Importance of Vine in driving your Social Media Campaigns

Vine is a mobile app owned by twitter that lets users create and share 6 seconds long video clips. These video clips can be embedded or shared on twitter. The app is currently available on both the Apple appstore as well as Google’s playstore. A version of the Vine app is due to come on Windows Mobile as well.

Like tweets, the brevity of vines (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity. Twitter and Vine came up with the 6 second limit after some research and according to them it forces the creator t think outside the box. The shorter length of the videos compared to the 15 seconds video limit on instagram also means that videos start playing instantaneously of Vine.

Vine now boasts 13 million users and is going strong despite the stiff competition from instagram. The 13 million strong user base means that if every vine user was to create a vine, they would create upwards of 2,334 hours of video footage, which is more than “Lord of the Rings” trilogy looped 2500 times! On 7th, June,13 more vines were shared than instagrams and on 15th April a record 19,667 vines were made amidst the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. On another front, the most retweeted vines come from musicians. Most of the vines are shared between 10-11am and weekends are the most popular time when vines are shared.

Take a look at this gripping info-graphic on vine.



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