I'll do photography, a great device to work with such as sending mails, reading and editing documents. I'll definetly play games on it. Listen to music etc."
Gagandeep Singh
"I'll brag about it"
Prashanth Bhat
"Take pics, listen to Music, browse, FBing, using IM app.s, calling, messaging and much more"
Ketan Kapse
"i will play alot hd games and download lot of stuffs watch utube"
"I'll use it for gaming,photography & use it as a media device."
Rohan Sonawane
"watch videos and movies on its huge and beautiful screen!"
Tushi Joy
"soul device"
"primary mobile device"
Ashish Kumar
"photography, web browsing and watching movies"
Kaustubh Gohokar
"i would take videos, edit them with it, then share them with it, n make india proud :D"
Mihir Chheda
Ankit Puthran
"photography and games"
Pawan Bawdane
"I would love to have this beast as it will help me to stay connected with my social friends and followers. At the same time, it will help me to do my daily blogging work and cover up some awesome videos. "
"I can do research with its awesome Processor or most of the time do photography & Gaming"
Ankit Singh
"I could always use a new phone in addition to my iphone 4, my BB and my Optimus one.. Thanks to my employer that doesn't pay me wel enough to be abreast with the latest flagship devices..."
jitesh parmar
"I will shoot a two and half are movie, release on youtube and beat karen Johar :-)"
Mohit Manav Srivastava
"with a smartphone like that, whatever the hell comes to my mind"
Vikas Tomar
"Will sell n buy new iberry auxus nucela"
"primary mobile device"
"Photos Gaming Browsing :-)"
Sahil Burman
"Will use it to experiment new things , and will try to explore potential of great hardware by stretching the limits of what an smartphone can do."
Ghassan Alsaleh
"I well see youtube because my phone battry is too bad charge finish so quackly when I try youtube channle"
Anirudh Gaurang
"Everything under the sun its like my very own portable laptop which can fit into my pocket., although gaming on this device is just BLISS"
amit porje
"video editing and skype with my girl ;)"
"Phonography & Design-Production work."
Anjan Mandal
"videos and photography"
Abdul Karim
"best companion for home using quick remote"
Nirav Zatakiya
"Gaming or photo editing"
Karthi Prakash Pn
"photography and videos,mostly work"
Navdeep Singh
"i will play games on this device"
"I will use it as a Tablet+Phone combo, two devices in one :)"
Rishi Gonsai
"I would use it as my primary mobile device."
"would slap myself 100 times to wake up from my dream of getting such a device"
Aniruddha Das
"R & D and watching HD movies"
Lenin Madhu
"check mails"
Prasannamani Dash
"Make it my bigscreen mobile gamin device and document editor. Workhorse on the move."
Rizwan Khan
Raj Patil
"camera and gaming.... this one is best fit...."
Himanshu Agrawal
"Gaming, Multi-media, Work"
Arun Kumar Singh
"Oh Everything possible from a smartphone, photographs, Gaming, Maps, Internet, Youtube !!!"
Samee Asghar
"Need to do work with Q Slide feature which gives me power to do multi task."
"i will definately use the phone for gaming, photography and everything that the phone is capable of!"
" a lot of people might want the phone for gaming watching movies but for me the main advantage will be that i can read medical E books on the go while i am on duty or on rounds as i am preparing for MD/MS PG exams......plus while on rounds consultant doctors fire questions on us so we can look up for the answer then and there only (courtsey medscape)....so it will help me a lot in my academics"
Prabhdeep Singh
"I would like to use this beast as my daily driver due to its great performance results, great battery and awesome 1080p ips large display and I would like to compare it to other high end phones, which my friends have."
Shubham Satsangi
"Truth be told, I will insert my Sim-Card in it and do the same stuff I usually do with my current phone."
Smaran Raju
"Gaming and Browsing"
Daniel Sharma
"Gift it to someone!!"
Karan Sadawana
"play flc,dead triggr,asphalt..."
Dylan Fernandez
"make it the best gaming device ever and a worthy upgrade to my lg optimus 2x!!!"
Anadee Chandra
"photography wid the awesome camera n videos wid the awesome :D"
Aditya Singh
Saikat Paul
"photography, gaming, multimedia."
Harveer Singh
"as it is a flagship device , it is practically capabLe of doing any task whatsoever super-efficiently . perhaps photography and gaming would be the priority as well as i am planning to start a youtube channel soon in order to review apps and this device would be perfect ."
Swapnil Sinha
"love to upgrade to lg g pro as it has a lot of attractive features ... from screen resolution to battery ..from camera to the lg ui.. it will be awesome to have the phone.. "
Viplav Mulka
"i'm a die hard android fan & devloper too. i want to use technology for better purposes. yet not so rich to get gem of a device. i'm gonna learn new things from it regarding apps & system. apart from that i'm interested in social feeds & photography "
Sanchit Gadekar
"gaming "
Prashant Mahajan
"i ll read igyaan on my mobile rather than on pc . and also would try become a blogger here"
Ahmad Nadeem
"Root the hell out of it"
Prashanth Kumar
"Photography and primary mobile device"
Devang Singh
"work and photography"
Akshay Ohri
"Gaming and Photography"
Pratik Satapathy
"with the 13mp camera i wld definitely think of becoming a photographer."
Aniketh Pawar
"photography,gaming "
Bryan Henry
"I would use to to connect my friends and my love of photography"
Abhishek Raj Das
"the true hd screen and nice keyboard optimizations"
OShawarma Bean Laaden
Tap San
"photography experiments"
Salim Malick. A
"I would use it as my daily companion. I schedule events, watch movies, listen songs and most importantly i would never miss even a single news feed with my friend beside me. ;)"
Vijay Singh
"Photography & OTG Editing :)"
sankalp plaha
"i can do multitasking and play heavy games and capture pics with the great 13 mp camera"
"Love it and Live with it !!!"
Anubhav Maini
"I would primarily use it for my work. Since i am joining viacom 18 as an advertising trainee i think it would make a big impact as my work would become easier and also it would make a statement on my possible clients. Since it is a great phone and LG's flagship. I would also use it for GAMING!"
Shankar Bhogale
"i can do anything with it, like play games, do my office work, manage my day to day activitis, and i can use it in gym. so its like all in one device for me if i get it"
Sachin Patel
"What's app"
Arnab Shome
"I'm a game freak...so the first and foremost thing for me is GAMING GAMING n GAMING!!!"
Siddharth Ojha
"Photography & videos"
Arpit Wankhede
"large screen gaming <3"
Shivam Sharma
"its for the true android fan & its for the people with small hands who don't mind using two hands on their phones or the people with big hands"
Arvind Lakra
"First if would like to admire the full HD 5.5" display of LG optimus G pro and use it to view multimedia contents.It will definetely be my primary mobile power house."
Jitender Singh Sansanwal
"lg optimus l9"
Varun Kaul
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Ayush Jaiswal
"i will show to whom they called apple the best mobile makers in the world"
steven donnan
"photography and media"
Ronit Chotlani
"the feature of dual recording will help me take a snap of me and my girl when not around but looking each other"
Darshan Sirur
"I would use it for photography and as a primary mobile device"
Rahul Nath
"Android Apps Development and studies"
Nikunj Gupta
"primary mobile device"
Sri Abhi
"i use it for my study."
Mukesh Hbk
"Develop custom roms, for capturing precious moments with its amazing camera and experience the best smartphone ever!!"
Prashant Bhatnagar
"Open igyaan.in as tribute.."
Nikhilesh Kamble
"I'll make it my primary device."
"Watch hd movies, play games, listen music and take amazing shots using the 13mp camera."
"Photography, Video and overall yes.. the best primary phone for me !"
"First of all I would make a call :p. Then Click an Image of me and the phone in the mirror and upload the pic to FB Twitter and share it with igyaan :D"
"Gaming device "
Pari Sairam Mohan
Anurag Sharma
"I will love and care for my lovely device."
"probably all :)"
Saisriram Karthikeya
"use it as my primary device other than my iphone "
Khalid Bashir
"i would like to use it as my smartphone and as a digital camera"
Dennis Li
"The LG Optimus G Pro is the ultimate device which any user would want if by any chance I get to win this,I would be really thankful to iGyaan and definitely spread the news about iGyaan's incredible all-in-one blog."
"i would give it to my gf as that would make her rly hpy. and i cannot afford such expensive phone. if im lucky enough to get this phone i would give it to her."
Muhammed Tahir
"gift it to my sister who is very fond of large displays and doesn't own a good smartphone till now."
Apoorv Mangal Pandey
"Best alternative to primary mobile device"
Kamlesh Nagpal
"I'm a teacher, so will use it at work for obvious purposes."
Aijaz Ali
"Play life size games on a huge display & enjoy capturing special moments on it & watching them"
Sai Krishnan
"First of all iwill make video on youtube thak\nking igyaan for this giveaway"
Mohd Imtiyaz
"i use a windows phone so it will be great to have an android beast!!!"
Praveen Mv
"i would use it as my primary mobile device and for photography and flaunt it in front of my friends as they make fun of my old galaxy s."
"Movies and gaming as it has 5.5" touch screen and a handy remote control thnx to its IR blaster :)"
Kunal Roy
"Mod the hell out of it! :)"
Darshin Shah
Abhishek Rao
Sourabh Shrotriya
"Make it work like a Pro in all fields, photography, work emails and gaming"
Jay Mytreya
Sarim Khan
"I am an avid bookreader and reading books on my ebook reader has started to seem passe. So a phone like lg optimus g pro will enable me to read bookson the go along with providing me with various other features like online connectivity, social networking, etc, which my current reader doesnt. "
Nikhil Garg
Rajagopalan Ramachandran
"watch videos"
"Photo shoot and games"
"Watch movies on the stunning screen.."
Aakash Kamat
"Flaunt it in front of Samsung users to spur up the rivalry."
"rooting & instaling ROM's"
"I will use it as Media content rich device for watching Full HD videos and Taking Ultra sharp pictures with it's 13mp camera. Whatever said, It will be my primary phone for sure because of it's mammoth battery!"
Sai Krishna Sharma Pantangi
"i want to use it as my new laptop with that feature which has unlocked the beast in it can solve the carrying problem"
Rishi Sharma
"Optimus G pro would be my Optimus "PRIME" among the phones i have. Dual video shoot is an awesome feature which will let me shoot myself as well not literally though. Since i m fan of lg products with most of home appliances making our "life good" another addition to lg family we have would be awesome"
Sathwik Mamidi
Dweep Vaidya
"Reading books and editing photos on this 5.5 inch screen would be great. Also gaming!"
Paramesh Chockalingam
"Experience my First Smart Phone...."
Ravi Rajput
"ill try and make videos for youtube"
Vaibhav Singh
"i'd use it as my daily driver replacing my current broken phone."
Tarun Chauhan
"I ll keep it as my primary mobile device. "
Akhil Agrawal
"smarter mobility"
Shashi Dhar
Pushkar Pimple
"i'll use it to capture photos and last but not least to play games "
"best alternative to my iPhone"
Sreenu S Kamath
"This would replace my existing primary mobile device as I see it as a perfect device for me as it has a better internal memory, good camera and a faster processor!"
Sumit Vakharia
RAdha Krishnan
"Primary mobile device"
Rohan Pawar
" i would mainly us for high end gaming"
Gaurav Chaudhary
"Photography coupled with gaming and specially using VR panorama feature"
Steffin Joseph
"Videos and Work"
Gaurav Rawat
"show off this cool gadget to everyone to prove that i am a crazy iGYAAN-ER.and of course make calls and not to forget all those awesome things which this beast can do. "
Royal Afran Shariff
"the camera is just awesome i am a photographer and i will be enjoying such a device "
Uma Mahesh Talikatte
"will make a documenary film using this device"
Rajorshi Deria
"I will use it as a replacement of my primary phone i.e S3 for light photography games and other stuffs"
J Yashwant Kumar
"As a gaming freak and after seen the gaming review of igyaan for LG Optimus pro I would like to play high resolution games."
Sarang Pandya
Gaurav Sharma
"for everything"
Ashwin Naidu
"ill play games and photography..."
Ambar Khona
"Firstly will use it for android ROM development i.e. root it, install custom rom."
Harmit Raithatha
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
J Yashwant Kumar
"As a gaming freak and after seen the gaming review of LG Optimus pro I would like to play high resolution games"
"Media consumption"
K Srikanth
"Internet browsing and games"
Ashish Sachdeva
"music videos photogrophy and lots more"
"Work,play and relax with it."
amrit pal singh
"clickin pics & share them with friends, makin vine gifs"
Vivek Mahato
"I'll give time itself a run for his money as the phone is superfassst!"
Deepali Vasant
" I would use the LG Optimus G pro as my primary phone."
Anil Gowda
"I Would Let LG Optimus G Pro do a act as a secondary brain so that it does all the smart work:)Thats why i call lg optimus Geniussssss Pro Rather than G Pro!!!!!!!!"
Jeetendra Mehra
"well...firstly..I will be on the 7th heaven if I'd win this !!...and then would PINCH myself...!!...to check if it was real...then I would just see the magic unfold..and but of course FLASH it off among friends.. hehehe ;-) "
Arwinder Malhi
"Photography and gaming"
Revanth Sudeep
"gaming, music, net surfing, net banking,..."
Manel Shrish Nayak
"as i dont have a personal laptop..if i win i will use this mobile as my personal laptop"
Myukh Razdan
"I would do everything with my lg optimus g pro as it has got everything in it to fulfill my needs be it games , videos, songs , photography .I love this phone!!!!!"
Gaurav Patil
"lg optimus g pro is best for multimedia and for multitasking with its 5.5inch fhd display..."
Kutbuddin Lokhandwala
"frankly i cant afford a smartphone but am a big time tech geek with an acute interest specifically in smartphones and mobile os.So if i get the LG Optimus Pro i wuld take this beast of a phone for a spin and use it till the tee to satisfy my geeky side.specifically i would use it to install custom roms and tinker around with the os and use it as a developer device for testing apps which i plan on making."
Rohit Prasad
"First, I will tie it to my pigeon's leg. Then I will switch on Optimus G Pro's awesome video camera. Then I will humbly ask my pigeon to go to all of my friends house to record their reaction when they will see my supercool LG Optimus G Pro."
Manas Thaware
"use it as a replacement for my camera, my movie experince & off course my mobile"
Sameer Kattoor
"Show off"
Amit Jain
"taking photographs and viewing them on that large screen"
Amith Aaron
"gaming as it has the best in class gpu and also photography"
Karmanpreet Singh Sandhu
Ram Kumar
"Photography and Games"
Subhramani Sathyanarayan
"Primary phone and photography"
subhendu mishra
"photography and videos"
Rameez Thanikkal
"I would shoot a movie with him !! After all he has got a nice camera..."
"photography will be amazing but it mainly a supercharged corrola."
Krishna Varshney
Amit Ghosh
"I want to always online with my friends..."
Avinash S Karanth
"develop Apps, manage my user feedback, games"
Sounak Chakraborty
"I WILL Use for My Personel Work "
Anmol Senapati
"mobile device"
Aju V Shaji
"Primary mobile, Photography"
Pawan Lokhandwala
"I would just be happy :). Photography, Gaming, most of everything"
Venkey Urs
kiran choudary
"primary mobile"
Rishi Sharma
"As defined in name itself 'pro', i would take this lil powerhouse as part of my daily live. Definately it would help me in my love for photography and in my girlfriends love for getting clicked :) "
Abhimanyue Krishnan
"Shoot HD Videos"
Ankit Jindal
"music n gamin"
Vinay Kanth Rao
Chinmay Sontakke
"as it is so big i will like to eat on it...hehhe...but really it will be awesome experience if i will get the phone ..:)"
Rohith K Reddy
"will play high end games"
Lokesh Shinigami
"i'm a voracious researcher type...i always browse in my small phone..but i feel strange by its small screen...and i love photography....i want g pro for good browsing(researching/seeing the blogs and science content) n camera"
Abhijeet Dhiman
"it is an awesome device and powerful battery and an awesome screen,perfect for gaming,photography,browsing and much more"
Mani Deep
"ill trough my point shoot camera"
Debankar Moulik
"It will be my alround entertainment device"
viraney hussain
Ritesh Rajput
"best gadget to have in your pocket for day to day use "
Jayant Kanugovi
Manmohan Kumar Singh
Ishwar Prasad Bhat
Ninaad Chaudhari
"ALL.Photography,Videos,Music and Phone"
"of course it would be my primary device...its better to take a smartphone around than carrying a laptop & a cell phone at the same time... :P"
Rayvonne Gonsalves
"Use The Phone With UTMOST CARE THATS IT !!!!"
Sri Dhar
"galaxy zoom"
"web browsing"
Abhijeet Naohate
Prashanth Reddy
"primarily i love dual recording option,as well as its one of the best feature packed multimedia smartphone ryt now with s4,ip5,one etc etc"
Syed Hamid
"Best UI till date in any smartphone. It will be an awesome overall performance experience."
Sriram Dancer
"I will play HD games with the massive 5.5 inch Full HD Screen"
Atique Shaikh
"Keep it as a spare to my S4 and root it and flash custom roms"
"Everything that a pc, phone nd a digicam can do..."
Virang Patel
"gaming "
Shivyog Sadhak's
"i will do the best thing which will be in the device"
arun shravan
"use it as a phone"
Shaarabh Murarka
Andoria Nitish
"gaming and photography"
Arjun Singh
"It has a massive battery alongwith industry best specs which let me play games, attending phone calls without worried about charging it. Besides good looks "
arun kumar
"The 1st thing LG Optimus G Pro packs a snapdragon 600 with 1.7GHz Quad-Core CPU and Adreno 320 GPU. Secondly what i love is the 5.5 inche display with a whooping 401 ppi .Which is the leader right now :D ya i mean it..and the 13mp shooter !! :D"
Umesh Dharade
"i would like to check the phones ability for HD games ,1080 recording , Autofocus , Display [resolution] , Processor boosting.. I mostly use cell phone for camera.. :) Gimme that phone :'("
Aditya Jatoo
"I will use as my daily driver."
Aakash Pandey
"best alternative to primary phone as this piece of cake from lg rocks out of the box in all directions !"
Tushar Mathur
"I'd love it for the rest of my life :P"
Navneet M Kumar
"showoff my phone"
Jyoti Kumar Sharma
"Photography, watching Videos,listening Songs , Playing games..."
Tushar Sirohi
"I am a beauty lover . this would be my new beauty shooter"
"Will enjoy faster gaming experience and watch HD videos."
Aditya Narayan
"I would take it along with me on a world tour!"
"I would ROOT it and use it to the max for music and photography <3 Of course I'll use the device trying out new ROMS and being a tester :D"
Satyanarayana Kunapareddy
"Phots,videos,games,mailing,social media,"
Aditha Varma Raja
"work, photography "
"Make HD videos"
Rajiv Pandya
"I want to capture amazing photograph and want to play games on LG Optimus G Pro."
Rakesh J R
"I love photography :) I would spend my day taking brilliant snaps from this wonderful phone :)"
Pradip Kachare
Rahul Gumma
"Gift it to my girl friend as birthday gift, she loves photography."
"internet, photography and games"
Devendra Gokhale
"primary mobile device"
Kushal Nagaraj
"Work, photography & PRIMARY mobile device"
Ashint Garg
"carry it like a mini home theater. "
Sagnik Das
"photography & gaming"
Sriram Iyer
"the dual shoot feature"
Ankit Gokani
"I would use it to shoot my short filem"
"Watch Videos"
Nandish Murugesh
"This is currently the best alternative for my S3"
Dilip Roy
"I would best use it as a multimedia device"
Kushagra Pandey
"mobile device"
Harshdeep Singh
"Live life in hd"
"i would primarily use it as a mobile and i would use it for brilliant photography using its 13 MP shooter and games and internet browsing and so on....most importantly i would show it to everyone what a "brobdingnagian" phone i have!! "
Raman Narula
rakesh nandi
"check the benchmark and then play more and more games"
Shantanu Atre
"I will play full hd games"
Navdeep singh
"i will use it to listen music, play games, click pictures, watch videos "
Himanshu Kansal
"Everything mentioned above and much more."
Sanchit Hajela
"photography and entertainment"
shenbaga pandiyan
"i don't carry camera with myself all time. So i need optimus G pro to take some good shots and share with my friends circle. The power of the processor is thrilling so that my office work can be done neat and fast. When travelling it helps me to play awesome music so that nothing retards from my mind. Altogether its a companion for life."
Ashish V Pawar
Maged Joseph
Plbs Rao
"The design i love it!!! I would show off n that light ring near the button...Ultra Pixel love takeing pictures"
Sandeep K
Sreekesh O S
"photography and mobile office"
Prasanna Kumar Upperla
"Explore the device to the core. Use it every way as possible for ex. camera,call,internet,nfc, what not every thing"
Abbas Sikandar
"Best Alternative to primary mobile device"
"Alternative to Primary Mobile"
"Super Fast Multitasking that helps in work"
Ankit Sundriyal
"will switch my primary daily driver for Lg Optimus Pro"
Terrance Veigas
"Take some cool photographs and so some power work"
Aashish Pandey
"I would like to imagine the beautiful screen of the device and play lots and lots of games in it"
RAmier Watkins
Abhay Chauhan
"Watch movies in True Full HD IPS Plus LCD screen and play HD games."
Joy Chakranarayan
Rishi Kanakarajan
"its awesome full hd screen with 5.5 inches, whooping 3140 mah lithium ion battery, the 13 mp camera for photograohy and video recording, and since LG was the 1st phone i had "
Abhi Ak
"i would love to use lg optimus g pro as a multi tasking device as it has a Quadcore processor & 2Gb ram"
Gunjan Narang
"I would use it as an primary LIFE device"
Deepak Krishna
"Listening Music, Photography, Browsing,"
Navin kishore
"Its gonna be my every thing, from camera to etc etc..."
hrishikesh pachore
"to play games"
Ankit Chahar
"games,video.music.photography,primary mobile"
Ramesh Bonda
Bhupesh Jindal
"i will use it for gaming"
Vaisagh Menon K
"my first android...so would do all possible stuff and replace my old videocon phone"
Kashif Feraz
"G for Gaming..:)"
Sahil Bajaj
"Everything from email, to social networking, to organizing my life. Photography, lots of it. Music. News. Banking. Ticket, product purchases. And yes, calling, now and then :)"
"show off !!!"
Shridhara Kulakarni B
"i will give to my brother."
Syed Usama
"Just make it my coveted posession!"
Dheeraj Kumar Barik
"If i get this... first thing is i gonna do is to throw my old phone and bulky camera. COZ i can do everything what i can do with THIS."
Sachin Dindagur
"for flawless web browsing experince of iGyaan.in"
Dinesh Lamichhane
Alroy Fernandes
Tanmoy Ghosh
"Gaming and work"
soubhik kumar mitra
"to watchimg videos and playing asphalt 7"
Saksham Malhotra
"flaunt it and make others jealous"
Lomash Gupta
"Use it for Multimedia & Work purposes"
siddharth bangera
"i am a nokia 1202(5yrs old) user.hmmm,well,i would prefer it for movies,entertainment firstly,i hav never played games on android,so no idea about the gaming experience.and i would,i would,hmmm,use it for internet browsing,youtube-browsing videos of my favourite channel igyaan :D"
Ravi Kant
"show off"
"I would be easily able to view PDFs and edit ms office docs due to its crisp 5.5" display.Also it would be an excellent replacement for my PC+camera.With the ultrafast snapdragon 600 & 2 gigs of ram it won't worry me for atleast 5 years(which matters in high end gaming a lot).The big 3140mAh battery would give me ample time to have G pro with me."
CA D P Verma
"there so much to do with LGs flagship device,.....its got 10 on 10 on every aspect....camera.,processer,ram,build quality,LG UI,LG Q apps, and many many more "
Muralidhar R Srinath
"I currently don't own a mobile. if i get this mobile i will first msg all my friends and relatives that i have changed my no. and then will do whatever the phone can do."
Rahul Sinha
korrapati shiva
Prakash Adhikari
"Photography and vide"
Sujith Deu Z Soman
"i will prefer playin high end games,takin photos and recordin 1080p videos with its 13MP camera shooter and want to see 1080p videos in its massive 5.5 inch display!!!!"
