How Revealing are Facebook Likes

Ever wondered how revealing facebook likes can be?

A recent study by the University of Cambridge investigated the Facebook likes of more than 58,000 users in the US and deduced that it was easily possible to gain a lot of information about the user just by analyzing their likes on Facebook. A heap of inside information such as the users political affiliations, race, sexuality and other such traits can be predicted based on those likes. The data for this study was collected through a Facebook app called myPersonality created in 2007 by Dr. David Stillwell. Information from this primary dataset coupled with the personality test and the user profile information was fed to algorithms that was used to make inferences of the user’s personal attributes.

An amplitude of startling attributes were deducted from the testing along with the most predictive likes for each variable. The study could even tell if the user was in a relationship or single. Single users were more involved in Hunger games,, Mangastream and Maria Sharapova while committed users had liked Parents Magazine, Huggies, etc more over their single counterparts. On a different front, conservative users were fans of NASCAR and dissatisfied users had Kickass and iPod in their likes. The study also showed that shy beings were hooked up to videogames and anime more often.

Take a look at this interesting infographic below that aptly summarizes the entire study.



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