116 Millions Impressions Served via Facebook Ads in India

So, we have done it!

As you know MediaZo is having business account of Facebook for serving exclusive & optimized Facebook Ads in India. Today we have crossed the 100 million bar in terms of Ad impressions.

Facebook Ads in India

Some of our take aways after running various social campaigns are as follows:

  1. Do you know, Facebook incentivized advertisers to stay within Facebook by offering lower rates i.e A campaign running within Facebook will cost you lesser than a campaign running on your site.
  2. Sponsored stories works best for the polls & stories with Image.
  3. About 60% of Social Ads (Facebook Ads) are aimed at Brand awareness & Buzz creation.
  4. It is always suggested to run the social ads together with the Campaign having some incentive for the users.
  5. Facebook apps having feature of “share on timeline” works best together with the Facebook Ads & can be used for creating viral buzz in new product launch.
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