Anil Kumar
"Will watch video while chatting."
ratan vaibhav
Samanth Kunapareddi
"I will watch videos on that Full HD IPS Display."
Siddhartha Kumar
"My primary mobile device as well as my first android development platform"
Aditya Parekh
"I would Gift Lg optimus To My Mother As a Gift For her Bday!!"
Anish Kumar
"Mostly for 3d gamming!"
Harsh Maurya
"Surfing, Gaming and obviously video calls"
Dishant Vig
"ROOt it and flash custom ROM.......... and set igyaan logo as wallpaper :p"
"Games,photography,App development"
"browse the internet"
Ralph Coronel
Varun Oberoi
"Phtotography and Gaming "
Dhawal Sinha
"I would like to make calls to my lovely family with my Optimus G, it will help me to be in touch with my girlfriend Maansi and my family abroad, as i can use viber and other communication apps like whatsapp to be in touch with my dear ones.I would also take them to many cool and interesting places using Google maps when they come to India or when i go abroad.I will save precious memories of me with my girl by clicking our special moments with Optimus's camera, it will help me remember my lovely times with her when i am away from her.Also i will try to impress her kid brother by letting him play temple run on my Optimus.This way i think my Optimus will help me in keeping my lovely family close to me and this will make me and them happy.So eagerly waiting for my Optimus :)"
Bharat Mathias
"it would become my only device!"
Sandeep Chakraborty
"playing games regularly as it has a humongous battery"
"Work and play"
Sujit's Paradise
"Really I am dying for an smart phone for years now. Watching each video and review intensifies it more. For G Pro i would like to use it for gaming and photography. This are 2 activities which i love most. Please help me win this time. Thanks Sujit"
Narendra Jangid
Renjith Ramachandran
"Show off with my friends boasting I won this from an iGyaan giveaway!"
B.sai sudharshan
"Id love to watch videos on that gorgeous screen"
Rahul Nagaraj
"It would be a replacement for my wallet, camera, webcam and remote!!!"
Prandeep Hazarika
"HD gaming"
Satya Srinivas A
"hands on all da tym :)"
Anshul Rajput
"if i will win the LG Optimus G pro from TEAM iGyaan then i will replace my old phone with this one and i would feel that i am the luckiest guy in this world"
Uriel Segura
"i would watch HD movies and play HD games on it listen music with soul shaking clarity and share photos, view, and photos with it's 5.5" screen and make amazing film with it's dual shot camera"
Mansoor Raj
"Best alternative to my current mobile phone"
Bipin Chandra Tripathi
Amer Backstreet Guy
"everythng like daily browsing business related task gaming and calling as well as video chatting "
Mann Suresh
"The Optimus G Pro is an eye-catching smartphone with a stunning design, impressive specs, and creative features.so i just going to tease Samsung Galaxy Note II.......with this phone........lolz"
Kulwant Singh Cheeta
"i would give it to my sister whom i love soo much ....as she buys me everything and i cannot buy her anything as i am younger than her and currently studying...so i wuld love to gift it to her..."
Senthil Kumar.s
"It will be my best buddy...i ll be using it for my Work, gaming and a little photography"
"Face morphing options is nice and its realy funny and 5.5 screen size is really good to watch vedios "
Ankit Khedekar
"Start learning to program android apps"
"My personal mobile, photography"
Abhishek Singh
"I will do what all i can do with a smartphone this good."
Abhishek Bose
"mobile gaming"
Amarrdiip Kumaarr
"stock trading"
Mallibabu Karra
"Camera, Listen to Songs, Browse internet, play games, Use FM, This will be my most prized possession"
Anoop Kuriakose Samuel
"it will be my primary all-in-one device and replace my phone, camera, laptop and tv."
Pratik Kumar
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
"play games, watch videos and experience android on a LG device"
Sachin Bijjargi
"I would just giveaway my old galaxy grand and take away Brand new G pro from iGyaan"
Nikhil Rane
"Watch Videos on humongous full HD screen, browse web, its a nice mix of both tablets and smartphones"
Vishal Sen
"download tranformer movie and watch watch optimus prime in full hd display"
Shean Rodrigues
"my cellphone wuld be everything to me! love photography, have to use it for work purposes and specially my gaming cant live without that :P"
Sumit Rajdhar
"killing zombies, ,googling, Gaming, photography, browsing"
Parvez Khot
"Lg Optimus g pro is an great performer and would like to do gaming with it and would like to take pictures with its 13 mp camera"
Parijat Mishra
Harshit Sharma
"I wanna Gift That to my Mother."
diptesh garai
"click videos and pictures with its 13mp camera"
"none other then lg optimus g pro"
Maninder Khurana
Shalem Pravas Valaparla
"A little bit of everything"
Abhishek Chawande
"Using in long journay as Map/navigator, Browsing, Gaming, moving etc."
"Lg Optimus G pro sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro on krait 300 architecture would wonderful at heavy multitasking and heavy gaming."
"i have never owned an android phone.this will be my first one "
Akshay Agarwal
Esmail Beguwala
"Watch full HD movies on the 5.5 inch IPS plus LCD screen with 16M colours"
vatsal rauniyar
" simply enjoy that beast"
Rehan XChronic
"I will use it like anything. I will test its full capacity. Watch full HD movies, play games and try to break into it."
Azharullah Baig
"Lots of lots of work like messageiing , gaming, browsing ,chatting, shooting (video graphy), facebook, Twitter, and alot of stuff."
Ranjith Karuturi
"Play HD games,Watch HD Movies and seasons and above all its my personal assistant."
Arun Rana
"Gaming , Video Streaming and off-course photography "
Rahul Bhasme
"I can do alot of magical STUFF on G Pro such as"
Sushrut Athale
"Use it as a business device for emails, video calls etc"
naveed kazi
"I will explore every option the phone can allow me to do so"
Prashant Saikia
"I'd gift it to my dad who couldn't afford a costly phone, in order that he may educate me."
Manish August Bhatt
"Shoot and watch HD videos. #LGOptimusGPro ftw"
Manu Bharadwaj
Rohit Mandal
"would like to show the world that LG devices are no less than other so called ultra branded devices like samsung, HTC and Nokia"
"Make it my personal assistant!"
Prakhar Vyas
" would give it to my younger brother since he does not have a mobile ."
Varun Singh
"With it's 1.7GHz quad core processor with 2 Gigs RAM and an endless battery life I would use it all the time for gaming and browsing the internet and flaunt it to my friends,this being the most advanced phone in the market currently!"
Pulkit Poddar
"Watch Movies, read books, play HD Games & more"
Anoop vengala
"photography and work"
Anshul Goel
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
saurabh sharma
"first cherish it cuddle it then after neath discover it for its capabilities and then show it off and use it. "
Hitarth Chag
"use it as primary device"
Deepak Kumar
"I Love Watching Movies On Big Screen Phones :)"
Rajat Jaitly
"Will showoff my best phone to the world."
Sapna Mulani
"Show off my LG G Pro with social and professional life in one hand"
Vinay G. Singh Rawat
"I would dump my DSLR as this would be killer replacement for the same. It becomes so difficult to carry a dslr everywhere."
Somnath Sarkar
"I want the taste of the latest technology ant my fingertips."
Anuj Sharma
"Would use it for my Social Media Work Instagram picture & creating YouTube content."
Rahul Bhasme
"I can do lot of MAGICAL STUFF with G Pro such as I can Browse the very Garphically heavy and Content rich IGYAAN Website on a beautiful and Vivid Screen which is not posible on my samsung Metro Chat :("
"photography and videos"
Dr Bikram
"Use it as a Primary Mobile & utilise its features to for my professional needs."
Dhairya Joshi
"Work, Play and Enjoy."
Nir Patel
"i will do with this work as well as use for fun like social networks and gaming."
Ashay Sawant
"ill use it for android development.."
Abhishek Jangra
"View igyaan videos all day on a HD screen."
Sunit Chary
"browsing,gamings and photography"
Philip Sekar
"Navigation and running Mortal Combat - Games to te core"
"I will enjoy the android experience on Full HD 5.5 inch Gaint Screen , watch Full HD movies & video, Play HD games, and Enjoy the whole world in one hand... i am dying to use this Giant...!!!"
Akash Dewangan
"i can smash my xperia z "
Rishabh Tank
"photography! fb and social networking,whatasapp,watching movies and enjoying the large screen and the amazing 1080p diplay!"
Ameya Shelar
"I will use it as my primary smartphone to do all things .... Because if u have a LG ...life's good"
"Use to play games and watch videos"
"just for experiencing the enriched smartphone features..!!"
"Ask me what i would not do with LG Optimus G Pro! :D I would use every feature of this phone from the cameras to its amazing CPU n GPU n 2gb of ram for gaming. Thats just a few of a ton to tell!! ;)"
Aaryan Sharma
Sathish Selva
"Play games, watch videos, surf net"
Bibin David
"i always wished to have a phablet so that i can enjoy hd videos on it and a grt camera is also a n addon as i dnt like to carry a digicam all d time, i wud be on top of the world if i win this or else i will hv to wait till i start earning......."
Roshan Dadlaney
Abhishek Borthakur
"I have heard that LG has put it in it's best efforts in the newest addition to it's flagship series, I would really like to have it for several reasons , one surely being short of money , I love photography and travelling and I see that it is an amazing device to carry if you are a photography freak."
Harsh Bhimjyani
"Take HD photos and videos and play HD games.."
Harsh B
"play HD games.."
Sahil Singh
"i would love to play games on this awesome device"
Amod Dhage
"Well the G pro would be my best buddy forever!"
narasimha rao.b
"for work"
Touqir Shaik
mahendra kumar
"i will use every bit of lg optimus pro g form head to toe...."
Nikhil Miranda
"I currently use a micromax Smarty a25 which i brought after watching reviews on igyaan.in and now i need an upgrade to help me call, send and read mails and fun"
Ulhas Vardhan Golchha
"My first Smart Phone was LG Optimus One and its still working. So I would replace my Xperia U with it."
"play games & take photos"
"it is a very good device i like it very much "
Rohit Mendon
"LG Optimus G Pro is definitely designed for Humans. I am going to use it for every single purpose the phone can serve."
Anindya Sengupta
"extensive gaming"
Deepankar Verma
"replace with my current mobile"
Jay Desai
"I will use it for study use for research and also for photography purposes and for my projects because i cant afford laptop."
Pranav Sultania
Kapil Dua
"Primary Mobile Device"
Parvez Ahmad
"i will use it as my primary device because my old phone is stoped working"
Anindya Sengupta
"watch 1080p videos"
Kinjal Savai
"Reading, gaming, More productive "
Vijith Shankar VJ
"I would make use of the superior camera in the LG Optimus G Pro to shoot videos and pictures and view hd vidoes , thanks to the huge battery"
Deepak Agrawal
"Looks and Display"
Mohammed Sohail
"i am a BE student,so its big screen with awesome camera "
Khan Amir
"photography work and videos"
Abhishek Kumar
"my best pal to keep my photos, do my work, share with friends and chill out"
Zeeshan hasware
"Use it as my primary device :)"
"i've got an LG optimus one.. would replace it with the LG optimus G pro"
Kunal Makhija
"iphone 4"
Sameer Ahmed
"Will watch Dark knight in full HD..:)"
Mohit Rathi
"All of them. But not Alternative Primary mobile Device"
Rounak Sharma
"this would be for my brother , he desperately needs an adriod device for work , play , fun , messaging , calls !"
Rajesh Nair
"Work & Play"
Adil Shaikh
Aman Alam
"i will flaunt LG Optimus G pro infront of my friends"
Nirmal Arasu
robin philip thomas
"would probably take him out and find a nice case and SP. No father let's his son run around naked. After, I would give him a few bucks to shop on the Play Store,and maybe at the end of the weekend I surprise him with the gift of Manhood...aka Root."
"Showoff :)"
davinder jeet singh
"photography,games,videos "
Alester Rodrigues
"I would use it for everything its made for and then after few months ill root it to take it beyond its limits to test its capabilities"
shashank yerpula
"i would use it for photography with 13 MP, 4208 x 3120 pixels, camera i think its the best! :D"
Chanchal Bhakat
"Photography, Gaming, Office Work and editing"
Anshul Sood
"Use as my personal digital notebook"
Er Sumit Upadhyay
Tapan Waval
"it serves a better purpose to be a replacement to a laptop. its got the whole package"
Vatsal Rami
"I will Capture The World Under 13 MegaPixels..(:"
Puneet Kumar
"Music & Videos"
"will use to click photos n watch videos with its mesmerizing 5.5" full hd ips screen"
Prateek Rawat
"use q slide to browse net and see videos at same time"
Vijay Kumar Gupta
Amol Raj Pandey
Sahib Kumar
"extensive gaming, day to day mobile utility "
Jaimin Thakkar
"Currently I am having HTC Desire Z so Optimmus G pro will replacement of my phone and will I can run all my biz apps + heavy games on it "
"root it and install latest cyanogenmod in it"
Aniket Ray
"mainly use it as a media device.... watch movies, listen to music,take photos, browse, use it for office work like editing office documents, check emails, take notes."
Vaibhav Jatana
"Yeah! i like pretty much everything about it. Design, Display quality,Performance, Battery and your benchmark results shows that it is good super phone to use especially for a geek like me."
Lazygenius Prateek
"play games and watch vids at the same time with qslide,,,, :)"
"watching movies"
Satish Kumar Mahankuda
"alternative to my old smartphone"
Gulshan Dhakane
"Multi Task Easily"
Vaibhav Srivastava
"exploring the world of photography"
Vikrant Puppala
"Need a primary mobile device and it is one of the best choices out there. I will have no need t carry my camera everywhere again! It's massive screen and blazing fast processor would help me out a lot! Hope I win! xoxo"
Rahul Radhakrishnan
"huge screen = great videos that makes my day along with snapdragon 600"
Aditya Upadhyay
"simple gaming and show-off"
Anish KUmar
"Casual Photography, Gaming and finally replace my old primary phone!"
raghu nandhan
"do watever dat is possible"
Vinay V
"primary mobile device and photography. Maybe some light gaming too"
Arindam Bhattacharya
"Gaming, watch Movies and HD videos, Mail, Facebook and of course Calling."
Aditya Jaiswal
"I am a music and photography freak. I would love to go outdoors with this sexy LG Optimus G Pro and will take some awesome snaps of nature and people. And would love to listen music under the shed of the tree "
Yugal Yaduvanshi
"use as primary mobile phone"
Utsuk Shah
"I would, firstly play all the Android games for which I craved. :P.. I would go spread the message to my friends (who are huge Samsung fans) that Samsung or HTC or even MMX is not the end! By setting the example ... I am sure I can convince people to consider LG when buying a new smartphone. ( As I like to spread the products which have quality)"
Pradeep Ravi
Shobhit Tiwari
"is a beast of a device i love its 5'5 inch full HD screen and its cool Optimus UI 3.0 which is the most customizable U on android platform .... and its really a hardcore smartphonr i just love it :*"
Shreyan Sinha
"Watch videos,play games&photography"
Akarshit Gupta
"Its a dream for a man who can't afford that.... I am a gamer so i'll just play a lot of high fps games... i'll use it for everything.."
Sanket Dhingra
"I would fix it up with a secondary display and use it in place of my laptop. Since my laptop is 5 years old, it needs replacement and what better than a Pro to replace it? ;-)"
souvik sil
Janmayjay Siradhna
"playing games , and see the phone quickly and showoff"
Jithin J Varghese
"i would njoy an android device in the form of the LG Optimus G pro."
Akshay Anand
"Multitask! "
Ashish Gaba
"all of the suggested options above"
Piyush Garg
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
Jayesh Koriya
"Play Games"
Varun Chugh
"everything that the device can offer......from high end gaming to multitasking and watching full hd videos"
Yogesh Gupta
"would be a pro photographer!!! G pro rocks!!!"
"Giant gaming."
Jay VYas
"i wud love to hav one f my dream phone"
shaival thakkar
"being a student ill mainly use it for educational purposes as it proves to be a lot of help"
"watch HD movies and play 3D games"
Prashanth Ganesh
"Super Cool HD Graphics and a Quad Core Processor would obviously play games and watch movies!"
Ahmad Zaib
"Void the warranty! \m/"
Himanshu Khemani
"First of all , I will give my old phone to Nokia for recycling and with the new LG Optimus G pro will click some nature pictures and open a photography page on facebook and then install some good photo editor softwares as I love Photography."
Sohan Kharkar
"Play Games "
Danish Husain Khan
"Photography and Work"
Prajyot Patle
"juz BRAG"
Anirudh Verma
"Mostly Photography!! It seems to have a very good camera!!"
gundeep singh
"mobile device"
Vedang Parmar
" Gaming"
Ravi Takhellambam
"primary mobile device."
Abhinav garg
"GAMING, and a bit photography..!!"
Anurag Chetan
"q slide is an owsome feature "
"It'll replace my 7 inch tab and my smartphone altogether. It'll be my primary entertainment companion."
Varun Deshwal
"Just ask me what i can't do with this phone then i will say all the stuff which i can't do with my laptop. As"
Vikas Jain
"Photography and Work"
Deepak George
"Would click pictures of all the places i travel and play games all day long and make my friends jealous with the crystal clear display"
"Play Games"
Sravan Allu
"I would play the high end games...since its got one of the best GPU's out there"
Vinesh Chowdhary
"Photography, Gaming, Videos, School Work, TV"
Srinath Subrahmanyam
"If i have the optimus pro i would really enjoy the multimedia and usually the multitasking as well because of the proccesing power of the brand new LG OPTIMUS G PRO "
Wilson John
"i would capture the facinated looks of himalayans hills...in my upcoming journey,plus work on the go would be double dhamaal with G series ka baap in hands :) "
Maram Rohan
"give it to my dad as he gifted me a smart phone and he uses a normal phone.."
Jatin Singh
"Play the most demanding android games!"
Mayank Jain
"photography, videos and gaming surely. "
Abhinav Sreesan
"it would be my first smartphone and id like to do everything possible with it from photography to gaming to chatting with my friends.it would be a huge upgarade from my nokia phone."
Sudeep Kumar Dhar
"I would like to click a picture of the survivers fro UK flood and publish it on the net to help their familes"
Swapneel Kumar
"An entertainment consumption device"
Parth Thummar
"photography and internet"
Abhishek Dalvi
"Browsing Photos"
Naresh Dagar
"i would love to surf net a alot....and as i am very passionate about mobiles ..i would love my optimus g pro..."
"Will use it for gaming"
Ashish Bhola
"I like to make Videos in 3D for my 3D TV"
Akshay Brar
"photography and testing my own apps"
Satyajeet Patnaik
"Everything that could be done with LG optimus g pro"
Ananthu Anil
"Primary Mobile Device"
Sahil Khosla
"i would love to browse videos on its 5.5 inch vivid 1080p screen while also enjoying the most taxing games cause it carries snapdragon 600 with adreno 330 and in the end of course the Photography with that 13 meg sensor in....its bound to take good picture (i know megapixels count nothing but i have my hope the sensor be good dun want sony exmor rs...doesnt take good pictures)..!!! "
Vivek Kumar Singh
"Everything that it can do.. and ofcourse the apps gonna do"
Jyoti Mallick
"i will show off to my friends"
Isha Malik
" I am from fashion designing field and i need to be connected to my clients and update myself"
"My entertainment & work station."
Pauline Umandap
"photography :) "
Baber Mohammed
"Take and share great photo with the LG on whatsapp."
Mahesh Ubbu
"i want to do hardcore gaming and enjoy the crystal clear full hd videos"
Lalit Arora
Bhargav Dasari
"A daily driver"
Arjun Rao
Abhishek Kumar Singh
"Work, basically for developing apps"
"it wil be my companion for life.. it wil replace my digital camera, my ps2 , my computer and much more. "
Sherwyn Mendonca
"gaming<die hard lg fan>"
Puneet Patel
"I'll use it for my research work like Picturing related to topic ane video recording for performance second prefranc will internate bloging maps all other feautres hehehe"
Ashutosh Vats
"i think it's really awesome that you guy's are giving away these phone'....i hope someone deserving gets it, if it were me i'd be really happy about it first of all and then probably figure out what to do with i. :)"
"i will Reviw It better then uh :p ... k sorry i will Just Show It OFF like a boss to make my frnds go (-_-)"
Keval Chheda
"I would shoot Videos while trekking this rainy season at awesome 4208 x 3120 pixels and watch those in Full HD IPS Plus LCD Screen when i return home with my head on pillow"
Nandamuri Manikanta
Aditya Venugopalan
"With an Optimus G Pro, I would go around my new college with a really cool phone. Completing tasks with ease, not worrying about battery life. Groove to some cool beats and blow everyone away with its killer looks. And relive the funny quirky moments with loads of snapshots."
Lakshay Dhupar
"I'll gift it to my brother who has a 4 year old nokia phone"
Shubham Sharma
"gaming and photography"
Ijaz Naz
"I would direct a short film on the monsoon in Kerala. It would be epic."
Arpit Akhaury
Krishna Gupta
"I'd Click Pictures With It's 13 MP Camera That Would Blow Minds And Make People Think Over And Over If It Was Really A Phone Or A Professional Camera! And Share It With The World Using All The Social App.'s Without A Glitch With Its Blazing Fast Processor Speed.I'd Record All Those Precious Moments In Full HD And Show It To M Friends Like Its Happening At This Moment With Its Amazing Full HD Display! Last But Not The Least My Day Would Go On ANd On With Its Huge 3140Mah Battery Giving Me Those Extra Precious Minutes With My Loved One's.!"
Rajat Verma
"This is going to be my main phone not the alternative as it has got everything in it nice camera display is awesome buttery smooth interface no lags and a massive battery what else would one want?"
Fca Rohan Maakan
"Primary Camera"
Sayan Mohsin
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
"I Will Use It as a mini tablet"
Harshit Tiwari
"I would use it for surfing playing and wathing videos"
Ashish Patwekar
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Abhishek Mallik
"Compete with my friend's Google Nexus 4 XD"
Aman Banka
"I will go to Samsung Official Store and say them to make a device like G Pro.. and advice them to stop creating the same boring design models and add some features which everyone can remember and use easily."
Dilip Pathak
"I would like to play heavy games.. like NOVA 3"
Pranav Lamba
"I am a big follower of igyaan and I would love to watch more hd unvox"
Poonam Dhoot
Tara Dhoot
Vishesh Jain
"i would sell it on olx and earn some money as i need some"
rishabh buddy
"If i win this awesome smart phone by lg, i would like to gift this to my dad . i also tried in many of your contest but i never win . 1 thing i know very well that nothing is impossible."
Jyoti Prakash
"Mobility is key to my line of work, and staying connected to mail and enterprise applications would be further enhanced with such a capable smartphone !"
Manish Kataria
"Will shoot a Panorama"
Arvind Kumar
"if i win this contest this would be my first ever android phone..."
Vignesh Sha
"I haven't tried Optimus UI. So will do that"
Nandan Sood
"As of now i am using a karbonn a15 so luckily if i win i will use it as my primary phone and i am also a big fan of mobile photography so i will als "
Omkar Vijay Ghode
"i will use it as multitasking i have lots of online works so i will do all my works on my favouriate LG Optimus Pro also use it as my camera bcz i love travelling"
Sathish Tr
Sadish Garg
"Play high end games like Nova 3, watch HD videos and surf the whole iGyaan site (hint hint :P) JK"
Janmejai Pratap Singh
"Fed up of my old mobile,will be great to use a new one"
"Use it as an aletrante to carry the laptop for official work. reading long emails and business presentations on that gorgeous display"
"i would use it as portable gaming.. and movies while tour... and music when bored and etc :D"
nishant sirohi
"Show off the pictures taken by that 13 megapixel camera on that amazing display."
Sandesh Raote
Ciprian D'Souza
"I would use it for photography and and studies."
Mohammed Mobeen
"I want to develop an application for Android devices which will help in monitoring the heart beat of a patient. If I win the LG Optimus G Pro, it will be very useful for me to develop the app."
