Blog Consulting

Blogging is no more a verb, it’s a phenomenon! Most influential people have a blog. A percentage of them have great content. We help you get both- Blog and content.
We provide a plethora of consulting tips. To enlist a few we provide:
  • Suggestions on how to start a blog and more importantly, continue with it.
  • Suggestions to improve your blog content and design.
  • Technical support for amateurs and professional bloggers.
  • Tips and suggestions to help promote your blog.
  • Recommendation of latest blogging tools, softwares widgets and plugins that help you get things done.
  • Tips on building a successful community around your business or websites.
  • Upgradation of your blog platform.
  • Validation of your code.
  • Optimization of your blog in terms of code and graphics.


If you’re an organization, a group or an individual and you need to know “blogging” inside out, we owe you a blog workshop!

For large companies, SMEs, colleges and schools which are looking forward to give their staff/members a better understanding of what a blog is and how can one unleash its true potential, we offer Blog Workshops.

Our workshops target on discussing the implications and use of blogging within your own organization and how it can best be used to grow a community around your brand, hence achieving one of your desired business goals.

The Blogging Workshops can be carried out within your own premises. Some of the basic modules that we recommend are listed below. However, to ensure the best fit with your requirements, we do a telephonic conversation discussing your background and comfort levels so that we can help you squeeze most of it. Following the conversation, we shall send you a detailed agenda for the same, tailored to your requirement for maximum Knowledge transfer.

Types of workshops:

  • Introduction to Blogging

A half-day introduction to Business Blogging which gives a solid foundation for companies wishing to understand what it is and how it can be used in their own business.

  • Advanced Blogging Workshop

Building on the understanding of Blogging that they already possess, the Advanced Workshop will look at maintaining the content of a blog, marketing it to best effect and developing strategies which will make it successful.

  • Blogging for Marketing & PR Consultancies

Designed to help Marketing and PR companies understand how Business Blogs can be used in conjunction with their other services for their clients so that they are better able to incorporate this important tool into their own service offerings.

  • Blogging for Small Businesses

A workshop focusing in on the benefits that small businesses can gain from using a Business Blog and how they can be used to enhance their marketing, increase visibility in their market and improve customer interaction.

  • Blogging for Small Businesses (including Blog set-up)

Small Business Blogging which includes set-up of a blog ahead of the workshop and then training on the main elements of the Blog system so that the company has their own Business Blog set-up and running at the end of the day and know how to use it.