Twitter Campaign: #SuuntoWatches Campaign was a Groundbreaking Success

Every time you log into Twitter today, you will see a new contest or something along the lines happening. These may be highly annoying, but when you have some of the biggest brand names indulging in the activity, you can be sure of two things. the first, that the brand gains something seriously substantial with these contests and the second being that there is a solid audience on twitter which is more than willing to indulge in such activities and take home a grand gift promised.

The team at MediaZo conducted a similar Twitter Campaign, but with a difference. We sat and researched and looked at trends before we were ready to drop the ship of the contest into wild waters of Twitter. So, what was the research and what was the thinking behind the campaign? Here are the bullet points that we made sure we followed.

  • The focus at all times was to promote the brand and not beg people for tweets.
  • Throughout the quiz we made sure people associated their lives and everyday activities with Suunto as a companion.
  • The hashtag #SuuntoWatches was selected keeping in mind, it would bring the brand name to the forth and educated the community which may never have known about the existence of Suunto in India.
  • Plenty of creatives, media and picture contents were used because simply text gets boring. No wonder, we received wonderful interaction on such tweets.
  • We wanted the contest to be short and simple rather than drag it for days. It was a real challenge to get the hashtag to trend in just a three hour long contest.
  • It was our foremost endeavour to engage with the audience and connect the brand with people and make sure things never looked mechanical.

After having thought and made sure we were ready with the strategy the contest was thrown in the Twitterverse at 2 PM on July 25th till 5 PM with hashtag #SuuntoWatches.

So what were the results? Here is the summary in an infographic:



We are indeed proud of the campaign and how it panned out. The numbers tell the story in themselves. If you have any queries regarding the same, feel free to fill the comments sections below.

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