Daniel Koli
"Amazing photography"
Vivek Nayyar
"work and photography"
Honey Singh
"HD Camera"
Nishant Shubham
"I would promote iGyaan forever...........and obviously enjoy!"
sahil singh
"i would use it as a simple mobile phone :p omg...i myself dont know how good i would feel after recieving it but i love igyaan and will surely not stop watching it even if i dont win ! ;) but i want too .. =D"
Nivedit Majumdar
"With an Optimus G pro, I'd first flaunt it to the guys who own an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3/4 and laugh at their looks of awe. Then, I'd browse through the phone itself. Feature wise, this phone is a beast, and unleashing it would just make a tech hungry kid like me delighted. But before I get too excited, I'll send in my regards and thanks to iGyaan for being amazing at all that they do!"
Barbara Freidson
"Have a larger screen to use for mobile apps & smaller device to use as a laptop."
Tejas Nityanand
Gautham Sharma
"I will use LG Optimus pro to watch movies"
Ankit Sawant
"as a primary device"
Aashu Shady
"will listen to music and also will also enjoy watching movies and videos"
sayantan dutta
"play high end game and shoot pictures with the 13 mp camera"
Shashwat Dixit
"With the customisability of android and raw power of LG Optimus G Pro, I would create a companion that helps me get through the day with entertainment, work and management."
Ganesh Vernekar
"I would just marry the Optimus G pro"
Darren Lasrado
"I currently have a nokia n70 and it is in very bad condition, even the screen doesnt work.. n i wont get a phone anytime soon."
Pankaj Kumar
"primary hd gaming hub with a pinch of social chatting and music manza."
Abheesh Rajan
Sharad Khatri
"Good Choice for first High range smartphone experience "
Karan Patwardhan
Swapnil IMtheone
"I'll syncronize all my tasks of photography, work, video, games together with this."
"Gaming, Listening to music and photography"
Dwayne Rooney Fernandes
"As I am a mass media student I would use it for shooting various projects(not enough money for a dslr).Also to stay socially connected,"
Shubham Jain
Nagaraj Raparthi
Áßħīňav Ahirwar
"gaming , chat , video sharing on fb..etc"
Thousif Syed
"I love the large screen and would watch HQ videos and capture pics with LG Optimus G pro"
Sandesh Diwate
"internet browsing, photography and much more on this wonderful screen."
Akashdeep Singh Sodhi
"Mailing and Gaming :)"
Gaurav Saxena
"I would use it as a universal remot, a camera, can use it to take notes, play games "
Ram Kamal S K
"ill play games all day. Finish them and install other games and start to play again :P "
Abhinav Garg
"I would like to play heavy games and do some videos and read a lot of e-books!! I love LG mobiles "
Bappa Basu Majumdar
"use it to replace my galaxy grand.."
Prashant Kumar Kapila
"Gaming- especially Dead Trigger and Asphalt 7"
Darshan DP
"rock rock rock"
Abhisek Das
"Show it off to my friend who recently purchased Samsung Note II"
Shamanth M U
"A worthy replacement to my notebook"
Dewang Mistry
"Games and work"
Bhanu Chowdary
"work life productivity"
Shravan Rais
"high end gaming, huge amount of multi tasking, photography"
Archita Singh
"Photography, gaming and restart it as many as times I want to see the home button in it's ever-changing colors"
Senthil Kumar
"My cell phone is my best friend. It's my lifeline to the outside world."
"try to improve my photographic skills alongside with my work ."
Sukhmandeep Singh
"I will use it as a computer, a camera, a play station, music player and most impotantly.......as phone...:)"
"Gaming with Awsome CPU and GPU , Movies with Huge screen"
"Bringing alive Imaginations with Full HD Camera"
Onkar KandalgaOnkar
"Gaming and testing aps"
Abhimanyu Sarkar
"This would be usefull as a daily driver along with my phones as it would allow for faster note taking "
Deviprasad Naidu
Diptanshu Chakravarty
"Develop apps"
"Gaming "
Shrikant Sharma
"I would choose all of the above because this device has great multitasking functionality. "
"basically everything"
Nikhil Ramesh
"to use its features and to call others"
Atanu Chakrabarty
"Conquer the world!"
Alois Menezes
"Gaming and Best alternative to primary mobile device :D .. My gs2 home button broke and using pie control as replacement of home button rather than change the screen tehehe :D"
Prathik Prasad
"i would use it as my main drive"
"I will use the phone to get updates of the technology from websites like Igyaan.in"
Lakshmana Kumar
"Photography, Intermet, Video, Music"
Prateek Maheshwari
"Will use it as a primary smartphone"
Ankur Bhardwaj
"photography.. :)"
Jitendra Alekar
"play games, watch movies , read books"
Danish Prakash
"Test the potential of the LG flagship presently"
"multi taksking, gaming, photography!"
Sunny Gordo
Toben Thomas
"Carry around with pride !!! "
Ankur Tulsyan
"My job involves daily minimum 3 hours of travel - i will use it for my entertainment using rich multimedia on its huge vivid display with underlying very capable hardware to support it. "
Sainand Lalsangi
"anything can be done with this mobile as this is a high end multimedia mobile. as in short i will watch new tech videos of bharat every week sitting at my home and connect to the high end wifi . and roam with an attitude a attitude of optimus pro.."
Purvi Jain
"music, gaming, photography"
Prabhat himakar
"Play amazing games and use it as my primary social networking tool"
Priyank Tapuria
"replace my current motorola defy+ (which i took after watching at igyaan's review about it, the best video then)"
Humayun Kabir
"I work in an IT company so i would best use the phone for my work purpose, will use it to chat with my clients through the online chat tool, skype my clients and have use the most of the phone to conduct as many business process as it can support."
"develop apps"
Nagendra Bellur Seetharamu
"Ofcourse! I use it as my phone!"
Gitesh Charpe
"I will do everything ,that can be possible to do with lg optimus G pro ...."
Atharva Tungatkar
"Play games mostly"
"it will be my friend in my lone time "
Dushyant Shrikhande
"Get it, root it, remove the 50+ bloatware apps, and get some stock AOSP on that thing."
Ashish Kumar
Rakesh Marar
"Show The World Why They Should Not Spend Their Hard Earned Money On Uncle Sam's Shitty Crapware & The Apples & Mangoes of the World. No gimmicks. Just excellent hardware with Optimus awesomeness. Coming from a fully satisfied LG L9 supa user !"
Nisha Moily
Nand Bhasin
"I would like to do photograpy, video capturing, gaming, some of helpful work, phone calls, messaging, etc."
Anirudh Balakka
"use it for what its best at,being a smartphone."
Asmita Basu
"Gaming and writing my diary"
Aniruddha Gupte
"Use it as My Development and Testing Device for my Android Apps"
Vamshi Ram
"i'll us it for gaming & as a Ereader"
"Stream YouTube all day! :D"
Venkatesh S
"watch media intensive content"
Siddharth Nobell
"Gaming and Photography"
"gaming and music"
Alok Kumar
"i would love to play heavy games on " the" hardcore graphics and ram on full hd big ips screen which is a brilliant display to be loved of..also i would love to bring out the hidden photograpy talent in me where this 13 MP camera would help me out as a great companion...!!"
Akshay Singh
"photography "
Santosh Kumar
"Photography and Apps"
Teja Ps
"i would record and play Full HD movies and play high end games"
Ashu Emm
"i will hold it in my hand and will screem waaaaaoooooooo!!!"
Jigar Patel
Rupesh Waghoskar
"I will use this as my primary phone for daily usage. It will be used for emails, whats apps messages, clocking photos, facebook. I believe experince will be awesome on 5.5" screen."
Vidit Shah
"Smarphones have been nothing less than fantasies for me. Being a feauture phone user, I would love to experience such premium product and i wont be able to resist my eyes staring at it for atleast a weak. I love technology and the concept of apps. I would love to develop apps using such premium product, somehting creative and useful. I always wanted to join my colleges photograghy club. Using this phone I could actually make that happen one day. "
Deepak Ravi
"play with it .. all day "
Mohit Laad
Shantam Talukdar
"With a beautiful screen and equally good hardware like it i would amplify my college life,day to day management and as a bonus have a lot of fun."
Siddharth Jain
"utilize to its optimum level"
ankit saraf
"photgraphy and studt"
Zudharzon Zaro
"mouth drooling Optimus Lockscreen"
Srivaths Jayachander Mattamalla
"will experiment the phone with softwares ,games and try to explore its capabilities!"
Harshal Dalvi
"Simply Multitask it!!!"
Shashank Sheldar
"Full Entertainment by Gaming, music, movies-videos, photography, browsing and much more."
"videos and gaming"
Avnish Vishwakarma
Suchintan Kar
"Work and Fun"
Abhishek Rana
"I would love to surf internet and watch some movies and other stuff in a great HD screen.."
Shiva Chandra Kumar K
"mobile app development"
Smeet Pankaj
"games games, multi tasking, work, music, videos, photography, video calling, social networking, wsather forecast, notes, reminders"
Piyush Agarwal
Shashi Shekar Jagannatha
"make the flasgship device my own all in one package starting from camera to alarm and a great companion and if i get to root this phone it will be the awesom phone i've ever had"
soumel jalota
"firstly, make it my primary mobile then experiment with it like rooting and for dev purposes.."
Ram Kumar
"Root and Develop Custom ROM"
devarshi patel
"i would it like to use it as my personal computer because "
"videos and work"
Arjun Saluja
"simply flaunt!"
Parag D Bhoir
"Gaming And Photography "
Jeet Dutta
"Gaming....As mentioned by Bharat Nagpal..its the best gaming device at this price range"
ankur bajaj
"gift it to my brother"
Arnav Agarwal
"Work, gaming, music and other."
Shriram Dhandapani
"Use this as my primary device so I can use my old Galaxy Ace for development purposes."
Praneeth Arnepalli
"Play Games"
Samir Jain
"replace my old mobile"
SirAj Ah'mAd
Mayuresh Mane
"Since phones these days are being dubbed as life companions, I'd use it for everything possible through it.."
Sanket Botkar
"Gaming,videos and everything as it is a hardcore gaming and a very powerful device."
Kabir Saini
"I will design new apps and custom roms "
Himanshu Phoolwar
"play with it and try to enhance it more so that it will not be a mobile it must become a personal assistant "
Ammar Gandhi
"I would first Root it and install custom roms"
Arjun Gupta
"Freak out my brother when he sees this amazing piece of technology in my hands! LG Optimus G is the gate to the future. Booyah!"
"watch movies and use as GPS"
"Photography, Work and Primary mobile device"
"photography and videos"
"I'll gift this beauty to my younger sister."
Kp Rao
Harshit Jain
"use it with raspberry pi for vnc"
Joysdal Dias
"primary mobile device and offcource all the above things also"
Antas Mishra
"I can do anything with LG Optimus PRO & thats the beauty of it."
Padmakumar Patil
"watching videos and doing outdoor photography"
"B a pro"
Niteesh kanungo
"photography phones "
rajib saha
"new phone"
Rehil Raghavan
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Ashish Chandra
"Go out on a trip with no worries about my work enjoy whole day and work like a Boss :D !!"
aishwary tyagi
"photography +"
Pedro Sá
"I'll change my old mobile device for one inteligent smartphone"
"playing graphic intense games on a full hd screen +photography"
"surf web and respond to emails"
Rahul Dahiya
"Since i am a MBA student i use to read a lot of case studies. So on this lg optimus g pro i would to read and learn more and more."
Abhinav Pratap Singh
"There is nothing i can't do with that. I already have a optimus device and Optimus G Pro no word to define so far."
Vinod Kumar
Shyam Assoldekar
"I would use my Imagination to Unleash my Creativity using all the Smart Features the phone offers and show the World the Power of LG Optimus G Pro!!!"
Ashok Kumar Dubey
"primary mobile device"
Nitin Bhandarkar
"Use it as a replacement all my old phones, old camera, and mostly use it for work."
"mobile device is best because it is portable,reliable,and comfortable to carry"
Nirmal Jacob Jose
"First,bump my xperia u and play with G Pro"
Milind Bishen
"I will research on it and write on it .. by refering prime sponsoring name of igyaan."
Reetish Pattnayak
"I ll be playing games and Photography with G Pro"
kunal tharwani
"shoot my dailly family dramas, the core meetings, set the numerable reminders, and last watch movies and videos"
Sheikh Shayan
VInmre Kaushal
"It suits perfectly to my needs all of them "
"I want to give it away to my girlfriend, since she doesnt have a good smartphone"
Vinamr Kaushal
"I want it,I need it because this is the most perfect phone till date"
Faheem Akram
"I am a photography enthusiast an would like to use the 13MP camera to capture pictures on the go, so that I do not miss those spontaneous beautiful moments"
Shankar Jayaraman
"Gaming, Camera and Primary Mobile"
sameer kumar gutta
"i want to shoot a short film."
Vishnu Das Kochery
"Gaming,Internet browsing and everything that can be done by the optimus g pro"
"use it for work, videos, primary device that has decent hardware and wont slowdown within a week of use then have horrible lag and finial win something to raise my self esteem "
"surf net"
"Dual recording"
Dr J Jagdish
"Reporting scans and work"
Asriel Rusdyawan Allolinggi
"I will use it to Work and make Videos."
Sujay Kadrekar
"Play High end games, see a lots of technology videos from igyaan, click photos from its awsome camera and make the most of this device "
"It will be my primary mobile device. I will listen to music, watch a couple movies, surf and click some interesting pictures with the G Pro. All in one single charge."
Devendra Saran
"Smart use"
Rishabh Kalra
"Primary mobile device"
ravi sekhar
"with this giant screen and perfect packed features I would love to jump into its depth of fearures and would not leave a single feature...I will try everything ! It will be BESTEST Alternative for any mobile...not only primary but it is a permanent hangout device for me !! :)"
Mustafa Wahab
"1st Of All I Would Love To Have LG Optimus G Pro & I Like Optimus Devices From LG . I Will Play Games, Music On Optimus G Pro"
Bhavya Kaushik
"I would take HD Videos and put it on Instagram !!"
Suraj Subbarao
Don Ashli Mal Abana
"I would use it with my Infotainment habits!"
"Portable Laptop"
Shivam Tiwari
"5.5" FHD display will only lure me to watch movies,play games, and surf iGyaan!!!"
Naynesh Devlani
"Use it as a GPS sports tracker"
Karandeep Singh
"I'll use it as my primary device and flaunt it."
Parth Goklani
" I will watch movies on amazing full hd screen and play HD games on OGP."
Siva Kumar
"for videos "
Kunal Patil
"gaming and photography"
Ajinkya Uttarwar
"i would do everything that LG Optimus G pro can do."
Yash Thakur
"with the help from its big screen i can make or edit my documents easily plus its great for watching videos"
Rajendra Shah
"With LG Optimus G Pro, I will replace many gadgets into one giant! It'll be helpful to control my pc remotely. It will work as wireless mouse and keyboard. There are many more tasks that can be done besides playing games and listening music! It will alos be useful to me for testing applications I develop."
Abir Choudhury
"It would be my promary phones, that huge display would be great for media consumption and gaming, that snapdragon 600 along with 2gigs of RAM will brezze through everday apps and make gaming on the 1080screen a pleasure"
Mayur Chaudhari
"With its 5.5" screen i would watch movies and play lots of games"
Swapnil Shreshtha
"some ^SHOW OFF^ ,customization,many sort of tweaks,photography,gaming and the list is unending!!"
varun chinnamsetty
"I will play games, movies, showoff and last but not the least use it for regular phone purpose."
AmarZo T DAs
"Well.....everything. As an eye candy, a chick magnet, a gaming console, apps-centric, superb photos and last but not the least, to log on to igyaan!!"
"gaming "
NK Bagrodian
"Use it for educational purposes"
Prutha Patel
"I will watch movies, play games, listen to music for an entire day with the help of a huge battery!"
Luca Miolla
"work, photography "
Kapil Bansal
Anurag Verma
"I will use it as my primary mobile device for sure. because of its features it will be awesome to use."
Amit Joshi
"Show off to my friends :)"
"I will click awesome pics, watch a lot of movies and install tons of apps."
Pritam Biswas
"Wherever I go, it will be with me :D"
Manan Mehta
"I would study with the help of it"
Srinivasa Rao Edara
"Work on the go"
Ashish Bargah
"I will kiss it and watch I gyaan videos for full life"
Divya Dhawan
"I will do work and photography"
"if i got lg optimus g pro,i would enjoy playing intense high graphic games due to its 1.7ghz quad core processor.I would use its huge 13mp camera for my photography and with its large 5.5 inch screen i would be able to do multitasking in hd clarity,it will be like the whole world in my hands and i would also be able to keep all my files due to its large in built storage capacity.!!!!"
Er Aman Malasi
Gaurav Makkar
ram krishna mahanta
"i shoot full HD video and uploud to youtub.i many things to do this device."
Amol Bamane
Yashdeep Deswal
"i want ot for playing games and for photography as it has a good fast processor."
rishabh rawat
Karan Pundir
bhabesh mohanty
"Browsing, Videos, ebook reader(kindle) "
Anoop Joy
"gift it to my dad."
Deepak Punjabi
"i want to see movies on its large screen display. I want to shoot best photos and videos with that. and yeah mainly..gaming would be awesome with this phone"
macroy fernandes
Srini Venkat
"I "
Shekhar Khandeparkar
"root it and play with it"
Abhishek Dhawan
"Talk to My family and friends sitting miles away via the awesome front cam being provided in the No 1 company in Electronics."
Phani krishna Narra
Kurian P Issac
"multi-utility device"
Rohit Karki
"I own a lg optimus l9 device.The rear camera is 5 mp shooter and i am not satisfied with the pics.I am greatly impressed by the customization options provided by lg.The big size screen means that i will be able to watch videos and play games in highest resolution.The battery life of the phone is also a plus point"
Shalabh Sood
"Communicate seamlessly, replace my camera and appoint G Pro as my personal assistant."
Akif Firoz Ansari
"Life Life..... King size.."
"Use it to make youtube videos of all the best applications available on Playstore!!!"
Harshit Thaker
"gaming, shoot movies and share movies!"
Bas Deo Sharma
"i will make a comparison video between the galaxy note 2 (which my father owns) and the lg optimus g pro"
"A mate for all my activities"
Tejasva Singh
"Make my friends jealous"
Gouri Shankar
"I am working on app which requires to process lots of the data, The powerful processor on this device will be good for my project."
"work and photography"
Nisarg Desai
"To be honest I'll like to try out different custom roms on it. Apart from it, on the stock system i would love to work on my wen nased and programming based projects on it with video and music streaming."
Abhijit Kambli
"Lots of movies, music, photography, browsing!"
Saurabh Dhowan
"photography and networking and gaming and music and video and browsing"
"I'll Like To Gift it To My Dad ! :) I AM A Student I Don't earn ! I Just Want to gift this Phone To My dad ! :') I Myself Own Micromax Doodle ! Just Want My dad to Have This phone ! "
Arunjeyan Tvsv
"Compete with other frds mobile and win :)"
Arvind Negi
"use as my brand new mobile and throughout my old phone"
Shashank Kumar Atray
"wassap, chat, and all the things i could do..... i will make my life easy...."
Yatin Chawla
"My Perfect All in One SmartPhone"
Elina Patnaik
"to flaunt the latest technology , its outstanding features and out of the world looks.."
"its a great phone....with which i will do everything like surfing, streaming, playing game and most important shooting.....this will all happen because of the great hardwares."
Saurav Deb Purkayastha
"Gaming, Photography, Navigation"
Prasanna Kumar
"It will be my first smart phone"
Shabeer Vpk
"gaming+photography , It has best GPU and camera features"
Darpan Sadaye
"l would do stuff that i cannot do on my canvas hd."
Niranjan Nyamagoud
"My office work"
Naresh Boricha
"Mainly, educational purposes and photography. "
Shaik Uzair
"gaming,videos,browsing and if i get one will visit igyaan daily"
Sanket Gupta
"Mobile Device"
Travis Faulkner
"Take lots of pics and watch video anywhere"
Bharath Netha
Vishu Jain
Shantanu Dash
"Test various ROMS,tweaks,customizations on it , also for high end gaming"
Kailash Dharkar
"i will play games on it with its powerfull processor and great display"
Dehadray Shivani
Tarun Varma
"Since it is a smartphone...i will use it in a smart way!"
Hanish Mech
"Photography and gaming"
Mohan Raj
"media consumption,try different custom roms and finally best of all,i'm gonna brag about it with my friends and family ;)"
"Work+Reading Stuff Online and Books"
Shaun Kollannur
"alternative to my nokia"
Satya Barik
"Strap it to my mobile and record my travels"
"gaming "
Rohit Dixit
"Play all those games i couldn't so far!"
Subramanya Subu
"i would take my video from that device and put it in youtube."
Dhruv Goel
"if i get lg optimus g pro then i wil use it for multimedia purpose like videos,song,games and web"
Karan Srivastava
"with optimus G pro life become easy it's a complete Device .. "
akhil raj
"i would like to explore the whole new features by lg"
Trishit Dutta
"web browsing, gaming, photography, movies, social networking"
Deo Shyam
Suresh Thevar
"Despite their tinier lenses and image sensors, the best new smart-phone cameras can capture images as good as those from highly ranked basic cameras, but only under optimal conditions. Eight-to-12-megapixel resolution, enough for most kinds of photos, is now common (the LG Optimus G Pro, shown, has a 13-megapixel camera), and most phones shoot HD video in 720p or 1080p. But only a few have very good video quality. You can easily share photos from any smart phone, and top-of-the line models can enhance photos in ways few cameras can, such as assembling a group shot using the best face of each subject from a series of shots."
Sandeep Aithal
"I will shoot Photos and videos, call and send SMS, listen to music, use bluetooth to send and receive songs, use NFC to share items very quickly and with wireless devices and many more things. "
Muralidhar Jampa
"it is my primary mobile and my camera"
Ninad Deshpande
"Fast Browsing"
Vijay Roy Thykuttathil
"I'll be in luv with it :-D"
Rameez Virani
"I would primarily use it as a mobile device and a secondary option to play games in my free time."
Sandip Banik
"multi-task, games, calls"
Keshav Tandon
"i will play games on such a big screen and take photographs..:)"
Grace Priya Jacob
"Love taking photos.. so a new phone is a nice excuse.."
Adil Sattar
"Photography, Listen to songs, Videography."
VeeraSwamy Garapati
"Im a gaming freak so obviously I would like to game on it"
Abhishek Goyal
"show off !!! Its worth it"
Devark Chauhan
"do some amazing android gaming reviews for youtube "
"I will just make it as my Primary device for doing all my necessary tasks.:)"
Anu Mishra
"gaming and video"
"poor guy basically, so the phone would do for me all the manner "
Souvik Pal
rajat baxi
Abhi Bhat
"I'll Do Everything In it...!!!"
Aritra Sarkar
"i will start my own youtube channel and start reviewing apps"
sarish pulipati
"This is an awesome phone. The lesser width makes a huge difference. It makes it feel more like a larger phone. I am coming from the GN2 which I am I big fan of but the LG PRO blows it away. The screen quality is amazing, battery life is by far better than the GN2 (especially idle time). I never used the stylus on my GN2 but can see why some people would like it. The LG skin is useful and doesnt bog the phone down like touchwiz. Everything, just snaps open. I have experienced zero lag. Overall this is a great large phone for those who like bigger screens and want a phone with no lag this is it."
Salaah Qureshi
Thayumaanavan CR
"I will use it as a dev testing device by testing my app and also Custom ROM I make."
Kaushik Tushar Bali
"would add more and more photos to my collection my photography"
Mahesh Ramesh
"I would love to experience the full power of android, and since am a photographer, i would be happy to use the optimus as an alternative to my cam to take street photography, while am travelling or driving!"
Pramit Paul
"my first mobile"
Rohith Iyer
Keerthi Varman
"Alternative to primary mobile"
Venkatesh Surve
"I am a developer,And Will Cook/Port Some Custom Roms To This Device."
Susheen Kotian
"basically evrything from chatting..gaming...watching movies...clicking pics etc n there is no better phone other than G pro for that :)"
Shyantan Deb
"Photogrpahy, as i love to click picture at nay time and any where, & store the lovely memories"
Anurag Laha
"Play HD games"
Charanjeet Singhal
"take it to a Mountain tracking"
"It will be my primary post PC devise"
Harsh Reddy
"Rule my Life...!!!"
vinod jacob
"show off !!! no doubt....\m/"
Anshuman Shukla
"it's display will help me to flaunt it out among friends , it's cpu speed will make me the one with portable laptop and i don't think so any game would have been made which optimus g won't support thus making me the ace of the runner "
Rizwan Rahman
"i would use it as primary mobile since my last one is at verge of death :P"
"access mails,watch videos,photography etc."
