10 Best Viral Marketing Campaigns

In the midst of talks, economy, Bollywood, social, startup and more, few viral marketing campaigns were also mushrooming in between them.

Here is the list of 10 top viral marketing campaigns that established a positioning for their brand, integrated brand message.

To start with the most recent one.

1. #TeaForTrump- Trumping Donald TE-A-ME Intervention

To spread the word about the goodness of organic, green tea to Donald Trump in the form of #TeaForTrump digital and content marketing activation took place. The campaign creatively focused on inviting users to send their requests to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) directly so that he drinks the green tea and get a fresh perspective on life.

The best part of this campaign was the timing, projecting it at the time of the Presidential election. One of the world’s most powerful man, who continued to elicit strong concerns around the world on sexism, racism and beyond. TE-A-ME Teas took a friendly approach to changing Trump for the better.

Read the recipe behind the perfect execution of the campaign

Full details about this viral marketing case study

2. Rajasthan Tourism — “Jaane kya dikh jaaye”

The campaign hit the right chord with the audience. It urged people to discover Rajasthan, create new experiences and find something unexpected, intriguing. After a long hiatus of 25 years, the state took the move to return to tourism marketing and allocated a budget of 100 for Rajasthan Tourism. To know more about the idea behind this read here.

3. Ariel India — #ShareTheLoad

It was tough to get over with “Daag Acche Hain,” but Ariel took the risk of #ShareTheLoad to directly communicate with its target audience, mainly, the women. This new viral campaign focused on an audience set which was changing with time and was becoming conscious of dividing responsibilities amongst the two gender. At Cannes last year, the Ariel ad won a Glass Lion, to read more about this, Click here

4. Paytm — Paytm Karo

Coming to the most talked about brand of 2016, Paytm. Undoubtedly, the campaign swayed the audience completely, and people started buzzing the catchphrase -“Paytm Karo.” Get more detail here

Though the intention of the brand was too direct and an example of push marketing, it went viral in the reign of Narendra Modi’s announcement of demonetization. It acted as the only saviour for frustrated people standing outside the ATM’s in long queues.

5. Madhya Pradesh Tourism- “MP main dil hua bacche sa”

This campaign stood out with an outstanding tourism ad that took a creative turn maintaining the Tourism’s legacy of Madhya Pradesh’s wonders intact one after another and encouraging people to keep the inquisitive child alive. Check the link here.

6. Swach Bharat Abhiyan — #DontLetHerGo

An idea doesn’t need to be an extraordinary one always; sometimes the simplest ones can also do a lot. This campaign was based on the need to create awareness around cleanliness. This powerful piece hit right at people’s conscience and brought out the inherent fear of God in them.
Some of the famed faces of Bollywood were also seen encouraging cleanliness. Click here to know more

7. Nike — Da Da Ding

This had to be a clear inclusion in the list of all marketing campaigns that were released in 2016. It was marketer’s dream that came true and went viral, by creating conversations around the world.

Coinciding with Rio Olympics and theme of women empowerment was latched on by marketers this year. Know more, click here

8. Sulekha — #AntiJugaad

One of the most realistic marketing campaigns that gave a 360-degree approach by including radio, outdoor and digital legs to it was this #AntiJugaad campaign. Sulekha was in dire need of breaking its image from just another classified website, and they did their best and came out of the box of classified ads with this witty campaign.

9. OLX — No More Dekhte Hain

OLX took a dig at the audience approach of procastinating decisions. Their communication perspective or business strategy had a very sharp insight which was to urge the audience. It called out for a change their behaviour. A combination of creative and consumer needs, both were met with their series of ad. To read more about the same click here.

10. Google Maps – #lookBeforeYouLeave

You might wonder why would Google need any sort of marketing? Yes, the only question that was on everyone’s mind after seeing ads by Google on TV.

The objective of these ada were, more than selling, Google was talking about consumer education. They were not upselling a products per say, but spreading consumer awareness for starters.

Since this stint, Google Maps became an integral part of people’s life to navigate through the city making them independent and cautious about different routes. Have a look at the case study here.

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