Ten Biggest Social Networks in the World

While the last decade saw the advent of social networking platforms, this decade could very easily be dedicated to the growth of these platforms. Steamroller Facebook has spearheaded this charge and now boasts north of a billion members. While facebook is a favorite amongst the general public, many social networks place their bets on more specific content. Instagram for instance is a favorite among photographers and foodies while Pinterest has seen women folk using it five times more than men.


In the rest of the world (read excluding China), networks like Google+ and Twitter feature very highly in a list of top ten social networks. However, one can not neglect the fact that China has more than twice the no of internet users in US. Furthermore, with the absence of big players like Google in the Chinese market has led to the growth of indigenously developed social networks like Qzone and QQ. These networks although mainly confined to the Chinese territory have grown like wildfire and are now giving popular networks like Google+, twitter and Youtube a run for their money in terms of number of active users.


Social media targeting is a daunting task especially in China given that there are nine different styles of language and over 250 dialects spoken. The Chinese correlatives have monopolized on this very fact and coupled with the vacancy left after Google’s exit from China in 2010, these locally thriving networks have performed so well that five of them feature in the top ten social networks in the world.


Take a look at the engrossing info-graphic below featuring the top ten social networks.


via: Visual.ly

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