Shikha Poddar
"i will be online on social media for the rest of the life"
Akhil Varma
"Mostly I would use it for gaming,watching videos,listening to music and taking some snaps as well :)"
Saumye Srivastava
"Buy a costly case, Root, Mod, Custom ROM, Overclock, Install LOAD of apps and games, Theme, Change camera drivers for better photography, Other tweaks, Put in my 8GB music favorites, Send Bharat a personal email of Thanks,Publicize iGyaan even more :)"
Avinash Patwari
"Root it, Overclock it and Boost it"
Nagabhushan HS
Harshvardhan Sinha
Susheel Khiani
"Hard core gaming"
Rohit Vaidya
"photography, work , videos and best alternative to primary mobile device."
Aveek Roy Chowdhury
"Basically, I would need it for day-to-day Office docs & a lot of multitaking ranging from photography to making video calls for teleconferencing."
Surya Chandra
"Since its an all in one phone, I'd do everything with it! "
tanay kayal
"hardcore gaming"
Prateek Shankar
"Would flash cyanogenmod"
Pawan Vedi
"Hardcore Gaming"
Ankit Element Shardd
"work n play"
Rohin Ayyappan
"i would like to take image ,videos,record my college lec n little bit of social networking.."
Ankush Verma
"I love Photography and watching movies and LG Optimus G Pro will greatly suits me."
Rinaldo Kyrone Lobo
"i would root it and make it a super nexus! with the new cyennogen mod 10! then i would then perform some benchmark test on it :D"
Arshdeep Panesar
"I will Run my Blog and other businesses from it."
Satish Kumar Kanaparthy
Rajdeep Gogoi
"Its a smartphone , cannot specify.. i'll do all .. :P"
M Suraj Kumar
"i'll use the mobile.. the way it has to be used..and i'll see the mobile wt it can do.."
Arun Golla
Vivek Vicky
"for basic use ..."
Farhan Mohd
"I will will watch newbostons videos and read ebooks on that. Will also use it for photography at times as I love taking macro shots of beautiful things."
"Videos and photography"
Amit Chauhan
"primary mobile device "
Ashish Mohite
"I would make awesome tutorial videos with the 13mp camera and will upload it for free on YouTube and many other sites for Indian people"
Gourab Ghosh
"photos , videos , gaming"
Rikshit Kotian
"photography, work, primary mobile and music player and brag about he specs."
Utsav Gupta
Rathin Sharma
"play high end games"
Sarabdeep Singh
"I will take the best pictures it can shoot with its 13MP Camera and play Games on it's 5.5 Inches Screen."
"great phone with all features"
Madanraaja Kalaialagan
"Would write a review and mail to igyaan.in see if its better than theirs."
Amandeep Singh Siddhu
Guneet Singh
"i would love to watch movies, playing games and doing internet browsing on the huge full hd 5.5 inch IPS screen..:D..!!"
gursangeet singh
"photography and it would be my style statement also"
Aakash Iz Back
"Photography and Gaming"
Abhishek Edida
"My main use behind the lg optimus g pro is its 13mp cam, I want to become a good photographer but, I dont have enough money to buy a dslr so photography is the main reason.I have also liked its uber cool design and full hd screens performance."
Sumit Jha
Sathish Kotian
"With such a wonderful specs use it as a all in one online and offline entertainment device as well as photography....."
Vignesh Snr
"photography work & having fun"
Sridhar Sriraman
"Will discover Features which will give effective use for me."
Rahul Mhatre
"With the big Screen I would love to watch videos from igyaan on it !"
nitin rana
Kumaril Bhatt
"would watch videos,photography,games.Nice looking phone."
Avijit Singha Roy
"I will do all (photography, work , videos, games) as it will be my first Android phone. "
Peeyush Ninawe
"Pin Point: 1. 13MP HD camera with 5.5 HD 1080p inch screen make it one of best phone. love to click lot of pic on it. and dual recording on the phone make it a wonder.. 2. QUALCOMM® SNAPDRAGON™ 600 PROCESSOR WITH 1.7GHZ QUAD-CORE CPU 2 GB RAM... BRAVOOO. Helpfull to do all daliy works with it"
Vaibhav Prabhu
"i would be glad if i get premium device from LG since at present i have mmx a72 which i am unhappy with. "
Aditya Prakash Pandey
"I will use it for games , photography as well as reading my ebooks"
Mainak Maitra
"Use it.."
Tarun Daga
Parvez Hassan
"Gamming "
Rajesh Raju
Aditya Narayan
"ROM development"
Anil Kumar
"Gaming purpose"
Kunal Sharma
"LG Optimus G has a powerful configuration. I would use it for making video's and taking pictures for my tech blog. And I would also use it for development purpose. I love exploring new technologies so it would be great to have such a powerful device."
Piyusha Suresh Choudhary
"I'll use it for photography bcoz it has very good camera with lotsa features "
Lokesh Raj
"i would take pretty spectcular images with13 MP-4208 x 3120 pixels quality.. if it goes wrong i have image stabilization and With those Big, (5.5 inches) beautiful displays i would watch my favorite movies."
Avineek Ale
"i will use it for photography and for show off as i thinks i would be the best in my friend cirlcle LG optimus g pro is mor better than galaxy note 2. so i want to own it"
Arbaz Ahmed
"watch hd video shoot by camera"
Apoorv Garg
"gaming and browsing interner"
Pravin Vivek
"Stay connected with my Loved ones with a Huge Display"
Achyut Banerjee
"I'll use the gorgeous 5.5" FHD to watch my movies, snap pics with the superawesome snapper and play games on the speedy CPU/CPU combo."
Mudit Kakkar
Nehal Joshi
"Making Galaxy Note II owners jealous and installing custom ROMs"
Rexon George
"everything i could possibly do"
Bijay Debnath
"I will explore the world with it's full HD screen and surprise my friends!"
Shobith Rai
"Simple I will use that as my Phone So stop asking LAME questions :|"
Divya Asha
"I like the Quick remote application of LG Optimus G pro."
'Nikita Chavan'
"watch videos"
manmeet singh
"Watching Movies and playing Games :)"
Pranob Thachanthara
"would take take a best photograph better than DSLR cam"
"High Multitasking..."
Shivam Rana
"with lg optimus g pro i will do the review and compete with you :P"
Vibhor Agrawal
"Watch videos (large and awesome display)"
Geo Alex
Almira Clemente Macatangay
"to use in my work"
Dhruv Sinha
"Display is a treat . I loved the edge to edge display ."
Jasmeet Kaur
"Click pictures"
Adithya Kannanganat
"watch 1080p videos , play paid hd games , take photos with its amazing 13mp camera , and hear music all the time."
Ankit Sharma
"i'll play games in it"
Siddharth Krishnan Nair
"Some Work and Some Fun"
Rathan Gopi
"I would probably start to love life."
Devanshu Kulshrestha
"It would be great for photography and caalin "
Arnab Boral
Ankit Singh
"Photography and gaming"
Ankit Nayan Talukdar
"I am a photography enthusiast, and I would love to use it's really powerful camera for low-light photography. Also it's powerful processor and massive screen would also allow me to edit videos and consume heavy multimedia applications easily, which would be another thing I would do."
Kamal Ganesan
"i will Chat with my Sweet Friends..."
Chetan Kmr
"First I will change the wallpaper to IGYAAN Style "
Shindu C. Thomas
"Such an android 'superphone' is best for gaming!!:D"
Liu Min Han
"It will definitely become my primary mobile device!"
Amit Ranjan
"With an LG Optimus G pro my life would be very easy. I can use it as a primary function of calling to complex task of making presentation on mobile. From listening music n watching videos to interacting with family and friend via internet . Capturing my precious moment through camera or much more. Thus with an LG Optimus G pro my life is always Good "
Alex Bradley
"start my own youtube channel (with cats!)"
Subodh Mayekar
Aamir Sanwari
"Flaunt it like swag!"
Raghav Prawal
"TrY 2 DeveLop RomS wIth New teChy Skills "
Pallabi Nandy
Nikhil Sahu
"Photography mainly"
Abhishek Priyadarshi
"Gift it to my brother"
Anmol Bhatia
"i m using it whole day i use it in studies also ,and do lots of gaming"
PiyuSh Jain
"Well Dis Seems dis is a Pro Monster Phone Suitable for ever Adventure Form Games to Photography ,moreover i ll use it for the gaming and texting purpose"
sourav dhenki
"I will make it my Primary Device for Networking, Browsing, Multimedia & office use."
Amit Rustagi
"videos and gaming"
Rupayan Das
"i kinda dont have a mobile phone so i really want this one"
Faiz Khan
"I love photography when i am out, with work or friends. I would love to shoot short films to."
Krishnansh Paliwal
"Gift it to my mum! "
Vipul Jain
"watch Optimus Prime..on optimsG..:D"
Pooja Garg
"Best alternative to primary mobile device."
Animesh Poddar
"Music "
Rohan Fernandes
"It will me my daily driver. LG products epitomises quality. LG rocks!"
Manas Sorte
"praise like god!"
debesh bar
Arindom Das
"I would use it to show off the power of LG and kick APPLE.."
Ratporir Rupkothaa
Rupinder Singh Sarao
"i Will give it to my mummy as her B'day Gift :)"
Manik Goel
"i m going to make it my best friend and will carry it around everywhere "
Yadnesh Barne
"Primary Mobile, Scenic Photography, continously stay online & be connected to everyone via internet or callls or msgs :)"
John P John
"I love photography, so it will be my option"
Vivek Sagar
RøHit DoLas
"Huge battery & 2 GB RAM & HD Screen = Great Gaming"
Gaurav Sampat
"just Go Pro with it !! "
Jolly Chopra Bharihoke
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
Being Niraj Bharat Sangani
Akshay Halingali
Sujith Sivadasan
"Social Networking"
Raj Kiran Sangam
"will do all dat a smart phne can do :)"
raghav mongia
"i will customize it and make my friends jealous of it."
Aayush Sharma
"Documentary making :D"
salil bajaj
"Actually,got my dad's birthday coming up.Would love to gift it to him."
Naresh Roy
"I own a Nokia 5800 XM, this would be my first Android smartphone."
Harjot Singh Bhatia
"i will use it as my primary device and use it extensively for gaming as it has very good benchmarks as seen of your review video"
Rahul Chowdhary
"Use it to keep in contact with all my friends in india and abroad :) "
Nitin Bhatnagar
"since its a powerful device and i consider myself a hardcore gamer so, it''ll be a lifetime experience for me to play all the new high end games on this stylish yet powerful beast."
Palash Gupta
"GAMING will be the first priority and first game will be nova 3,,after that it will be lots of photography,music,show of to my friends with its beautiful 1080p display and gorgeous camera with screen resolution.Last nut not the least will be watching 1080p movies will be a breeze"
Mayank Travadi
"Replace my current phone with LG optimus G pro for its amazing screen size,powerful processor and great camera."
Prince Puthiyakkal
"This could be the primary and the only device that i need on the go !"
Merwyn Fernandes
"ill Use it as a dev device"
Sheeraz Sarwar
"I will make a call using lg optimus g pro to CEO of Samsung and will tell him to stop releasing new devices everyweek and hire new smartphone design engineers"
Deepak Panchal
"doing my office work, listening music, watching videos and playing games"
Mohit Anil Garde
"I wil write down ma lyrics on the BIG screen and also make some tunes wid android DAW's on the go with silky smooth snapdragon 600 processor! SO I NEED ONE!!!!"
Strider Sjy
"It'll be my primary android device; also, with that, i'll get back the 'bragging rights' among my friends. "
Shoaib Mohammad Ali
"As it is a Optimus G Pro, I will be optimizing every single task like Gaming, working, and maybe take pics like a Pro. "
Atanu Das
"enjoy my work "
Gaurav Saha
"photography and watch videos on the brilliant full hd screen"
Ankit Mongia
Palash Sharma
"Everything from gaming to using it as an remote for home appliances to streaming content to my TV! "
Sean Andrade
"make movies"
Sharath Kumar
"i ll use it to see world movies n browse articles to my improve my novel writing , to break the boundaries to next level story telling ."
Sharath Chandra
"App Development"
Guruprasad Choukimath
"i would like to use over the air features "
Ninad Dhuri
"just do hardcore gaming and video playbacks!!!"
Sahib Singh
"i would love to have a lg optimus g pro coz of its simplicity its display best display only made bt lg...and its user interface....love Lg"
Burhan Plasticwala
"i would play games on g pro and watch movies"
Raj Shekar
"I would do video chat with my wife and my son while I am at work, home away from home."
Neeraj Beck
"multi-work. everything that is need in our day today life. from e-mail to facebook, from photography to music"
Prathamesh Chopdekar
"with 5.5 inch full hd screen i would love to watch videos and play games on LG OPTIMUS G PRO. "
Rohit Batra
"i'll Make a Video of My Son's Birthday Bash!"
Sam Ghosla Choudharyz
"boldness of phonee lookss awsme"
"Primary mobile device, NFC usage mostly, Some day use it for Home automation controller, watch TV episodes, watch my Youtube subscription videos which includes igyaan channel as well"
Rahul Khanna
"i will use it for everything as it is a smartphone.. Will use it as a camera, ipod, for e-book reading, for social networking.."
Aditya Roy
"i will play a lot of games ,capture a lot of photos"
Haresh A Ahir
"I through all of my other mobile devices and use one and only one 1080p LG Phablet LG Optimus G pro "
Eric X Avier
"first its huge so be careful next enjoy"
Sachin Aggarwal
"Will use Optimus G for my Office work, as i have to prepare a lot of PPT, sure G will help"
Sajjan Parida
"Take photograph and video chatting with friends while on the tour."
Dev Bhati
Pranay Amatya
"casual photography "
Guruprasad Subbarao
"Share Trading"
Niketha Kennedy
Abishek Raj
Shuchin Prakash
"Everything like a pro, mostly gaming"
Dayanidhi Sahoo
"internet and photography"
Mohammed Fahd
"videos and gaming"
Arvind Patel
"i want to do everything with this LG Optimus G Pro"
Harshwardhan Joshi
"Will be my daily driver"
"Photography and gaming...I think its a fantasmic optimal device"
"photography and all internet related stuff"
Chandra Bhansali
"Photography while mountain climbing and hardcore gaming..."
Rajeswar Khan
"photography, chating, playing games "
Dhiraj Mishra
"would love to click some pics..........."
Mandar Balshankar
"Optimus G Pro is a ultimate phone capable of doing everything! In short, if I win.. It will be my daily driver! "
Keshavaranjan C
Prasad Sandaw
"Socializing and Photography"
narayana reddy
"I ll be using it for its multimedia capabilities like watching HD videos,movies as well doing heavy gaming and using its camera at weekends"
Raj Gandhi
"I wish to play high graphics games and make the best use of its great camera."
Yash Nair
"With the LG Optimus pro,i would flaunt its design among my friends and use it for socialising for eg.whatsapp which my mmx Q50 can't."
Mainak Mondal
"I got a nexus & and a htc explorer.. currently very interested in developing roms .. I develop scripts but thats just it if i get a LG Optimus , i would use it as a primary mobile device and use the explorer for development... "
bitan bhadra
"photography , video on the move"
Subhasish Chakraborty
"Work and play"
Shivam Gupta
"i will do everything i can do...on that once i get it"
Chintan Kapasi
"I would use it primarily for internet communications apart from flaunting the beast ;-)"
Abhishek Rao
"With 1)1.7GHZ quadcore processor13mp primary camera"
Vimal BOse
"i'l switch my current mobile with LG Optimus G pro!!"
Sistla Srikar
"I will show how LG makes better mobiles than apple, samsung and nokia put together. I own a LG optimus l9. LG Rocks."
Kanwar Pal Singh
"Do Gaming and teach to use it to my cousins who live in villages. Will root it down and use it to customise everything, overclocking."
"Use it for better productivity apart from just calling ,photography,surfing etc"
Akshay Pathak
"remote access"
Kamal Sharma
"I'd like to see what's exceptioonal in this phone that made its cost that high"
Chandrasekar Vaidyanathan
"Personnal & Business use"
Rafi Mohd
"will gonna watch youtube on foll hd display"
Ayush Chawla
"laptop alternative"
Sunish Chaudhary
"photography (real)"
Anish Singh
"Play games and show off :D"
Priya Iyer
Ishan Pandey
"Make Video Of And Upload On Youtube"
Aditi Roy
"Make memories on the go, Click landscapes , Manage my office work :D "
Arun Kotnala
"with its great camera it would be awesome clicking some nice snaps and has a good battery back up....icing on the cake,i must say "
Rafiq Abdul
Aditya Kumar
"Photography and Work"
Shreyansh Srivastava
"i would like to gift it to my girlfriend.. she cant afford a smartphone n i cant buy one.... :("
Mohit Garg
"I love photography..but doesn't own a good camera...so this will perfectly work for me :-)"
Ajjam Gehlot
"i would use it to be a photographer really"
Darpana Malik
"will watch movies and listen songs"
Suvansh Vedi
"HD Gaming and photography with a little bit of showing off. "
"wat a geel wil do with a normal smartphone with raw power and a customizable os under the hood."
Kaushik Dash
"Obviously as a mobile device.. Also as a pocket media."
Abhilash S Indhudhar
"Brilliants 401ppi display , fast 1.7ghz quad core processor, and great camera "
Gunjan Dubey
"communicate seamlessly with family & friends"
Aayush Gupta
"surely make full on masti with this huge godzilla"
Akshay Soni
"listening to music"
Aravind Sankar
"hard gamming"
Dan Keaveney
Shyam Vaidya
"show off"
Jeslin Justin
"live with its stunning specs"
Kiran Ng
"love doin ppt slides for my presentation"
kailash dhanke
"i can do everything with LG Optimus G Pro as it is rocking device. Video,Audio,Camera & Gaming all are owsome"
"Gaming, mailing, multitasking"
Bhuvan Arora
"work for presentations"
Bhavani Sekar
", videos"
Srikanth Iyer
"it would be my primary device for entertainment consumption and to be little note 2 owners :P"
"I would simply care for the smartphone like a mother cares for his child and do my every task with the phone. The phone is so awesome that it deserves such care!"
"Photography, Movies, Emails, Web-browsing, Whatsapp"
Gautam Madaan
"one can do everything....its a complete package"
Chethan Bheemaiah
"photography, movies, gaming"
Imran Abuzain
"use as my personal ebook reader,cam,my best companion "
Karthick Nitish
"use it when i'm stresed because i'm in 12 so lot of pressure to study if have this phone will make use of it in a good way"
Himanshu Shastri
"what can i do better than showing off :D"
bivek rawat
"I would not worry about buying a new phone for at least a year(thats incase mishappenings doesn't occur) and donate my current optimus one to some less fortunate, and ofcourse i would explore G pro without bounds!!"
Mridu Ranjan Srivastava
Harshdeep Rhal
"i will use it as a phone"
"I will manage all my mail, documents and my valuable photos in this, so that ican be in touch any time any were."
Nakul Singh
"5.5 ISP plus, Aderno 320 and 1.7 Quadcore CUP, Gaming would be excellent, I want it !"
Junaid Sheikh
"Multitasking including photography, net usage, recorder, compass, GPS, barcode reader,NFC gaming, and everything"
abhishek kumar shukla
"i will gift it to my father who still uses a feature phone and show him how awesome is androd and how fast technology changes....;)"
Saurabh Singh
"Gaming, Work ,Photography "
"i ll play high end games,listen to good music n i ll watch HD videos on my LG optimus G pro"
Divyansh Makkar
"I'll try to jealous up my friends and for Gaming"
"i will choose the camera its an awesome phone HD pictures and video capture and very good features "
Akshay Naik
"Want a Mobile Phone of my Own ... as i currently own an Nokia 3110c :P"
Amith Pais
"Take snaps"
Siddharth Virkar
"I will make it my primary social media consumption device and utilize it's Full HD screen for optimum media experiences."
sagar vaidya
"I would play lots of games as the name suggests g for gaming n pro for professional..:D:)"
Rounak Baral
"I love to port things from a phone to other . So I want to become a recognized dev of this phone"
Anat Ananya
"What will I do with an LG Optimus is the second thought in my mind, the first one being to get hold of a LG Otimus G Pro!!"
abhijeet walvekar
"use it for gaming and other normal stuff."
Shubham Singh
Divyansh Dalal
"Will be best alternative for me Nokia Asha 206, Moreover, I will do some Photography and Gaming in it !!"
"HD Gaming and yes lots of photographs and videos with 13MP camera, keep track of all Tech stuff... and lot more"
himanshu shrivastav
"alternative to nokia c7"
Christie Agata
Svetoslav Dimitrov
Priyank Verma
"taking photos of lengthy notes from brilliant camera and then viewing them at home in nice hd screen"
Subham Kumar Singha
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Bhavin P Kharadi
Kunwar Harish Singh
"With that gorgeous screen and beast of a battery.....we can use it for anything whether it's a multimedia, work or game!!!! "
"develop custom ROMS"
Aniket Sen
"Mobile gaming and photography."
Padmanabhan K.P
"Connect with the World better"
Kamal Thind
"Primary Mobile Device"
Ali Abuzer
"I would give a rest to my iPhone"
Sandeep Shanu
"Video chat, HD Games, Photography"
Shreyas Uchil
"primary mobile device"
Kush Arora
"B roll camera for pro-shoot."
Madhusudhan J
"Photos, emails and social media"
Himanshu Dama
"I will use LG Optimus G Pro more for Photography ..as it has 13mp camera with many new features like Panorama , dual camera ..and the live effect is a great feature in optimus g pro :D "
Siddharth Palsambkar
"Watch and listen some Amazing Vidoes and Music on an equally Amazing phone !"
Karan Nigam
"I would use The Optimus G Pro for all my daily needs. I am a hobbyist photographer, since carrying my dslr everyday isn't possible, I would use the 13MP snapper of the G Pro for the moments that I wouldn't want to miss in future. As a Project manager"
Aditya Vaidya
"Use it as a companion for practising my guitar"
"watch videos on the crisp 1080p screen"
Devesh Malik
"First of all I will use it to show off as most of the people do who buy these kinds of premium phone and then I will make a short documentary film with LG Optimus G Pro."
Fahad Fazil
"work , entertainment"
Durga Prasad Boga
"I will retire my Laptop ;-)"
Avisek Dhar
"laptop replacement"
"Would love to watch some HD movies without lag."
ravi krishna
"surf igyaan everyday"
Shubhneet Singh
"I am a android themer i would like to create new themes and teach others how to do that."
Abhijit Chapke
"m gonna video call to my GF everyday. and of-course will use the amazing Camera "
shantam seth
"playing high end games, watching youtube videos, social networking...and rooting .......... :) :)"
"Will take to it where ever I go, especially in vacations to make full use of it."
Siddharth Dalabehera
"it will redefine my life and make it more convinient. I will enjoy the phone for playing games,listening to music and basically take full advantage of the multimedia experience."
Adithya Sb
"Do all the things i can do with this device "
Vishesh Hiremath
"A powerful device like that will be great to test my apps on."
"I'll use it as a phone."
"Gaming and net surfing"
"photograph, gaming, socializing"
Yash Pathak
"Show off, play and have lots of fun....but the main is show off ;) ;)"
Mrityunjay Singh
"videos and web browsing"
Saravanan A
Sidharth Nambiar
"averything from A TO Z.......photography and lots of games"
Himanshu Jaiswal
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
"Photography + Gaming"
Trideep Dutta Roy
"i will use it as my work and play device... like a 2 in .. cheers"
Jasbir Singh Bhambra
"LG optimus is the best phone for game and i need a lg phone,gt bore of my sg3"
Rahul Kumar
"i will give this phone to mybig brother because he is very big mobile ka keeda that's why i just want this phone after having this phone he will be very happy and me too"
Tarun Bunny Gavara
"Gift it to my beloved brother"
Tony Simon
"i would play big time.:D"
Dharmesh Sharma
"lafter looking at the excellent review you did , I believe I am gonna use LG Optimus G mainly for photography and videography :) cheers ! Dharmesh"
Aby Abraham
Rishi Kalra
"Surf the web, check emails and photography"
Lakshman Samala
"i capture all the moments of my daughter in law and make my friends evny by the looks and gimicks of the mobile"
Shreyash Karnik
"I would use the Optimus G for photography as it has a decent camera..!! Awesome"
Balaaje Vs
"for mobile development"
Lav Verma
"Make S4 owners jealous \m/"
Chirag Alagh
"I'll show off in front of my friends :P man this is lg optimus G it has everything a smartphone should have..what else u want?"
"will load tons n tons of apps to it"
Kushal Sharma
Jugal Doshi
"nothing good in this"
Aditya Khandelwal
"Photography, Gaming and video"
Aakash Sharma
"Photography, Phone Calls, Texting, Play games, enjoy."
Sunny Nischal
"It is a premium device which can serve all needs. You can use it for outdoor and access office documents because of big screen and high end processor."
"Videos and internet browsing"
Tarun Chaudhary
"First, I would sell my Lumia 820 and use my Optimus G Pro to watch videos and read lots of books. :)"
Hevin Shah
saurabh mathur
"this is going to be my first smartphone ever ...i would be using it primarly for gaming...email...and photography..."
Sumit Sharma
"I would gift it to my wife. "
Kuldeep Khaund
Muthu Ramakrishnan
"I would like to develop for this awesome phone."
Madan Ktg
"It will become my new primary mobile, game station, camera, GPS navigator ... can't stop telling ,,,"
Siddarth Gupta
"lots and lots of high graphic games"
Sampreet Tatai Bagchi
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Sudarshan P Bhat
"My life runs on Android. This will be everything once I have it. "
garvit janshali
"Photography & My entire day to day planning as it has al the essentials packed in it"
"I would get married to it,giving me the right to do everything you see ;)"
"watch 1080p videos and play games"
Ankur Bhadra
"watch HD Movies on the move"
"Multi-tasking, photography"
Arwin Mathew
"i'll use this device for photography,music,gaming etc"
"For my business utility purpose"
"i would use it for evrything from basic calling,whatsapping to playing games..using apps reading ebooks doing research nd taking photos.."
"Work and play"
Shweta Shetty
"i would flaunt it to all (LG phone finally in india) ^_^ "
Suhas Iyengar
"Use it as an all round Device - Games, Photography, E-mails and of course communication. Everything in style..!!!"
Gurleen Raina
"Its the best phone ever!"
Akshay Kadam
"watch hd videos and gaming"
Siddharth Sharma
"I am into photography, so will surely click some awesome stuff and share it with you as well."
Karanvir Singh
"I would use it ass a camera to shoot beautiful pictures of nature wherever i go, it will be used as an tab because of its large screen, doing assignments and editing documents on it would be a lot easier, it would be used as my I-POD as all the songs which i like will be present in the phone and i can listen to it everytime, i will buy different covers for it to make it more beautiful, i will be installing a lot of games and apps to it which i like, i love the interface of the phone its excellent. All in all the feeling of having this phone will be out of world to me, i would be the happiest man on this planet.."
Sudipto Mondal
Amit Saxena
Omkar Prabhu Gaonkar
Vishal Patel
"Its a best for my photography and work design at office."
"i would use it fir photography because it had a 13 mp camera with a good zoom n also use ut for skyping as d front camera is also superb with a whooping 2.1mp n also i would doenload hd games n play as it has 1.7 quad core processor n also 2gb of ram dats 0 lagg pls gimme dis phone i shall use it till d optimum value "
Akshit Batra
Ashish Gupta
"ek pyarisi girlfriend hai usse bath karunga. abhi symbian mobile se bara bar chat nhi kar patha"
Chethan S Reddy
"it has huge 1080p display and mega battery of 3140 mah fast Snapdragon 600 chipset. 1.7 GHz Krait processor with 2GB ram and it is good for playing high end graphic games in this device "
Siddharth Garg
" 3d gaming"
Mayur Babar
"a gr8 smart ph and its photography "
Karthikeyan R
"It's all about photography and heavy usage while travelling."
Arihant Gupta
"photography as well as primary mobile device "
"will take stunning images for the 13mpix cam and willl shoot full hd vid and do all editing on the phn as its got huge batt running"
Abhisar Mehra
"everything, from work to fun :D"
Nikhil Rathi
"It will give a great company to it's other brother that is with me; Nexus 4"
Ahmed Fahad
"its a awesome device i just love its thin bezel which makes it more beautiful "
Soheb Hasan
"Like everything you guys post in Facebook ;-)"
Avinash singh
"Photography and video shooting"
Vivek Ramnani
kiron Gopakumar
"show off"
Nadeem Ansari
"alternative to galaxy s2"
Amolak Chandel
"take pleasure of watching movies and photos on the 5.5" full HD IPS Display, clicked by the awesome 13 mp camera and experience the raw power of the qualcomm snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocking at 1.7GHz !!"
Nikhil Pujari
Saurabh Davidson
"Play HD games,Watch HD movies,Photography"
Ajay Al
"I am a die hard fan of LG"
Sashank Varma Jampana
Jeet Bhattacharjee
"i will use LG optimus G pro as a gaming device because i really want a device which is capable of playing intense android games like Real Racing 3 ;)"
Renny Mathew
"taking pictures of my beautifull hometown kerala with this phone "
"gaming and photography"
Manoj Karmakar
"Gaming, Photography, Story reading"
"show off to my friends and watch all my total hd movies on go, with 13 mp cam a perfect partner for my long rides n snaps.. cheers "
Rajesh Natarajan
"Take my life to the next level of awesomeness!"
Prasad Mhatre
"video call & photography"
Anant Sinha
"I'll do hardcore gaming plus photography with it whenever i'll go for a tour or adventure or something like this. I will also do some full hd video recording with this giant phone. This is one of the best smartphone in today's world and that is why i want to earn this smartphone."
Chetan Bansal
"i have been a fan of LG from a very long time used from basic to a camera beast LG Viewty Then one from a Optimus series and currently owning a Nexus 4 ,the importance of my mobile in my daily life is very big starting using it as AlarmClock..or using it as a navigator to reach my office or places aur syncing it with my car audio for music,playing games or checking my synced mails or capturing my special moments with its camera..i think i utilize each and every feature that a smartphone provides and this phone is really a monster with such specification..i would love to use it .."
Jolly Singhal
"I own the Optimus G and it's a phenomenal device I can only imagine the performance of the G PRO. +Android Central I'd like to know how this device does against the S4 & The One. We all know that it outperformed the Note 2 in benchmark test plus other areas like quick zippy lag free touch response.  I'd like to see a video comparison both benchmarks and performance showing just how all device compare. Cosmetics would also be a practical addition. Thanks. "
Praveen S. Kumar
"I have Nokia 5130 and i think its time for replacing the device with new one. and talking about optimus g pro its more than enough for me. the best part of g pro is its battery life so i can watch movie in full hd screen, without worry."
Rahul Janoria
Mithun Sinha
"Everything & anything its capable of"
Harshdeep Singh
"13 MP back-illuminated camera sensor, so obviously for clicking pictures"
Shilpa Khanna
"I will connect with the world with it & also capture the world with it "
"photography,videos nd work"
Divyesh Shah
"photography and videos"
Rohit Sharma
"I'll watch movies on the go."
manoj sadhwani
"Web Browsing"
"mainly entertainment usage"
Karan Vijay Singh
"Primary mobile device...it would replace my nokia x2-01 :P i would make full use of it :)"
Kush Dhiman
"As I'm still a symbian user, so this cellphone will bring something new in my hands. I would like to explore the Camera as I like to take snapshots and I would like to explore the best features of an Android OS..."
Shashank Dommalapati
"photography and videos"
chandan babu
"rooting and devoloping"
Paras Soni
"Converge all my Business, Personal, Mobility , Media, & Travel needs!"
"Watching movies"
Karthikeyan Karthik
"i would love to play on this hot phone and would use it for college use "
Prasanth Rudraraju
Arshad Pasha H A
Joseph Daniel
"Use it as my WiFi card via pdanet+"
Manpreet Singh
"Office work, music, Photography, Facebook, Twitter, Line, whatsapp, in short exeything."
Gaurav Goyal
Simranjeet Singh
"daily use"
Rizwan Azad
"I will use it for multiple purpose such a primary calling device, for web surfing and social networking, productivity and occasional photography"
Aditya Eddy Sharma
"Just Flaunt it!"
Anand Gaur
"LG with its Optimus G Pro has come up with such a great device that is extremely good in all aspects. When you have such a device in the hands you really want to make most of it. This is the best device in its class. I would use this for calling, using internet and of course to take pictures on its stunning screen, multitask at the same time. I would love to OWN IT!!!"
Saksham Bansal
"Playing lots of games and watching HD Movies on the go"
Sagar Menon
"play awesome games on its brilliant screen and also click pics with its superb camera"
amit injewar
"it has a True Full HD IPS Plus LCD capacitive touchscreen with all other necessary things for now"
Dibyendu Maji
"Because of very good display,i would like to watch Video.Also like Listen to Music. Also My Old N72 will get some rest.."
Vaibhav Sakore
"Surf internet for more and more iGyaan Reviews and Videos.. They are a lot informative..."
Joel Varghese
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Aditya Rai
"i would click pictures, music , videos games, party like crazzyyyyyyyyy!!!!!"
"I wil test the device to its limits. Extreme gaming, browsing, etc.Practically everything. Coz its a beast of a device!"
Ayan Choudhury
"best user freindly ui ever!"
Ayub Bilakhia
Karthik Bharathi
"Photography and videos. Also, I'd read iGyaan on the phone itself rather than reading it on my computer"
Sathya Narayanan
"Everything from taking pics,Video recording and manage my life smarter"
Harinder Singh
"i would like to click photos and use camera, its had the great screen better than samsung galaxy Note 2"
Alex Kispotta
"Play high end games"
Sunil Narayan Debnath
"car, motor bike, camera, cool gadgets, "
"i will use this phone as a good resource for my preparation of various competetive examinations"
Tirumala Gowrinath
"Gaming,Browsing,phone calls"
C Ramesh Kumar
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
"photo and gaming"
"primary mobile"
vishal lingayat
"I am a photography and latest technology enthusiast.For me this can give me opportunity to test my photography skills and to use my favorite OS (android) in their latest one of the flagship phones!.So this is giveaway winning is one of my dream.:)"
Clinton Jude Dingle
"well, I've never been able to afford a smart phone like that. "
Ashish Kumar
"Use it as an internet device( browsing, emails) and for gaming."
Varun Deshwal
"Just ask me what i can;t do with this then i'll say everything which you can't do with my laptop.As the G pro has HD 5.5 inch display which makes me able to read my ebooks any where at any time and play games ,wathing movies and you can't ignore the the hardware specification they provide which makes device a beast and user can play high graphics rich ganes ,can enjoy HD movies and tasks as well. The portability this phone provide is just out standing,everbody says a 5.5 inch screen is such a bulky screen but i say that just compare it with your laptops or notebooks ,this is just a portable computing machine in your pocket which can do almost every task which a desktop computer can do with plus it has the calling function."
Abhijeet Vashistha
"watch igyaan videos anytime anywhere"
Shloka shetty
"Lg +13megapixel+2RAM+free give away=my life is set!!"
Harsh Asiwal
"I will use it for gaming and mostly work "
"Show it off!!"
Sunil Mishra
"Use as computer...."
Sudeep Banethia
"play games ,photography"
Kishor Chaudhary
"it will be my 1st smart phone"
Saurab Bisht
"As it has hd screen it would be good to watch hd movies on the phone,on the go. Also for photography it would be good."
Dhruvanath Mosale
"Internet browsing and watching videos"
"I ll perform a pooja first as it would be my smartphone and use all its feautures for daily usage"
yash khatri
"play games and use for studies "
Ryance D'souza
"Photography, social networking, chatting and most important play hd games"
Manikanta Kottu
"Use this phone as a remote and play with my sister while watching TV. :D"
Amit Majumder
"Play games"
Aarish Saxena
"Spend all the day with it..!! :-)"
Nidhi Chandna
"Oh loads of photographs to upload instantly on instagram"
Dhananjay Palta
"photography and gaming"
Raza Malek
"Best alternative to primary mobile device"
Aditya Dey
"Play Heavy Graphics Games"
Ankur Jain
"HDR photography( i believe that's my forte)"
Suyog Mantri
"With a 5.5 inches, 1080p, True Full HD IPS Plus LCD, I would love to watch movies and videos catured from its 13MP camera."
Subhajit Haldar
"A clear mobile photography "
Srijith G Kamath
"I will make LG Optimus G Pro my companion in work life and net-life, to keep me entertained when away from both lives."
Harshita Bisht
"I would do anyhting what a normal teenage does-Games(quad core processor!), Watch lots of videos(5.5 gigantic screen!), Browsing etc etc "
Rakesh Kotian
"Capture ever moment with its 13MP camera & revisit those memories in stunning 5.5 inch HD screen , stay coonected to friends in whatsapp and cheer up my mood back by playing back 2 back music from the palylist, navigate my way using Gmaps when i am lost"
Erik Littwin
"I'd use for watching movies on that huge screen"
Ayush Narle
"best alternative to my galaxy note"
Umesh Chikka
"use it"
sumanth K Naik
Davinder Singh
"i will do showoff"
sankalp plaha
"i can click best photos with lg optimus g pro."
Subraya Assoldekar
"I would love to use it for Photography and as a Primary Mobile device"
Balaraju Tummalapalli
"primary mobile device"
Subho Mazumder
"photography and games"
Syed Ali Hasnain Zaidi
"use it "
Muthi Ur Rahman Muhammad
"keep it"
Dinesh Shakunambhotla
"great productivity phone.....enjoys gaming & videos"
Kristine Bridget Rangel
"for games and picture taking :))"
Bhupinder Singh
"Will use it as a Remote control for my Television when i don't get a chance to watch my favourite channel."
Vijay Anand
"short film "
Syed Shahaab
"i would use it for study"
Gaurav Bhorkar
"I'll create educational videos using its full HD camera"
Joydeb Debnath
"I will eliminate my all gadgets like mobile, tablet & latpot with my LG Optimus G Pro as it's one-in-all device. Apart from that its so HD and beautiful designed that everybody will fall in love with it and me. It would be my style statement."
Mudith Bhandari
"Take photos with its awesome 13mp camera,chat,and watch videos on its supercool hd screen"
Mudit Sharma
Deepak Vishnu
"HD Gaming"
Suman Das
"My Research Work and also some photography with gaming"
Piyush Ranjan
"Show off"
Sharath Chandra
"Enjoys Social Networking with my Friends."
Ashutosh Sharma
"its a very power packed device.nice big 5.5 inch screen with full hd display and powerful 1.7 quad core processor.good 13 mp camera.nice device"
Swapnil Sonkusare
"Photography and Gaming"
"work, music and play!"
Amrit Pal
"give this to my dad for his birthday as a gift :) :D"
Gurudatta Praharaj
"gaming, photography and browsing"
Saurabh Gathadi
Arnab Roy
" best alternative to primary mobile device"
Shailesh Rathod
"Simply Gaming and Multitasking..."
Rahul Mistri
"Photography ,browsing ,reading magzines,reading rss feeds , multi-tasking,social networking,video surfing, checking E-mail"
"i wil watch porn........"
Sanjay Patil
"try to use accommodate all for its features in my daily life and try to make my life easy"
Bharath Ram.V
"work , play, read, surf, chat & click snaps"
Rohan Paliwal
"With a 5.5 inch screen it will most probably replace my existing laptop on which I spent most of my hours. "
rahul poonia
Ranit Das
Harshal Mistry
"click in photos,music,video, and review it for other who wants to buy.."
"Photography,gaming,work,movies and socializing :D"
Milind Chandel
"will give to my dad and would bbuy the same for my mom"
Ramesh Kay
"To get a personal device that fit for me with my all kind of stuffs i do and that is i think the optimus"
Thirumalaiprabu R
"Gaming, HD video Playback @5.5 inch"
Chaitanya ROhit
"nothing much, just take it out in public for people to drool all over the place....yep m a show off"
Nagateja Bonala
"Intense Gaming and use it in car for Navigation"
Abhishek Mudgal
"Social Media"
Sahil Singh
"I would like to play games on this awesome device"
Dr. Saanvi
"As my all in one Mobility Device :) "
Manas Vimal
"Put the monster to its extreme and test the claims made by LG."
Mayur Godhani
"yeah, i wanna use this phone my camera companion on my private family functions."
"Specially video capturing "
varshil doshi
Sudarshan Bodke
Muralikrishnan Tripathi
"I will click best pics with 13 mp camera"
"gaming and video shooting"
Richard Hu
"Go click clicking"
Geet Sethi
"PhOtOgRApHy,wOrK AnD GaMinG"
Azeem Shaikh
"use it to make myself more productive"
Kachru Kamble
"will use its Amazing camera to shoot my baby kid"
Abid Omar
"Blogging and Gaming"
Vijay Agrawal
"i ll pay minion rush"
Sanket Jd
Chanakya Volam
"I will use this to shoot my short films and edit using wonderful apps in this superfone"
Aswin Alagappan
"Make much stronger social connections."
Pranay Verma
"Wanna go for android development but dont have a android phone, cant afford a high end one. Will really help me with apps testing and running."
Rohit Viswanath
"I like Travelling and Photography, I use apps such as, travelling adviser, Language conversion, Maps, etc with LG Optimus G pro"
"Boast off the specs and for media consuption on this gorgeous display"
Satyarth Kumar Prasad
"Play games"
Gaurav Kispotta
"photography ,videography, social networking, music"
"I will take the advantage of its large screen"
Kelly Whaley
"Take awesome pictures"
Satheesh Nair
"photography,work,videos,games just about everything."
Tanush Singh
"A bit of everything i guess... but since i'm an independent film maker, it'll help me a lot in my films"
ramandeep singh
"capture moments"
Saia Zote
"for the best andorid experience"
Ameya Chandak
"i will easily replace it with my computer!"
Ameya Chandak
"i can flaunt it in the public !!"
"click zillion pics and share them on facebook"
Aakash B Singh
"Use it as a Camera, watching videos on its awesome screen,and obviously as alovely smartphone"
Saifali Hadalge
"I'd Like To Play With It"
Debasis Pal
"I would like to use it as my mini Personal Computer. As it has got the power and every necessary things needed for a great performance and will solve all my purpose."
Baidik Chatterjee
"Anything and everything. With its awesome 13 mp camera, i will click amazing pictures, a 5.5 inch screen, 1080p display, 1.7 Ghz quad core processor and 2GB RAM, it is one of the best gaming device out in the market. I will use it to the fullest, i'll use it in the way, a high end android phone should be used"
Aman Deep
"if i am lucky enough to win an LG Optimus G, i will start to develop apps for android as i have started android development recently. its a dream for me to become known android developer, and to test the apps i will need an android device"
Zoher Kachwala
"i would love to use it as my play station phone portable (PPSP)"
Mukesh Agarwal
Akshat Shenoy
"I am an Android developer and have built many ROMs and kernels for my Device the HTC Explorer and the Asus Nexus 7. I hope to develop for that device and hence enhance its usage while giving back to the community. "
"for calling and watching videos"
Akki Jain
"Multi tasking"
Durgesh Mistry
Ankit Pradhan
"use it as a mini tablet."
"Take 360 degree pictures with LG Optimus G Pro "
"Taking photos,gaming,browsing etc"
Kreative Kartik
"For making my own Movies, and to Show-off"
Sanjit Jain
Nandu J Krishnan
"Social networking and office on the Go"
Rahul Arora
"will watch igyaan videos all the time!"
Saptaparno Ghosh
"I would live life like a Pro just like iGyaan makes its fans feel the essence of technology like a Pro!"
Ashish Kumar
"Give it to my mom, after customizing it for calling and messaging simplicity, and other shortcuts. She needs a new phone. And use it for testing my Android apps too, when my mom won't be using it."
Abhinav Dwivedi
"An all round blockbuster device. A champion in work, play and communication. A must have!"
"Use it.. haha It is a wonderful phone.. Love it"
chandan babu
"for watching movies and to play games"
Saurav Sureka
"I would use it to edit a photograph of a girl whom I like and send it to her as a proposal"
Prathit Shaandilya
"So many things to do with this perfect device, but if I've to narrow down to few, I would say, for photography and gaming. Could possibly be the best smartphone out there in the market! "
"Use it as an alternative to all my portable gadgets."
Jagminder Singh
"I will play all the latest HD Games and we have my innovation in Photography."
Ashish Kumar
"watch movies, photography.."
Sanket Sawant
Ajoy Kumar Deka
"All of them....all in one..:)"
Dr.Akash Pradeep Bhuyan
"internet surfing"
Aneesh De
"Use it as my new daily driver. It would be a good upgrade from my Galaxy S2. I love the qslide app on the Optimus G series!"
Aneesh U B
"it will be my pride and flagship, if i get one! i would rather make it my mobile office and home!"
Shaurya Kanwar
"a technoholic gadget with me which can anything at anytime n at any palce"
"make it my primary work device"
Robin Jain
"With LG Optimus G Pro i will watch Iron Man 3,and Man of Steel(Bharat Nagpal)"
Imran Ilahi
"I will show off my new free awesome phone :p"
Anup Singh
"use the latest smartphone to test run my android apps, plus play games"
Akhil Lakshman
"watch the best website ever igyaan.in via LG optimusG pro and will give gyaan to people who needs my gyaan . "
Shashank Namala
"I lov android n photography too . . i want a new device evry n then . . so need to knw about it . . i want it badly"
Rohit Sharma
Rishi Gupta
"I'd do everything games, photos, videos, FB, mails, surfing, SKYPE... the list goes on!!!"
Suvajyoti Biswas
"i would like to open IGYAAN and watch a Bharat Nagpal's funny video"
Sam Nicko
"taking picture my 7 old months baby boy with LG Optimus G pro camera and share it those beautiful photos thanks to 13MP primary camera among my families and friends with easy Android 4.2.2"
Disko Chuk
"I'd actively use it in social/public scenarios instead of engaging people in real face-to-face conversations. =) "
Mandip Das
Sunil Naidu
"Photography, watch HD video and work on internet"
Shaibaz Shaikh
Amit Mali
"Oh will decide when igyaan make any kind of review to make it diff than any other "
Sony Joseph
"I would throw away my current Windows fone and Use LG optimus to play Subway Surfers and Temple Run 2"
Rahul Sharma
"Everything that any person wish to do with the best shartphone ever."
"Photography, work, video"
Sushil Rane
"mobile device"
Jayesh Bhanushali
"My Cell is Currently Drowned in Mumbai Rains so it will be a good replacement for the Weather"
"Will get lot more apps than my present device.. because windows phone is far away in Apps"
Labeeb Mattra
"Travel and Food Photography"
Shobhit Singh Chauhan
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Rizwan Ali
"i would probably go for photography and videos. I have always had a problem of carrying around a camera with me and this will be a perfect substitute with its 13 mp camera"
"Basicly ill just use it , for now i got sony ericsson k800i which is really really old , kinda feeling left out , and since i cant work (working at the israel army and you dont get money on that ) i can affored a new phone for another 1 and a half year (already served for 1 and half)"
Bilal Ahmed
"LG's Quality camera, amazing specs, FULL HD IPS and superior build quality. I have used LG viewty for 4 years and still with me. Trust LG with its products."
Ram Harsha Pichekistha
"with 13 mp camera i would use it for awesome photo graphy and with its large size di definitely use it for watching movies and for my school presentations"
Akhil Sasidharan
"Use it to Multitask for fun and work"
Shubham Gupta
"Will kick out my HTC 8X"
Vikas Kapadiya
"Games , I will play every Fucking Games"
Manpreet Singh
"As the phone phone is a great performance phone, I will use it for gaming."
Hridyapal Bhogal
"Listen to music!!"
Raghav Kapoor
"as Optimus G Pro has high end fetures i would love to play cool new games, never ending social networking and last but not the least watch HD videos on its magnificent screen. "
Yasasvi Raman Devadasu
Jishnu Prakash
Mohammad Ishan
"I would do everything which i cannot do on my nokia 1100"
Sourav Kumar RoyChowdhury
"Take it on a Road Trip and jump start my tech, tour and adventure blog."
Pritam Chakraborty
"mobile games"
AAditya Shyam
"Surprisingly thin, light, and palm-friendly for a phone with such a large screen Good build quality Excellent display with high resolution, vibrant colors, great viewing angles, and high brightness levels Android interface with Optimus UI Stunning, smooth performance, even when put under heavy multi-tasking load Excellent web browser Decent camera Good loudspeaker Excellent video playback Very good battery life Good TV/AC remote functionality Useful QButton functionality"
Manthan Bhavsar
"will use it as an on the go entertainment device"
Mayuresh Rane
Ankur Sinha
"Flaunt it .. obviously .. and also will not turn up my laptop any more"
Abhi Dy
"Use it to surf the web & watch videos."
Amandeep Alag
"photography, play games"
Sidd Nath
"Gaming, Photography and using it with my Flux Capacitor to go back in time on my Delorean"
Sheen Pc
"Use as my daily driver. And priority for entertainment."
Bishal Goswami
"I am a aspiring software developer and school student will test apps and roms for snapdragon s4 devices. "
Ashish Bansal
"I will surf the net, do photography and watch videos on it's beautiful screen."
"will first show to my brother.. saala tere se acha phone agay dekh"
Hrishikesh Karnawar
"Being a video producer...i love to make and watch videos"
Saleem Khan
"take pictures with its 13mp camera"
Sumit Saini
Jvlp Madhav
"Gaming and also net on go "
Biswarup Bose
"Its just isn't a device when its full hd with such a powerful processor, its actually a monster..... Would like to do my everyday tasks like mails, surfing, calling etc etc with it.... "
Lalit Bhargav
"i will use this phone for photography, because mostly we spend our days on social networking site, with the help of full hd recording by 13mp camera i can make a video , capture high resolution pic and post them on social sites. "
Viral Bhavsar
Vikas Sharma
"i would like to video chat with my parents cos of my army duty "
Ravi Prasad
"i would like to use the 13 mp camera for taking pictures and the device is a beast for gamers so i will use it for heavy games and multitasking "
Ankit Sundriyal
"replacement to my note 2"
"its hard for me to get a device like this as i can't chose any ladder to climb and get this device , if i get it i might be the luckiest person of that moment anyway time decides all"
Pawan Bahuguna
"Will use to take photos for my blog,"
"I would love to watch all my High Definition movies on a 5.5inch Full HD display with my Senheiser Headphones plugged in."
Atish Dash
"it will be primarily used for my gaming needs and ocassionaly watching movies and videos"
Shreyansh Zatakia
"show it off to my friends :)"
Rajesh Rana
"Use it as a primary mobile device :) and for photography "
"i wil use it for photography, gaming, calls and browzing"
Raj Kumar
"i will make a short video on LG optimus G pro features and advantages over other smartphone and broadcast in youtube"
Alkshendra Maurya
"play games and watch movies-shows on the go!"
Jaggu Polu
"Work :)"
"I choose Gaming "
Kamal Bisht
"True Full HD IPS Plus LCD and 401 ppi pixel density plus we get 2.1 mp secondary camera with 1080p recording its AWESOME!!!!!"
Sai Srinivas K
"is there anything that we cant do with a such a powerful device :)"
Haresh Ramesh
"Enjoy the super smooth performance of Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait"
Omk-r Eichh
"I'll show it off.... n use it to the max level.... apart from being Super Happy.. :)"
Praveen Kumar
"Will WASTE my time with a more powerful device... :P"
Ishan arora
"I will like to have fun with all of its features,from clicking pictures and videos to gaming.I will do my day to day work with this super smartphone"
Sagar Mohan Phadtare
"Work, play, shoot pictures all on a single device with a gorgeous display , super specs and think form factor!"
"Capure HD vedios"
Akhil Ilindra
"i like to take it to its peak use it the maximum and develop apps for it"
Chintan Jain
"Being a teenager it is easier to carry this, clickk photos,whatsapp them and upload them at the same time"
Nikhil Monga
"I can use it as alternative to things like camera, laptop and most importantly to remote controls.. therefore if i do hv lg optimus pro i will never worry abt where i hv left my ac's remote or say tv/set-top box remote"
Parag Patki
"photography for sure "
Mohib Sheth
"Gift it to my wife, she would love this for her daily entertainment needs."
Mohammed Moyeen
"all in one device"
Vivek Nath R
"I never used LG devices"
Sagar Sanjeev
"love to work on the device using various apps!!!!"
Avinash Ch
"read news, day planning, calls and whatsapp"
vishal salve
"i want to experience the gaming performance of this phone"
Ammar Pardawala
"I will use this lg phone fotr twitting, instagram ,taking photos and videos and also watching youtube videos of igyaan and many others"
Akshay Pise
"games and work"
Adit Rawate
"mostly FLAUNT the awesome device..."
Nikhil Bagde
"Be a PRO at each of the activities"
Rakesh Vavadra
"I have a blackberry i will be shifting to this phone and for many years it would be my primary device for photography, social networking etc"
Akhil Kumar
"I would use it as an alternate device for my HTC one. And heard the cameras really good. Would prefer using that to my HTC one. "
"I will install some killer apps and want to check whether it will work smoothly or not......."
Mayur Kamble
"will play, talk, work, snap and show off , what a beauty. just love it. "
joel sasikanth
"i will give it to my dad"
Aditya Jaiswal
"i would like to multitask with this phone"
Akshay Shipurkar
"my daily use phone for all kind of stuff"
Asif Iqbal Shaik
"Play High End games and record videos of my friends and family without me missing out from the scene with the help of Dual Shot mode."
Sahil Satishkumar
"turn my HTC as a gift and G Pro as a daily driver"
Vivek Swaroop
"Photography and Gaming"
amrit pal
"the only thing right now is that i need a smartphone, an what i would like to do with it? im definitely going to flaunt my new phone, but beside that its screen is huge will surely enjoy to watch HD movies on it."
Rino Raj
"my primary personal device"
Biswajit Sinha
"Photography and Listening to music"
"My entertainment & work station."
parag dhuri
"I would gift it to my sister on her brthday"
Mukul Tiwari
"help farmers in my region to learn best practices and organic farming methods,"
Abir Sinha
"Get Hooked to Internet and Stock Quotes seamlessly.. :)"
"I would love to play hardcore games on the lg optimus g pro as It sports a beautiful 5.5 inch full hd ips display and also has a very powerful s600 processor and 2gigs of ram which makes it a very powerful phone.so thats it i love love to play hardcore games and watch movies on the giant display .im pretty happy about this phone as i have checked out all the videos by you igyaan guys!!!!!!"
"Firstly, flaunt it. Then secondarily, I will use it for mild gaming, being social, light photography, checking in at places and also use it with my sennheizer headphones."
Shrikar Galgali
"I would play hd games without any lags and watch FHD videos with ease :)"
Priyank Khandelwal
"photography, listening music and style statement"
Abhinav Srivastava
"Work and photography"
Mrigank Roy
Aamil Keeyan Khan
"Make friends with this phone since this one seems to be smarter than some of the people around me. I will also love this phone with all my heart. Probably even get married to it."
Tarunpreet Singh
"Multitasking as my S3 has less RAM"
"browse the world wide web!!"
Ayush Trehan
Saju Dev
"Primary mobile device!"
sanjeev kushvaha
"I seriously need a better camera phone, plus this will be my first android. :)"
Abhimanyu Roy Choudhuri
"Gift it to my mom on her birthday..."
Chayan Mazumder
"Well use it as a phone, and for occasional entertainment device."
Rishabh Jani
"This just beat the Nexus 4; my new daily driver!!!"
Aaditya Sharma
"Keep on locking and unlocking it. "
Suyash Nande
"Alternative to my Galaxy S3. :)"
Souradipta Sen
Gautam Hans
"I'd like to develop apps with such a powerful phone. "
Kalyankar Sai Kiran
"gaming,photography,work etc"
Anirudh Gopal
"begin android development"
Yash Bansal
"blogging, work"
Pradipta Das
"A Primary mobile device to show off"
Rajat Chhajer
"rule the world!!!"
Rishabh Verma
Pramod Mahadik
"I will take outdoor & indoor images with the brilliant camera of the LG OPTIMUS PRO"
Ar Jun
"browse internet"
"OMG!!!! I'm just so verrrrry excited for this giveaway!!!:O i just can't put the words together to express my feelings! *.* As soon as i get this phone in my hands, phew!! Let me get my breath back!!! i, i'l start jumping screaming!!!!! woah!!!!!!! i can imagine myself doing this! :P the best thing i'd do with this phone is obviously photography! :D the first video i'l capture will be the team of igyaan giving me the cell!!! :D :') i'l share this video everywhere!!!! the second will probably be me and Bharat Nagpal doing gangnam style together! (i hope you accompany me) :P :D yipppieee! waiting eagerly for the results! :) Love you igyaan!!!! :* :* <3"
Zain Zahoor
"I have heard alot about the phone, would like to see it myself because I don't believe in hear-say things. :)"
Micky Das
"I will take good indoor & outdoor images with 13 mp camera & do multi tasking with amazingly fast camera"
Shashank Sridhar
"Make music"
Ajay Pyaraka
"Play games"
YaSh Mistry
"will take whole look of interface"
Prakash Mishra
"Will do photography and browsing. I am using apps will use more & more apps"
Kamal Mehra
"alternative to my current mobile"
ChinMay Naringrekar
"wil use to click pics of my gf and will also use to enjoy the great world of android"
Suhail Malik
"Dude its 1.7 GHz quad-core, I do do pretty much anything I use my gadgets for... For example Staying Connected with friends via various Social Networking Apps running at same time (thanks to 2 gig of RAM)... + 13 MP camera is a delight... + watching movies on a 5.5' screen is a cherry on cake.... yum yum yum"
Shubham Tailang
"its a superb smartphone till date . if i would get 1 ill b the most happy person in the world . and i like each and every features of this smartphone."
Er Ramandeep Singh
"I'll use it for gaming"
Sourabh Rao
"Capture and record all the good moments in my life and to be in contact with my loved ones i would use the best phone that is Optimus G pro "
Sachin George
"Connect to my social networks....and watch movies.... :D"
Amardeep Gautam
Laszlo David
"take it to a trip around the world"
Ganesh Kumar Krish
Swapnil Ravindra Tawte
"watch movies on the brilliant screen!"
Yashwant Singh
"I would dowload the "gangnam style" and do little thing called family dance."
Pankaj Pandey
Ritesh Badhe
"photography and reading"
Vivek Misra
"Sell it and donate the money to utrakhand relief fund. "
Harsh Songra
Bhavin Kothari
Vicky Kshatriya
"music n gaming"
Vernon Jason Saldanha
"It will not only be my primary mobile device, Optimus G pro will replace my laptop when on the move."
Talal Nadal Warsi
"I would take advantage of that massive, crisp, screen. Play HD games, watch HD movies. Basically anything HD. "
Anantha Narayanan
"primary mobile device"
rajiv dsouza
"i would manage my life with it"
Nayair Malik
"i will play learn and grow with optimus g pro"
Tunir Kejriwal
"use it as my very first smartphone..... :)"
Sabharwal Karan
"photography work"
Nizam Khan
"The power of the device i am now using An Micromax A52 low end device would like to get a high end One ..Also like the camera so i can shot photos nicely because i dont have a digital camera also"
Nirmal Kumar
Deepjyoti Choudhury
Tumesh Kakkar
"use it for simulating circuits and use it my workbench . also for ebook reading and internet browsing 3140mah battery will provede long lasting backup and 2 gb ram may handle my multitasking.. "
Shoaib Rbz
"I would do a lot of gaming,and gaming on such a huge and beautiful screen will be a treat to the eye.And the PS Vita comes at a price of 19k in India,So with LG Optimus G Pro,I wouldn't have to buy a separate handheld console to fulfill my gaming needs.With a Quad-Core 1.7 ghz processor and an Adreno 320 GPU,IMPOSSIBLE IN NOTHING!!!!!"
Stanlin Salu
"I am a Recognized Contributor on XDA, I never had a LG phone to support LG community, the first thing i will do after getting LG Optimus G pro, i will start developments on it, like kernels and source build CM based ROMs. Thank you!"
Vinit Katira
"Socially connected 24x7, Photography + Instagram = Awesomeness!!, HD Recording to record the best moments of life, Heavy gaming :P. In short, the LG Optimus G Pro forms the best companion !!!!"
"See if android really sucks now."
Tejas Chogale
"Music and Chat with friends"
Yogank Dohre
"gaming and videos"
Satish Rao
Syed Ahmed
"All day bsy with it.."
Yatharth Sharma
"I would like to extract its services for business like browsing internet ,shares etc."
Dhruvil Jain
"social networking"
Umang Sachdev
"undoubtedly GAMING :)"
Ganesh Barthwal
"photography seems to be fun on optimus G pro with its HD display."
"1. 2gb RAM"
Gaurav Rane
"Capture nice Greenary Scenes n waterfalls"
Amey Zagade
"1. a quad core processor smartphone from top smartphone company"
Aquib Qazi
"Reading ebooks is one of the major problems is high end phones these days. The 5.5 inch screen should hopefully make it much more relaxing to the eyes!"
Prakash Patel
Tarun Nayyar
"A powerful device as Optimus G pro would be definately used for High performance gaming and show off. "
Melbon Fernandes
"If i win I'd finally be able to capture videos in 1080p format....and enjoy the awesome clarity.My smile will become HD (Healthy Display) "
Jayesh Saini
"Gaming and Movies"
Aqib Usuff
"wil do everythin!!!"
Ruba Rajan
"best alternative to my primary device"
Harish Harry
"family, work and life synchronization "
John Jeffry G
"work ,entertainment & photography!"
"explore its full potential"
Sunil Aravind Talapati
"i use it for everything"
Prosenjit Das
"do multitasking..and play games with this good quad core phone plus 2GB ram is enough..for all u do.. and watch videos on its vivid big 5.5inch screen"
"i would choose it for my studies"
"Hardcore Gaming.. (After more than two years, my Samsung Galaxy S Plus is not enough capable to run powerful games)."
Debayani Das
"I would do everything the phone offers. Use it to an optimum level. Starting from work, capturing beautiful photos, keeping up with everyday reminders, applications and gaming!"
Jyoti Ranjan Behera
Ishan Pandya
"I would work on it's further development and will make some tweaked custom roms for it "
Vishal Gauba
"Use the way it is supposed to be, a great camera alternative and a powerful packed machine to play games on. Oh and, call and message? Yeah, that's what !"
Aayush Patel
"Photography and videos...and ofcourse android's famous games."
Hardeep Singh
"very nice display i can make it's UI look like how i feel without any kind of launchers and camera"
Naresh Bhalerao
"I will use it for better gaming experience which will be lag free i guess ."
Saurav Sahu
"Use it as my primary mobile device."
"i'l 2 evrithing with it....:)"
Ashish Sharma
"give it to my younger brother. he is the only person with me in this world."
Sourojyoti Paul
"photography,gaming,utility... and experince the performance of G pro."
Siddharth Jadhav
Melvin R Joseph
"play games"
Anil Sharma Rajanala
Bodhisatta Banerjee
"show to all my friends at first never got a chance to hold a phone like that"
Sagar Shah
Nyruth Dodla
"i would like to take some photos and play hd games on it"
"Gaming And Media"
Parth Gupta
"whatsapp, games, photo editing and calling"
"LG Optimus G holds great specs and I would definitely use it to take great photographs as I do take great photos on my HTC Desire S which you can have a look at http://statigr.am/nagorimayank ! I hope I hope I get lucky!"
Guru Kaushik
"I would revolutionise my life using this beautiful device, from my photography, to being used as a reader , it would greatly help in my day to day tasks from managing my assignments, projects, presentations and much more. An excellent option to stay connected with my family who stay miles away on the full hd screen and 2.1 MP front facing camera. ive been tired of slow processing on my current phone so this wud help me complete everything swiftly. ive been a fan of LG UI when compared to touchwiz and i believe the featuresin g pro wud help me a lot "
Jayesh G Patel
"photography, work and primary mobile device"
Arki Laloo
"With my Optimus G Pro it would be the best phone to replace my aging Arc be it the display or the camera. A 13 mp clicker is just what I need. The processor and the combine RAM is a total upgrade for me, I could really really need the upgrade and enjoy HD gaming on my device and I really like the IR blaster who need the remote now..haha"
George wilson
"Photography,panorama,watch movies.games"
Prem Kumar T
"to be simple- show off"
Salil Khanna
"I would give it to my mom as she always keep telling me to get her a nice mob."
Jevin George
Ameya Lokhande
"use it for games "
"enjoy all the features provided by lg optimus g pro"
Yashpal Singh
"dslr videography"
Aashwin Ranjan
Mehul Reuben Das
"Photography, Amateur Documentary Videography,"
Ronak Singh Gulati
Satyendra Lev Yashin
"I would use it for watching videos and clicking photos, as my Galaxy Advance isn't good at it."
"High end gaming like Nova 3 and social networking."
Akshay Jantre
"I would love to do Casual Gaming on this phone"
Hitesh Kardam
Anchit Mittal
"With an LG Optimus Pro i can MOD away to glory,make custom ROMS and help other developers on XDA, since the hardware is xceptionally brilliant , the device will have great fan following, fast paced development and thus possibility of getting other OS ports like Ubuntu,Firefox OS and Jolla Sailfish. Besides Development...i will play all the high end games that my humble micromax A90S is unable to run."
"I will use it for gaming and photography!!!"
Anju Narayanan
Gagan Gulati
"i will sell this device(sealed) and give that money to my FATHER........"
Sanjay Bhat
"Have Fun"
Saptarshi Nag
"This is an all-rounder phone, so for me to do one thing will be tough, its meant for multitasking, always wanted a 1080p 5" high end android device, if i do win, will extensively use every features it has to offer. It will be one stop shop for entertainment :D"
Ronak Nemade
"Flaunt with it!!"
prakash reddy
"i love the camera features that lg offers."
Raghunandan kini
"All of the above "
omkar pawaskar
"Use it for extensive browsing and exchanging emails. And not to mention gaming n photography as i am fond of using my mobile devices for gaming. and also flaunt my new device to other galaxy note users :P"
Udit Mathur
Rajat Kailley
"i will take it to a long drive "
Vismay Rajendra
"Flaunt it "
Saifurrehman Bukhari
"Vlogging & Primary Mobile Device"
Vishal Mangla
"Simply as a mobile device"
Siddharth Mishra
Get Away
"i am going to use it for photography and gaming"
Akhilesh Kumar
"Net surfing"
Debanjan Bhattacharya
"gaming and photography"
Sourabh Kulkarni
"I would use it as a Portable Electronics Circuit Simulator"
V Fawke Vandetta
"Maybe i will give it to father"
Durga Prasad
"use it to test my mobile game"
Deepu Dornal
navajyoti barman
"turn it into the center of my being!!"
Siddharth Shah
"I will make my videos on phone. Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQFoCdZZk5I"
ravi kant
"i would love to do photographic work along with some video making, and job related work"
Aditya Sunkara
"professioinal work and music hub"
Derick Melito
"photography, gaming and videos"
Humaid Ahmad Kidwai
"will do everything whatever is possible "
Abhinav Gangadharan
"A photogrpagh of the iGyaan team "
"I would try as many android apps as possible and mostly those which don't work on samsung galaxy fit! And ofcourse take pictures, watch videos and play high graphics games on that humungous screen!"
Puneet Singh
"gaming, style, camera,display and excellent configuration!"
Vivek Hegde
"I love that it has big screen and i would love to play games in it. I will also watch movies in it and use it as remote for TV and other home entertainment equipments and surprise my friends...:)"
Yashasvi Gupta
"I would use my LG Optimus G pro for gaming,photography,watching movies and browsing."
Dhinathayalan Gb
Prasidh Sapaliga
"first of all i will watch a super hd film on g pro and play high quality games take cool photos and many more this phone would a dream come true for me wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
koushik mall
"its would be my first phone,so i would use it as a primary device"
Varun Ahlawat
"photography and games"
naman makhija
"alternative to ipad and for entertainment"
Akshay Joshi
"i wil use optimus G pro for videochating wit my bro abroad.."
Sameer Pidadi
"App development"
Raghu Raja Vamsi
"I am a gamer,so i would take complete advantage of the processing powerhouse"
"Watch more igyaan videos.. :D"
Bhargav Thanki
Bharat Shastri
keki fatakia
"Play racing games with it"
"Using it for websurfing and watching videos"
Hitesh Budhwani
"photography and the best features are Q remote and Q note which will make my life good and easy"
Kaustubh Bhatia
"Gift it to my dad as a birthday Gift"
Vijay Deepak
Shankar Sarkar
"fiddle(take pics, test the ram and processor to the fullest) with it till the battery drops dead.... charge it again and the cycle continues"
Deepak Dhamne
"I would giveaway my current phone nokia 2310-nokia 6303i classic for free and will start studying seriously again!"
Kaustubh Sharma
"i'll play subway surfers on it ."
Ramesh Babu
"gaming "
Dave Bhavin
"play games and browsing....."
Ayush Sharma
Pawan Kumar Chandana
"Movies and GPS"
Dinesh Verma
"i will watch its review on iGyaan .... and please myself seeing how awesome it is."
Farhan Habib
"It will be my Primary Device. I love its Specs and its a complete package for me."
Bhaskar Kumar
"all of the above"
Varun Gnath
"Replace my laptop with an even stronger machine!"
Akshar Dhirendra Patel
Jerryn Thomas Cherian
"Unlock it, root it...n then theres no stopping to what i can do with this device!"
Sandeep Singh
"Social networking on the go"
Saud Siddiqui
"do wildlife & macro photography.do video calling, multitask play games....."
Rajeev Gupta
"Gaming,Photography & Rich experience with G Pro"
Rohit Singh
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
"I will use everything from it because it will be my first android phone."
आपवायण सिन्हा
"I want to became an developers and so I want a android Device from that want to developers !!"
"I would go around flaunting it!"
Mayank Kumar
"i will gift it to my father he will be very pround of me.."
Mohamed Tallat Zameer
"gaming at high level"
Yashonil Gupta
"play cool games,photography"
Piyush Sachan
"For such a great specs will use it for photography, movies and android development."
I.m. Osama
"Apps and photography"
Manoj Kolluri
"Photos, games etc and everything i can do with it...."
Girish Bauskar
"with LG, I can definitely make use as sole business/social/entertainment/personal phone"
Tarun Beniwal
"It would be my primary phone for calling, messaging, e-mails & latest updates on technology & share market."
Akshaya Kumar Behera
"Photography, gaming, videos"
Ashim Mohanty
"I would just treat it like my girlfriend..or I suppose love it more than my girlfriend. I would eat with it go office with it pl;ay with it and sleep with it. :)"
Naman patel
Apoorv Gupta
"I love tweaking smarphones and messing up with them to learn nwer things so would do the same with it. :)"
Imran Ahmad
"I will watch HD movies on it & play some HD games too!!!"
Jagadish Krishna
"book reading, games & photography"
Arun Kumar Sharma
"It would be a best alternative to primary mobile device."
J Murali Krishna
"I will drain that battery watching videos and playing games on that beautiful display."
Nitin Jain
"play games"
Anil Venna
Devireddy Yashwanth Reddy
"gaming and photography"
Gaurav Mundra
Bilal Parkar
Aditya Varma
"3g,youtube,games,what not? will use it as my day in day out phone"
Vikas Saxena
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
"Photography + Nexus4 = Optimus G Pro! RAW & JUICY for me."
mubessiruddin kazi
harish kumar
"to surprise my friends with this awesome phone"
Pinkesh Gandhi
"I just liked awesome build design of "
Shibtanu Biswas
"With the optimus g pro, i will be able to optimise my daily functions and get the best of this life that god has blessed me with. "
Ankit Rajiv Kumar
"Video and movie viewing on the crisp screen is going to be amazing!"
Parivesh Kumar
"Flaunt to my colleagues"
Aadhar Sharma
"I'm single and ready to mingle..."
Rahul Patel
"If I won this contest, this will be my first smartphone device and I always wanted to buy a device like this and here I am getting a chance to own it. So, fingers crossed."
Dharmendra Singh
"most fun we chat with friends"
Karthik Raj
WP Drone
"Use it to watch hd videos on its big screen like a boss"
Rishabh Garg
"Secondary Laptop "
Jawad Ullah
"I will use it for photography,browsing net, playing games and waitchin videos."
Amrit Kumar Panigrahi
"It will now be my first Single Device Of Contact(SDOC) featuring in all my daily activities starting from checking mails and social networking, to clicking and sharing photos and videos , watching those beautiful 1080p HD videos and playing those stunning games out there at Play store. It will be my Stud Bud!"
gaurav sethi
"Lg optimus "G" pro FINALLLYYY OUTTT... "
Courtnie Miller
"I'd mostly use it for its camera"
Atish Panda
"I would prefer to browse the internet, watch HD movies, play high end android games & love to listen music."
Vishu Siram
Val Sai
"Do everything, pics, play games, apps, track fitness, photography and use it as primary phone ofcourse..."
Saurav Dugar
"work,play games,take pictures & make a call"
Ankush Jain
"Would try to create diffrent roms for G pro and Use it in everyway i can :)"
Mallav Upreti
"I am an engineering student. With this phone i can easily share and receive notes , work on presentations, and apart from that enjoy the awesome features that come with this phone chatting , gaming etc."
arnuld uttre
"I will just enjoy"
"keep close to my heart , and replace my primary mobile"
Raj Kaushik Chaudhury
"I will primarily use it for photography!!!"
Rishabh Bhargava
"My dad's 50th birthday is coming up on 13th August. I am a tech enthusiast and he too has started exploring this area. I would love to be able to gift this to him as a birthday present. He has given me all the happiness in the world and i would like to start by giving a small gift to him."
Sujit Bangera
"Photography and paly game"
Manjunatha Hg
"best competitor for note 2"
Aurosmin Patnaik
"Mainly for multimedia & internet ( Qslide too )"
Sanjeev Rathor
Abhilash Guleria
"watch movies and play games on a full HD 5.5inch IPS display equipped with snapdragon 600 processor and adreno 320 gpu, also will have small small photography sessions with big big camera and do many other regular day stuffs :)"
Mehul Parmar
"screen with 401 ppi and ips technology "
"Web Browsing"
"gaming, "
Darshan Raut
"i will like to do awsome photography with that awsome camera & play high graphics game"
Azhar Mansuri
"Smartphones are made for everything :) "
"I will make as my Primary device..and do lots of show off with this great device..:P"
Mohit Rathi
"watch videos on the amazing screen"
"Massive screen with snapdragon processor"
Purna Chan
"I would definitely like to make use of it's Full HD camera and click amazing pictures :)"
Gaurav Tyagi
"mobile device"
Arjun Gowda
"shoot a documentary"
Kartikeya Dubey
"photography and games"
Muneeb Ahmad
"I am a student. So i can take video lectures and ohter e book and stuff for my studies. Also do some photography. "
Sanjay Acharya
"Click numerous pics and capture all the beautiful moments of my life which I couldn't as I don't have a good camera phone."
Diwanker Mudh
Siddharth Sehra
"Gift it to my dad"
Praveen Kumar
"browsing, gaming,photography"
Rajesh Chekuri
" The first lg phone with FullHD,Basically i am fan of LG but the designs looks ugly when it comes to old optimus line up,Now they are changing from the old design ,What would i do?First thing shouting like a dog when i come to know i am the winner "
Sushobhan Guha
"1. Show it off (obviously!)"
Sajid Vankalwala
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
"Everything, from basic phone features to what a smartphone can do as it will be my FIRST SMARTPHONE if I WIN"
Pyaare Laal
"I will keep iGyaan as my wallpaper & Homepage in the browser of LG Optimus G pro"
Saie Krishna
"Photography and Work related Applications"
abhishek kumar bhardwaj
"photography, social networking"
Lakshya Gupta
"I will just do everything that is possible on this SUPERPHONE..!! Then whatever may it be. Be it my texting, photography, playing high end games or watching movies and videos."
Cifar Alym
"mobiling and self photography"
rohit naudiyal
"i would gift it to my mom"
Amitkumar R Suthar
"will use as my daily business tool"
Romesh Nongmeikapam
"as an alternative to note and faster device for gaming"
sanket agrawal
"I Would use my LG Optimus G Pro for an all round purpose - sending business mails and queries , playing games in free time , clicking pictures , listening music and socializing . Last but not the least - Flaunt it ."
Akshay Kankanmeli
"Since its a complete allrounder, it would help in all my walks of life. Right from the versatile photography to mobile office editing. It would also render a great entertainmemt value with its multimedia capabilities."
"Well just about anything - from capturing captivating moments, syncing up on work and personal emails, catching up on the latest news\weather, sports updates, updating\checking appointments, social networking, listen to music,..."
Rohit Kotwal
"I make a lot of calls with 3G on. With its huge battery i can make more calls, send/receive emails and watch videos while on the go without worry about battery life. Oh and a games too as a pass-time!."
Sanket Mahambrey
"if i get an lg optimus g pro i would shoot a thanking styyle dance infront of igyaan office in delhi and post it to igyaan"
Ankush Thakur
Joy Deb
"LG Optimus G pro will be great for my style statement apart from best use as web browsing, taking master piece photos, watching Youtube videos on the go, Playing Full HD games & making real time video calls."
Inderpreet Wadhwa
"Work, as its got a better screen. "
"Am going to replace my camera, music player, pc and ultimately my phone with this LG Optimus G Pro :)"
Neil Tomlinson
"I'd play games on it, use twitter, facebook and instagram!"
Debjeet Pal
"Socializing and hardcore gaming"
Goransh Verma
Priyanker Kashyap
"gift it to my father"
"Juggle betwwen all my daily tasks - read emails, check facebook, play music, take spontanous photos and play games"
Shloka shetty
"13megapixel+top review by igyaan+LG+free give away=MY LIFE IS SET. :p (frankly)you may get many answers with dept my answer is what i feel"
Tejas Sharma
"will have a real feel of an android phone by trying everything"
Saijal Singh
"I love to stay connected with my friends, share moments and view memories, with LG Optimus G Pro I can capture moments as memories and share with my friends, without a thought about storage space or any kind of lag..."
Kunal Pradhan
"HD gaming and movies. Its like a mini theater for me!"
Aatish Jaisinghani
"I would run heavy applications. would make an attempt at overclocking. would try to install other OS'es on it too"
Muhammad Ibrahim
"Play music watching movies because i don't have a smartphone"
Akshay Chopra
Kalpesh Patel
"Like its build quality and ofcoure this product worth, "
Rathan Paul
"Well, I am a newbie to the world of smartphones running on Android. What better way than to get to know the best of the smartphones available to us today than with the the best .... the LG Optimus G Pro. Hopefully this phone will be the start of a long and lasting ride with smartphones of the premium kind. Thanks Bharat Nagpal for all your work on igyaan.in and igyaan on Youtube."
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Makhal
"I will use for photography and gaming."
Muthu Kumar
"Portable Internet Communication Device"
Koushik Sharma
"work, play"
Ayush Gour
Srikant Subramanian
"Touring the UK soon. PHOTOS!!!!"
Oscar Anderson
"i want to use it for everything a normal mobile phone cant do i.e apart from texting and calling....i will use it for everything because this beast is way to powerful"
"i will use in my work related to medical/medicine, like taking notes of patients,taking pictures of some rare or new disease that i show during my OPD, and will share it to my other fellow doctors so all of us get benifitted"
Ratheesh Rajendran
"high graphic intensity game"
Ritesh Srivastava
"Play Game and Internet Surfing"
dipesh gupta
"i will use my LG Optimus 'G' pro to to improve my 'GYAAN' by watching following IGYAAN !!!!"
saurabh nandgaonkar
Stanley Fernandes
"It will be my daily driver as it has got awesome specs."
vignesh krishnamoorthy
"it will become my Ultim@te gaming device"
Prince Mohammed Rifaqath
"First of all i need a phone to show my iphone 5 friends that i also can have a mobile...... second of all i would take lots of lots of pictures in it and also play games and keep it too darn safely"
"Play around with all the features in it.."
"work and play"
Deepak Sharma
"Entertainment + work"
Keshav Sahu
"i will use in the smartest way i can"
Himanshu Agrawal
sunil shanker
Aakash Rupani
"Videos games ! Almost everythin ;)"
Sunny Mishra
"i would like to play heavy duty games on it and use it as a wireless remote controller "
Abdullah Khan
"Play heavy games on the 5.5" screen and show off in college..! Browse the net using the high speed support of LG.! And customize home screen like never before .."
Binu Francis
"Watch HD videos"
Mohik Suri
"first of all gaming nd then video chatting ..with a huge 5.5 inch screen . and d best 13mp camera ..!"
"To be honest with the question, seriously don't know unless get my fat fingers on it.With these specs and upcoming newly updates on android versions should last more than 5 years.If isn't for this price range of a laptop,then its a useless device for a middle class people."
"watch movies, videos as it has a fairly large display"
Kapil Dave
"my daily use phone could be this. no doubt. its better then Samsung Note 2 by long way. "
Arush Sharma
"i would do everything like play games, take photos etc and most importantly i would use GPS system through google maps since its having powerful Quadcore 1.7GHz processor"
Kapoor Sumit
Nitish Anand
"If i will win i will give this to my big bro because he is going to IIT Delhi and i am thinking to give him a worlds best thing (Mobile Phone). And i am serious :)"
"it's "lg" logo"
Laxminarayan Katti
Muthu Krishna Reddy
Pranav Patel
"only watching movies at night"
"With a flair to shoot and art of creativity.. I'm going to use LG optimus G Pro to capture some really speacial and candid moments. Having used and loved LG phones in the past, I'm glad LG is back and all set to kick the competition with it's Optimus G Pro model."
Santa Santhosh
"photography is my hobby and i have a passion about it... i will make a better use the phone and show off to my friends about the phone , ill make sure that ill use it in the right way "
Vishal Thakur
"firt i never win anything let this be special second i am using a tab for daily use now it seems very heavy(if u know what i mean) third the phone is soooo soo cool and it has a processor to get u buy at lest a year or two without outdating its perfect for everything (photography but is best left to a camera)"
Chetan Gk
"Gaming "
Abhineet Jain
"Play games"
Pradeep Nayak
Shouvik Mukherjee
"education, app development, photography, social media, primary mobile device"
Raman Chawla
"Photography and mobile activities"
Krunal Kapadiya
"Play HD games , watch endless movies during classes , listen to music , all types of apps : dic , weather etc.."
"twaeks n customisation as long as it lives in my hand... :D"
Yogesh Pareek
"LG Optimous G Pro, watch videos on 5.5 inch full HD Screen , do photography with that 13 MP camera, and it can help me in testing my new android apps..."
Harjot Singh Parhar
"I will help igyaan as you are going to give cellphone so will share your posts to the most.."
Jatin Taneja
"First i want to install flipboard on it & WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO IGYAAN"
Roshni Balakrishnan
"i would like to use it for photography since this device has such an awsome camera!!!"
Harshal Shahu
"actually i cant afford such phones...so i will keep it with me"
Parag S Solanki
" Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment!"
Naga Chaitanya
Vivekananda Pola
"play loads of games mainly the most anticipated age of empire"
Sai Pavan
"i may enjoy with it"
Koushik Srinivas
"play games with background video"
Novy Bajwa
"for gaming ,photograpy and showoff"
Ek Trader
"I will use it :P"
Jayesh Shetty
"Hard-Core Gaming, Watching HD Movies"
Jef Jefry
"i like to chat with my girl frnd with lg optimus ...."
Amol More
"It is very hard to say one thing about the use of this fabulous smart phone. It's really a fantastic job done by LG. there are so many things that i will do with an LG Optimus G pro but the best thing that i can do is, i'll impress my friends by showing this fantastic LG Optimus G pro."
Varun Kathuria
"everything.It would be my daily driver."
Jitin Sharma
"Movies and videos"
"If won, this would be my first android device. A symbian user till date. So will explore the mobile to the maximum possible. Would like to get a taste of everything (browsing, games, photos and videos). Will give a try to all the top apps since being a symbian user I didn't have a chance to use any top apps."
Dushyant Pandit
"i haven't used such costly phone in my life. have to try atleast once and that too for free!"
Kunal Kalra
"Work and Music"
Sanidhya Tiwari
Manjula Halli
"have fun with android apps and Insatnt messaging"
"Me being a photograper 13Mpx Camera could add up as my second camera, at places I cant take my dslr."
Neeraj Kumar
"it would be my first ever smart phone "
fouzul azeem
Vipul Thakur
"i would like to watch All IGYAAN new unboxing video"
Ashwin Jose
"Browsing, games anf office tools."
سید خلیل الرحمن قادری
"To use it like a 'pro' in every aspect as the name suggest !!"
Prince Ash
"il useits smart camera and smart video features which enable it to recognize the users eye movement and pause or play"
Sai Ram Deshmukh Mateti
"almost Everything-photography, work, videos, Ofcourse, the best device."
parth shah
"because i love the camera peformance of it"
Rohit Ghanham L
"it will definetly be used as my primary device replacing my galaxy mini"
Prashant Pawale
Sumant Chawla
"It seems to have it all... so the use is limited only by my imagination !!!!"
Shoaib Faridi
Aakash Goyal
"gift it to my dad"
Aman Rajput
"play games"
"manage my daily tasks and fun with clicking stills"
Bhupinder Jit Singh
"upgrading to g pro will be a dream come true. First of all I will test the camera under various conditions secondly will test the hardware through hardcore games."
"will use it for best photography and my work"
Dollar Attri
"i will watch igyaan videos from it :P"
"Use as a personal assistant"
Raghav Sharma
Manish Soni
"13 mp camera enough for a mobile phone.i like mobile photography,so i definitely do photography from this flagship device from lg...."
Gurpreet kaur
Darshan Amin
"use apps, watch videos, work"
Røhán Sêdàn
"School work & photography "
Aman Kalra
"With a 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with a 1080p resolution, a quad core Snapdragon 600 processor, and a 13MP camera, this phone is just as good as when it was released. Plus, its competitors have yet to outspec it, so the late launch isn’t much of a detriment to LG. "
Pawan Arora
"Apart for just using as a smartphone, I would like to improve its performance more, and customize everything by installing custom roms(which include Ubuntu developer touch edition), custom kernels, change bootloader animation, dual boot etc. Which can improve my hacking background"
Mayur Ambre
"Use it as a primery phone, also do some test like rooting, will install new custom ROM's on it, "
Daniel C Mohan
"I hear LG Optimus G Pro has a gorgeous screen so I guess I will use it for gaming :)"
"Well i can do many things with Lg optimus G PRO.with such kind of specification Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 1.7 GHz Quad Core Processor.i can play high profile game with the help of 2 gb ram.and the camera of 13 mp is just icing on cake.overall my dream phone with such kind of configuration in one word "MULTI-TALENTED" Smart phone!!"
Vatsal Shah
"Photography, work"
Praveen Loni
"LG optimus pro is a different phone with features like- 1080 full hd phone, home led button,1.7 ghz snapdrogen600, 2gb ram 16 gb rom 64 gb exp, and more expert in features for hardcore use ..."
"Use it for everything!"
Arpit Mahanti
"First and foremost. I am a tech freak . . I want the Optimus G Pro for gaming and for customization.I want a powerhouse mobile so that i can create my own themes and android tuts on youtube."
Danush Jaisankar
"jail break & to test it's maximum capacity & capability"
Arun Katakam
"it's gonna be a substitute for my netbook"
Mayank Khare
"I will Use G Pro as my Primary device for Surfing internet,Music and videos,Photography."
Riyaz Syed
"i will use like a laptab !!!"
Sandeep Hotchandani
"Will Play Games Most of the time"
Pratik Desai
"I don't know what I wouldn't do with it! Will play loads of games on it, whatsapp, photography etc etc"
Lalit Sambyal
"As it is a complete smartphone so i want to use it for a hasslefree smartphone experience"
Pawan Balani
"Internet, Phone and SMS, Photography"
Peter Ray
"Bwowsing on its Monster Full HD screen and Media Consumption.."
Raihan Karim Mollick
Sahitya Sharma
"I'll Probably Use it for gaming and Photography, and some Beta testing of New android innovations."
Shivám Tyagi
Ajinkya Indulkar
"i can use it to capture the best of the picture and also video for fun and entertainment"
Gaurav Gondekar
"i just like this phone and to my opinion it is way better than Samsung galaxy s4 cheers to LG life's good"
Miraj Kusumgar
Jessel Rebello
"gaming, photography & social networking"
Chitransh Khanna
"I will use a Optimus G pro as my primary mobile for everyday usage of internet and photography(I love taking pictures). :)"
Siraj Siddiqui
"watch videos ,photography"
"Well Ofcouse ! Today's Technology Demands Smartness in Every Aspect, With 5.5 inch Snapdragon 600 & 2gb Ram i can proudly say that World is in my Hands !"
"spend my time with it"
Malcolm Bilung
Sai Krishnayya
"It Would be my first Smartphone ever and with this phone i can browse, watch videos and take awesome photos.Yes! this is a very good smartphone to have with."
Vaibhav Ghare
"play games..."
Japnam Singh
"I will be using it for Video recording !"
Somesh Sharma
Anamika Horo
Aziz Surani
"htc x one"
Amit Shah
"watch videos"
"just show the cheap mobile company's that what an orginal smartphone looks like.."
kishor rit
"watch movies, play games and music...!"
Rohit Boga
"With the LG Optimus G Pro I would help custom ROM development and make use of the camera for some personal photography"
Ankur Rupali Arora
"All of d above"
Asifur Rahman
"i am found of photography.....food and igyaaan"
Vishal Rao
"internet and gaming"
Sunil Devgania
"will use it for my office purpose & photo editing & upload"
Asif mallick
Kunal Bhansali
"mobile device"
Shrishail Barigal
"Upgrade my Phone which is 2 years old and use all the features the phone has. Especially for Multimedia purpose :-)"
Chetan Thaker
"Give it to my sister who has been using an old feature phone while I own a used and banged up iPhone 4S"
Asif Mallick
Rajat K
"Gift it to my sister on Rakhi next month "
Nirmal Raj
"Since a long time,I am longing for such a mobile to buy"
Samir Makwana
"New Primary Device"
Shrey Gupta
"I would use Optimus G Pro for gaming and photography"
Abesh Bhattacharjee
"Primary mobile device ! Hell yeah !!!"
Ritesh Mahato
"i will use whatsapp "
Amol Saraf
"Yes for sure "
Born Black Sandy
"I would like to Shoot some expressive moments with the LG Optimus G Pro and share it to d world"
Subhronil Bose
Aman Pandey
"Gaming and Photography"
Ashish Sharma
"high-end gaming"
Viraj Bhogle
"play loads of games on the 5.5", 1080p screen.. also chk the latest buzz on igyaan.com.."
John Gonsalves
"Replace it with my old phone "
Sachin Loach
"i'll watch all of mah favourite show performances on that beast screen"
Prachetas Gumaste
Chaitanya Vihari
"work "
Subhajyoti Go Lui
"Would watch iGyaan Videos in Full HD on its huge FHD display and some photography as well and of course little show off."
Chetan Kumar V
"Best alternative to primary mobile device"
Vinit Khimasiya
"I just cant understand what i would not do with an LG Optimus G pro. It is a complete piece. It is not possible to stop doing anything with this device with such HUGE Specifications."
Wilbur D'souza
"Its a little short of an airplane.. :D if it was.. i would sit on it i would fly away wid it.. :) on a serious note.. it would make a great first smartphone..:) besides... i think just d resolution of this phone is enough to beat the note 2.. :) big fan of this phone : "
Swapnil Chavan
Shalabh Sood
"I ll use it like a Pro to do everything from drawing/painting/photography/navigation/browsing/gaming/entertainment et al. and o'course calling once in a while too :)"
Shubham Gawas
"screen size"
Akshay Jain
"will use this device for my work"
Mohd Abdul Rahman
"i like to play hd games, social media"
Om Kumar
"i would love to click pics and surf the net on the mob lg optimus g pro"
Prajwal Shetty
Vishal Patil
"Click Pictures , Video Shooting , Play Games "
Nishant Aggarwal
Sukumar Mishra
"photography and videos, watching movies, (most important) IGYAAN ALL DAY LONG!! *_*"
Ankit Pandey
"I would like to do hardcore gaming on it bcoz of its large screen, and the 13mp camera will help me to click some awasome pics for my page!!!"
"play games and surf on net"
"i will gift it to my father beacuase he needs a good mobile due to his bussiness"
Rishi Simhadri
"It's a smart phone and using it only for one particular purpose will be like insulting it and it's maker. So, am gonna use it in all possible and safe ways i can."
Mangesh Ingle
"gaming & gaming & gaming......."
Vivek Balmuri
Sarthak Mahendra
"I would play hd games and click hd videos and pics..as i like clicking pics.. with hd cameras"
Nagarjuna Chinni
"best alternative to primary mobile device."
Sauhard Nagpal
"Photography is my passion and its 13 MP camera would be a great help."
"I want to live with it every day to make my life."
Subhra Sankha Saha
Prince Krish
Gururaj Hebbar
"just say "cheers" to capture photo. great image quality"
Sunny Kathuria
"Capture all my moments and keep them with me all times."
Kalyankumar Podicheti
"I do save a lots of time,luggage because of its awful features. "
Jeff Wright
"Change the way I look at smartphones"
Bhavin Patel
"photography..boz i love it... and lg optimus g pro is perfect for me...."
Jayan Rajpurohit
"I would definitely use it as my primary mobile device. Being a gaming freak, i would love to load it up with my favourite games. Would be awesome with that gorgeous 5.5 inch display. Videos, movies, music u name it. With its specs, frankly theres nothing this phone cant do!! "
Saee Deore
"I would like to watch more iGYAAN videos on my new flagship devise which u're going to give me soon!!! ;) i.e. LG Optimus G Pro."
Abhishek Adhikari
"i would like to hang in with lg optimus pro its an awesome device"
"snap my country's heritage"
Lakshmaiah Gupta Boddu
"I Would Like TO Work"
Kamal Kaushik
Krunal Gosai
"Everything which I can do with this mobile.."
Tejas Sateesh
Saurabh Telavane
"gaming,photography,videos,customization,trying out different custom roms n lots of thing"
Kartik Sharma
"gaming and best photoshoot with family and friend"
Robin M
"Watching HD movies and HD gaming"
shyama sundar
"Forget PC's...work with it...coming from a average family...i never had the oppurtunity to afford one...but i scored ALL INDIA Xth rank in CBSE on computer science and btw i am a android dev."
Pratheesh PS
"PhotoGraphy & as my main phone/tablet [Phablet]"
karanveer singh
"i am a newbie app developer. it would greatly help me in practically applying my ideas on this wonderful device"
Bhargav P A
Aayush Abhishek
"I develop primary level android apps, so i would use my g pro to test them..and i'm a game freak so i would love to play hd games that require a powerful gpu and hi resolution screen..both of which are present in Optimus G Pro.."
Lakshman Samala
"will caputure every moment of my daughter in law and envy my friends with the stunning awesome mobile"
Manoj Narwal
"I will use LG Optimus G Pro device as a Lifeline,on which I would love to perform all the function which my Tab or Laptop performs."
Akki Ankit
"Gaming and Videos"
Rahul Sharma
"Surf Internet and snap photos"
"i m used to reading from news apps on my smartphone and surfing sites like igyan i think 5.5 inch screen would be great for this purpose"
Sagar Sikka
peenak chatterjee
"Gift it to my Dear Father, He Deserves It.."
Ananthu Gopan
"for educational purpose "
"Gaming and watching videos is my primary concerns if i get this power packed BEAST(The 5.5" 1080p screen is just awesome). I'm longing to get a device that can support heavy games as my present phone(Defy+) doesn't support any of the heavy games."
Jaimeen Parmar
"Show off!!"
Himanshu Chhabra
"i will be using its awesome camera to click photos of notes and record lectures and save in its never ending storage so that i can save photocopy money because i am an engineering student"
KM Karbia
Mithul F Jain
"will use it as a multimedia and gaming device"
Amit Kumar Yadav
"show off!!!!!"
KeDar Dandekar
"will give to my dad"
Shubham Dehadray
"i will watch the reviews of new phones on my lg optimus g pro"
Shivam Desai
Denish Devassy
Shahbaz Khatri
Rishikesh Jalan
"Photography and gaming"
chinmay gondhalekar
"everything that i cant do with nokia 5233"
Rajan Kamboj
"I will play a lot of games and surf the internet."
Tushar Verma
"i will enjoy all the feature to extent and then install cyanogen :)"
himanshu singh
sandeep thind
"net surfing and downloading and some photography while hangouts with friends nad watching videos and movies at whenever get free time "
Manoj Reddy
"i would like to consider it as my wife rather than a mobile,love it "
"Photography and Gaming on a huge Full HD display"
Subhash Chandra Mandavilli
"i'd like to watch movies in its HD screen. Also i am very interested in rooting it and using vanilla android on this beautiful piece of hardware!!"
Aryan Kaul
"i am a game freak plus a photographer.so i would like to play games on hd screenand click pics wit incredable camera"
Arijit Dutta
"What wil i do with the LG Optimus G Pro?"
Jamal Badruddin Akbar Saleem
Maadhav Saxena
"I would like to develop custom ROM for this device"
Siddharth Singh Thakur
"I'll use its camera and its big screen to in my lectures for lecture recording"
Utsav Paresh Modi
"alternative to primary mobile device"
Gopalakrishnan Ponnusamy
"It’s one of the fastest smartphones around, with a brilliant screen that can be used for watching full HD movies and also for doodling on. You get a long battery life, a universal remote, ample storage and absolutely no freezes while usage. Yes, it’s a bit big, in terms of size and price – but it’s also big on performance, speed and features."
Sambuddha Ganguly
"Play high end Games"
Sahil Jain
"Hey...... ..!! Thank u so much for this opportunity.I want 2 make my Life "TOUCH SENSITIVE" not PUSH NEEDED. Now I am in Black and White world. I want 2 make my life colourful. I want 2 TOUCH my dreams of a Beautiful tomorrows .I want 2 make my life beautiful victory. 2 me optimus G pro is a POWER BEAUTY and SOUL .If I get Lg optimus G pro .. I feel whole Beautiful world is with me. Life is so complicated. Lg optimus G pro , gives solutions 2 every problem. Lg optimus G pro ,expand our mind and change our life. Lg optimus G pro is , Sophisticated revolution.MY search ends here. Lg optimus G pro reach out and TOUCHES each and every ones HEART."
anuraj j pillai
"i will watch full hd movies on its full hd screen"
Senthil Sundaravadivelu
"work email, photography"
Amol Kedar
"evrything possible with it"
Ashwin Prakash Anumula
"Photography,Video shooting & Games"
Evaraj Kamble
Naresh Mano
"best alternative to primary mobile device"
Rohan Bangera
"mobile devices"
Gagan Prakash
"Gaming "
Rushin Shah
"best alernatice for my nokia e63"
"photography : with 13 mp camera ,I wud capture evry beautiful moment in my life ^_^"
Akshat Agarwal
"I would use it as my daily driver! plus will have one more device added to my android inventory!"
Punit Pushkar
"replace my dell streak 5 and samsung n800"
"hard core gaming ....and for show off....:)"
"to make it my companion !!"
Deepak Malik
"video chat with my lovely kids"
Amardeep Tanwar
"test my high end developed application taking 'LG Optimus G Pro' to its limit and Delivering best to Google play."
Anand T.R
"Finally! A full-featured 'phablet. I'm going to do everything "
"Personal Office"
"i want to play android games because i havn't any smartphones"
Vamsi Krishna Kalla
prashanta sutradhar
Simar Harneja
"Use it! simple as that :)"
challa srinivas rao
Sudhir Poojari
"playing hardcore android games and obviously work and will be using as a primary mobile device "
Kunal Kishor
"photography & videos"
Harsh Dwivedi
"i would play games and also photography coz of 13 mp camera"
Himanshu sahni
"it is best alternative to primary mobile"
Avd Kishore
"i am a college student so i need to get laptop for every presentation i need to give. so if i get this device i would use it for the purpose of paper presentations and seminars etc as it has got quite a large display"
Jitendar singh
"primary mobile device"
Saif Kazi
"I like to play HD games and most important i was mainly interested in photography "
Nikhil Nicholas
"what I want it I can make it"
ujjwal sharma
Chinmay Kishor Sawant
"gaming on that beast!!!"
Dan Lytwyn
"Use it as my main phone!"
"first of all i will be doing hardcore gaming and then photography"
Praveen Oonkar
"Not sure about it,i will answer after getting it"
"Use it as an ebook reader to read my favourite novels"
Giri Raj Shaktawat
"photography and videos"
Varun Vijay Vaidya
"If i get a chance to win LG Optimus G pro.. the thing which i can never do with basic mobile device that is i will flaunt it :) "
Jay Patel
"use latest apps from google play.."
Aditya Datar
"Multitasking, Gaming + Multimedia. "
Fanush Saini
Kishore Goud
"Videos Music"
vikrant vilas kadlak
"will use to make myself more smarter and efficient with such good phone "
Aditya Hegde
Melwin Tp
"Enjoy the time"
Shardendu Gautam
"I will use LG Optimus G pro as my primary mobile device, replacing my Nexus 4. Videos look crisp on the 5.5 inch screen and browsing is much better as well."
Vaibhav Mhatre
Akash Panchal
"show off"
Armaan Singh
"high end gaming"
Devender Yadav
"I'll make it my primary phone and gift my old xperia mini to my little brother :)"
Shuddhahnik Maity
"I'm from a very poor family..and want to just feel it in my hands and use it for education purposes"
Vinay Sharma
"surf internet"
Vinay Sharma
"play games"
"Multi Tasking and Photography."
Nikhilesh Sharma
"Extensive Gaming"
syed zainulabuddin ahmed
"Use it for my youtube channel for reviews."
Syed Zain Ahmed
"Use it for youtube reviews"
Rohan Rawat
"Games, internet surfing, photography.."
"Videos on a Full HD display in 5.5 inch screen."
"I will Androidify myself"
Santosh Bhat
"Gaming and recording"
Manpreet Sawhney
"photography and primary mobile device"
tariq malik
Darkboy Raghav
"i love to play game and photography."
Vikas Agarwal
"Personal Diary and EBook Reader"
Vikram Joshi
"checkinh mails, playing games and for fb"
Vaibhav Pal
"will love 2 play games as it has a good hd display and proccesor and will like 2 click pics with its 13 mp camera"
"use it as a primary device, replace my iPhone 4S"
Ayush Sharma
"Yes of course, it'll be a great device for mutimedia purposes, and it'll definitely replace my digicam. I am actually a very photographic kind of person, I love to click photos (but hate getting myself clicked), so this LG Optimus G Pro would prove out to be really nice alternative to my digicam, and of course its the best mobile device out now."
Ravi Chauhan
"would use it to show my design portfolio to clients and get more work.Smart. "
Ravi Bhan
"LG Optimums G Pro is fantastic mobile I ever seen in market if I get one of this I will be do anything as I can, means there is no limit with LG Optimums G pro it’s come with quad core processor and best camera . I will do with fun with mobile and use it’s amazing camera for shot life like picture and video , gaming is good on this phone I love game I have no word to tell of good thing of LG Optimums G Pro"
mitul solanki
"use social networking websites, play games & do all stuff"
Joel Braganza
"Photography, Tweeting & Music Player"
Sandeep Kulkarni
"i would rather use it as a tablet"
Palash Badasheshi
"firstly ,i dont own a premium phone ,but i want to see how the krait processor would be And the gpu..... for gaming & everything ...."
Christopher Lee
"i will watch movie because it has great and crispier display"
Vineet Shetty
"i would use optimus g pro for video calling and high end gaming"
Amod Shah
"I will capture a valuable photos from it with Family, Friends & Also work on internet that gives me a best performance with a wide HD Display."
Sandeep Patil
"iam going to develop a AOSP or a cyanogenmod rom and some kernels to make the phone much more faster , also open sourcing much of the stuff there in the phone. also develop to ubuntu touch and miui or a fire fox os for this phone "
Ashok Reddy
"Would use it for productivity"
avishek kumar pathak
"i will impress my girlfriend by clicking some nice snaps's of her beautiful smile and also search for her house in my GPS system"
Laxmikant Kabra
"With 13 MP camera, it is one of the best for photography."
Aditya Gupta
"Well, I will use g pro's camera for clicking great pics when i go out,to play games and music, reading books and watching movies. I'll also looking forward to develop apps for android so I'll try them first on optimus. I will also install some other OSes like Ubuntu & Firefox (OS"
Vaney Varun
"I would game in the device courtesy: 5.5inch screen thill the beastly 1.7GHz processor gives up..."
Afsar Ahmed
"use it as a PMP "
Keval Parekh
"everything i could do"
Sagar Pawar
Swapnil Tawte
"Click amazing pics with the awesome camera!"
Rintu Paul
"its screen size, cause i have a an iphone n screen size is my only drawback..."
Pravin Dherange
"would use it for gaming and to click super pics of my mom on her bday :) "
Deepak Sahu
Mohit Kumar
"live my digital life to the fullest"
Savitha Zacharia
"Will be my primary mobile device and use it's fabulous screen for watching movies and surfing internet."
Alex Guia Rebelo
"Take Photos"
"internet surfing, extensive gaming, watch HD videos"
Zubair Mullaji
"Gaming and Photography"
Nilu Zaveri Wadke
"primary mobile device"
Siddhart Sahany
"photography and best alternative to primary mobile device"
Shweta Trivedi
"I would definitely use it for my wildlife photography and nature shots."
Anand Jp
"I would use LG Optimus G pro like a natural extension of my hand.!! I would use it in everyway possible because as it sports such a broad spectrum of features..!! But photography and games would keep me busy all day."
Krish Bhardwaj
"You can choose anything from photography, work , videos or best alternative to primary mobile device."
Adarsh Shetty
"Best alternative to primary mobile device"
Ravi Kant Srivastava
"i ll treat it as my wife :P .."
Ahmed Umar
"connect with friends, capture moments, get entertain, learn via apps, and many more things to do"
Amey Kulkarni
"I'd like to do each and everything which LG Optimus G pro can do."
Sunil Maradi
"Optimus G pro will become Optimus prime of all my friends phones "
Akhilesh Sharma
Sattam Majumdar
"Everything! Because It can do everything"
Aditya Krishnan
"Photography and Videos"
"Use it as my primary device as i really need to get a new phone"
Ezra Shasthri
"Multi Tasking and Photography!"
Reed Sydel
"HD Games"
Gurpreet Singh
"I will play HD games on the phone and on my LED tv through the phone, connecting the phone to tv via hdmi cable using MHL feature on it."
Prasanth Padmanabhan
"Photography and watch movies with its brilliant display"
Neha Arora
"Play HD games"
Trinkal Juneja
"Use it as Application tester and developer "
Anit Gandhi
Shashank Jindal
"I play games"
"i would like to play high end games with its powerful gpu and i would seriously love to watch full HD movies on its HD screen and last but not the least i will play with LG optimus UI "
Anish Ramachandran
"use it as a personal assistant "
Kartik Manchanda
"I will use this power beast to run a smartphone operated Optimus prime( Transformers) or to be realistic to make use of all its procesor power to operate an automobile. "
Ghilli Vignesh
"i am addicted to phones ...so i will test the phone nd wull use for my future uses..."
Ronald James Hsieh
"play lots of high end games"
Arnav Saxena
"photography... surfing ... playing high res games "
Manish Rathi
"it's a big device so I wanna play some good games and watch videos"
Reeju Rk
"I will use 13MP HD camera to shoot great photos and play cool graphics games without any trouble because of its 2GB RAM and 1.7 GHz Quad core processor."
"Photography, Watch full HD video and also Doodle on it"
Ashwin Gokhale
"It is the (G) One!!"
"I will check out its 360-degree panorama!"
Suresh Barre
"photograpy and work"
Navneet Soni
Shithijay Ranganathan
"it would be best primary mobile device."
Param Singh
"Seeking news and information, Planning for upcoming activities, Play games, Socializing,Entertainment (movies etc.)"
Soureen Mondal
"Gaming due to its raw performance!! "
"I would like to watch videos on full HD mode with sparkling ppi and experiment with the dual camera mode"
Yash ɹɐɾ ɥƃuıs
"simply love it.. its like my BiWi :D"
Pratik A. Gor
"browsing and apps..."
Sushant Parab
Yash Raval
"LG Optimus G Pro is the all new smartphone by LG.With its best features , I can play games smoothly with 1.7 Ghz processor,capture pics with its 13 MP camera and be entertained by its 5.5 inch full hd display."
Akshay Andurkar
"1.Watching HD Videos on FHD Screen."
Navin Desai
Vineet Kumar
Mohammed Ahmed Khan
"I would like To play Games and Xplore the phone to its peak "
Apoorav Verma
"I would take the advantage the 13MP camera and will take awsosome pictures including Panorama"
Shahid Kanth
"Will use its 13 mp cam for photography while i can simultaneously use its power processor to multitask bw the web and some of my fav apps "
Milind Jha
Rohan Adhikari
"social networks, photography, e-mails, office works, HD Gaming and My dream to use android in its full glory(Never Owned Android Hset Before)."
Siddharth Krishna
Mahesh Kumar
"Flaunt it"
Sukumar Mishra
"photography, movies and why not flaunt it when i have it? ;) "
"gaming, music, camera, watch movies"
Kishor Kumar
"photography, gaming and best android experience"
Suresh Kumar
"I would show it to everyone of my friends and tell them i have won it through igyaan and even ask them to participate and promote."
Saurabh Khatavkar
"I would Love to work & play on the go with the 1.7 Ghz Quad Core Krait beast with its gorgeous 1080p screen and its 13MP Camera!"
Anshul Sharma
"as a student i will instal educational apps it because of money problem i cant afford device like this so i woull like to see a lg flagship phone in my hands"
Zaid Anzar
"if I ever got one...then that would be photography....I already have a collection of breathtaking pictures...but with a boastful 13mp camera dat would be just great!!"
Navya Reddy
"I was a samsung user. so until last second note 2 was the biggest phone. but after seeing this. Im in love wid this."
Aarpee Jay
"It has a massive screen, so will use G Pro for Web browsing and watching HD movies."
Niranjan Das
"Photography and HD movies watching."
Avinash Goud
Aakash Bussa
"I already have many LG devices including Optimus L5. I love my LG because of huge battery backup. It'll give me 1 full day of entensive usage. Hoping the same happens with the G Pro. And If I get Optimus G Pro, I'll do multitasking... Watch Movies... Connect wid my frnds in FB Twitter G+.. simply put, I'll use it as my All in one Device."
Aditya Bhaskar
"Videos, Music, Games, Apps, Multitasking."
Samrat Aharnish
"I already have a 5inch mobile. The best part of 5 inch devices is that, They can be doubled as Phones and Tablets for Making calls and Web browsing respectively. So with Optimus G Pro I'll put the 4 cores into extensive use!"
Ajay Rudhra
"Multi tasking and Web browsing and photos and 1080p videos"
Akshay Randeep
"Will dump my 1st Gen Xperia Device and will put this G Pro as my main device. Also The battery is huge to last for atleast 1 day of excessive usage."
Alexander Alex
"Videos and Games."
Balineni Amarendra
"I'll do multitasking. Videos movies apps games Facebook Google+ twitter and dropbox sync and everything."
"Let me win the G Pro first, Then Will tell you How I use it."
Anjani Prasad
"I'll load it up with all graphic intensive games. After all the Adreno 320 is designed to do so. isnt it ?"
Anoop Varma
"Games games games Games games games Games games games. "
Anusha Reddy
"Photos Music Videos. Also I love Short Film making, so will use this Optimus G Pro for shooting my Short film."
Aravind Chary
"I love need for speed game so indulo ah games veskoni masth aadutha."
Arun Kumar
"Skype Chatting. Facebook Messaging. Instagram Photo sharing."
ashwanth kumar
"Photography and 1080p Video."
Balu Subbu
"Photography and Apps."
"Gift it to my DAD. Coz I love my dad and he is currently using a broken phone."
Chaitanya Varma
"Im a professional photographer. so will use it to shoot videos and snap photos."
Ashiq mirza
"i am a big igyaan fan so first of all i would like to download igyaan unboxing and reviews in hd and watch them"
Sparssh Singh
"I'll do Gaming and a bit photography !"
ahmed ali
"for gaming and video shooting "
Amit Vaidya
"Primary use of mobile as well as photography"
Deepak Saxena
"Be a multi-tasker with this monster"
Ankush Vijan
"I have to operate 8 emails at a time. So, my primary use is work emails only."
"show off to friends giving them detailed specification everytime v meet :p "
Parneet Singh Bhalla
tinku rai
"will watch a movie on its full hd 5.5 screen"
"photography and playing games"
"Will use it wid Skype and Hangouts. LG Optimus G Pro is a very goood phone for multitasking. so ill do full to multitasking."
Balu Nayak
"Apps Games Videos Music."
Chinna Mallikarjun
"I'll gift it to my mom! She loves big-sized phones."
D Shailesh
"Helloooo. I Love this phone because of its huge 5.5inch display. which can be used to browse and watch movies."
Dayakar Yella
"13mp camera. 4 core processor. and 5.5inch screen. which is perfect for a dayout with this phone. what say ? "
Shiva Kaluse
"I will use VR PANORAMA to take 360 pics<cubic or cylladricle photos.also i will make educational shortfilms,slideshows to improve teaching -learning method in rural part of INDIA with LG OPTIMUS G PRO camera & its apps."
Pradeep Kumar
"Im a playback singer. so I go touring all the year. This phone is perfect mate while touring coz of huge battery."
Devineni Choudary
"My bday is coming. so will think it as my bday gift from you and I assure I'll care for phone. "
Durga Putti
"If I get this device. It will be my first touch phone. so will learn how to use the touch first and then slowly try to throw it an extensive apps."
Ganesh Surabhi
"HD videos. "
Gopi Vechala
"I go touring on my FZ everyweekend. so This phone helps me as my GPS, whenever I lost my way."
Golla Sudharshan
"Movies movies movies. I'll make it my personal mini home theatre."
Hazarath Modepalli
"Will add it to my LG Smartphones collection."
Gopi Nath
"I'll gift it to my Girlfriend!!"
"Long back I used to have LG Cookie. But that was thrown in dust bin coz of lack of power under hood. But I think this phone will never let me down."
Jacob Sanju
"I'll load it up with my favorite Pop album tracks. Which are mostly Hiphop and RAP. "
Jadam Nagatejaswini
"I really dont have a smartphone. So if I get this phone, will be online 24x7 and also will follow iGyaan page right from the bed every morning. "
Jagadesh Reddy
"Multitasking. Apps games. music video."
Josin Sam
"Need for speed most wanted. Nova 3. Nova 4. CODMW. and all graphic intensive games."
Karthik Chowdary Inturi
"Pair it wid my bluetooth headset and then 24x7 music music music."
Bhavmit Africawala
"Will take it on a spin on my MTB"
sandeep kumar
Suraj S Kumar
Kak Va
"I love taking photos from a smartphone"
Varun Shijo
"My current phone opened up the world of Android to me, albeit through an ARMv6 keyhole. I have a Samsung Galaxy 5 and I am frustrated by how weak this critter is. An Optimus G Pro would be perfect to run Ubuntu, Read on the go without getting a migraine and rock out to some AC/DC. And of course we all need an occasional Temple Run break."
shinton pc
"primary mobile device"
Bijender Dogra
"The LG Optimus G Pro is a power packed handset with very good battery life and feature packed software build. :)"
Shahin S Deen
"I would like to use its camera for reviewing purpose :)"
syed fuzail
"playing high graphics games ,capturing memories in 13 mp camera "
Jaskirat Matharoo
"I would do photography and play games"
Naveen A M
"It would be my primary mobile device which can boost my productivity at work and also explore my creativity."
Aneil jeevan raj Dorakula
Abhishek Kevat
Vinay N S
"Finally start mking my short films again now that I have a good alternative for a camera."
Sunny Naik
"I'd use it for the photography as well as for the actual feel of Jelly Bean on it."
Bhaskar Sastry
"its going to be my personal phone!!!i will do everything with it!!!"
mayank murarka
"all in one entertainement primary mobile device on the move and easily carrying in pockets."
Sukha Sidhu
Sidharth Kannan
"be online all the time"
siddharth jadhav
aldrich braganza
"keep connect with my family and friends on the move"
Ajay Singh
"photography camera looking nice and gaming as well "
Amit Kumar
"Chat or make videos of my friends and share with all my world of entertainment people"
Sameer Singh
"show off :P "
"Its full hd display screen"
naga chaithanya
"would use it as a gps optin for my driving needs"
Vikranth Deepak
"I would use it for developing a new game on Google store and even download 3d games to use the smartphone to it's fullest."
Sujit Sudhakaran
"Being a gamer and a quick photographer this mobile can be a grt boon to me in all aspects plus with this screem and features i never goona need a laptop for all my media and entertainment purpose."
Divya Ramesh
"I read news on IGYAAN.in and i browse web"
Shubham Sachdeva
"hd video playback + photography "
krupal joshi
"photography,watch igyan review videos directly on my lg optimus g pro , which is currently not possible on my blackberry curve 8520.The G pro's 1.7ghz quad core cpu , adeno gpu ,ram and ips plus lcd display will definitely make the online video viewing experience beautiful. "
Shuchin Prakash
"Gaming, Photography"
Puneet Aggarwal
"Ofcourse,I would do my work and will watch videos on 1080p monstrous screen. But ,best alternative to my primary mobile device would be its Q REMOTE.I always wished that all my remotes should have a slot for SIM card in them because of my bad habit of misplacing them. And IGYAAN is going to make my dream true."
Vysakh Mohandas
"i liked the 5.5" screen :) (y)"
Bill McGovern
"Photography and videography"
Manasa Reddy G
"games apps videos music"
Tejasva Singh
"make my friends jealous"
Kranthi Poladi
"Unlimited webbrowsing and video watching."
"Games and Photography."
Karthik Telekunta
"1st of all, I'll trash my tiny Galaxy Y duos. and then load G Pro wid movies games apps videos. "
Krishna Krish
"Photography Videography -- And Ill play gfx Extensive games.. "
Kranthi Kumar
"Music music music. Coz I dont have a music phone till now. "
Karthik Sai
"Multitasking videos music games apps facebook"
Kavya Sree
"Nenem chestey neekenduku!!"
Manasa Sony
"This will be my first smartphone, If i win. So Will initially learn how to handle such a huge device."
Konda Reddy
"Will play the hd videos and sync it wid my LG tv!"
Leela Srinivas
"Multitasking. videos. apps. games. "
Krishna Yadav
"Ill take my phone to my college and do some show off that, I won this phone at iGyaan.com."
Kuntla Sandeep
"I work at reliance digital, Have seen the device it looks fabulous. but owing one is not my range so dropped. but if you give me this then I'd be the most happiest in the world."
Lokesh Malla
"Yes I'll do photography... its camera is a massive 13mp camera then how can anyone wouldnt do photography wid this."
Anil Kumar
"I've alwaya been the user of LG Electronic. So With this I'll make my othere electronics happy :P"
Madhu Mohan
"Ummm... Photography for sure... and also I'd buy one 64gb MicroSD and load it up with huge HD movies. so that I can use it as my home theatre."
"Games apps games. I've always been a lover of Mobile games. and this phn looks promising and becomes best companion."
Manohar Prince
"I love photos. so will use it beside my canon 60D."
Meena Rajput
"I'll gift it to my Boyfriend. :D"
Mohammed Khaaja
Monish Chintham
"will dump my current feature phone and use it as my primary phone. "
Myadam Sri Krishna
"hello, plz give me this device plz plz plz"
Nalluri Rahul
"games and apps."
Nag Raj
Naga Praveen
"apps and games."
Nagarjuna Reddy
"please please please give this phone to me. "
Nani Nishanth
"huge display easy for web browsing."
Narasimha Reddy
"hello. please gimme this phone. I'll pray god."
Naresh Dappu
"Ill put the 4 cores into extensive task!"
Naveen Pulluri
"I'll go into coma, if I win this device.. hahah kidding... huge display so it is ideal for webbrowsing."
Saurav Verma
"I'll play games,will listen to music & surf :-)"
Michelle Chan
"Everything! Work&play at the same time with its QSlide feature!"
Sushant Rane