This week in Social Media: Buffer Introduces Google+ Sharing, Facebook unveils Shared Photo Albums and more

The past week we saw some major updates and changes in many of the social media platforms. Here we bring you the latest happenings in social media in the past week.

Google+ Hangouts now in HD


HD capability for is initially rolling out for Hangouts on Air, followed by desktop hangout video calls over the next few weeks.

Buffer Introduces Google+ Sharing


Buffer now lets you schedule updates for Google+. This is a much needed support for one of the fastest rising social platforms.

Twitter’s New Look for Conversations


Following and keeping track of conversations gets easier with up to three tweets in a sequence on your home timeline.


Facebook unveils Shared Photo Albums


With shared photo albums multiple users will be able to upload images to an album. A maximum of 50 contributors can be set for an album and each contributor can upload a maximum of 200 photos. Album creators will have the power to delete or modify photos in the album, but contributors will have editing power over photos that they upload.

Foursquare Places now more Detailed


When you look up a place on foursquare, specifics like free wi-fi, outdoor seating and which credit cards are accepted will also be shown.

Flickr for iPhone Has a Brand New Camera


Flicker for iPhone takes better advantage of the camera hardware available on iPhone giving full control over how the final photo looks, even before snapping the shot.

Proactive Recommendations on Foursquare


With Proactive Recommendations on Foursquare you can discover the greatest things nearby without even having to open the app. You still check in when you want to share with friends, and now we may give you great recommendations even if you don’t.

Check out last week updates here. Keep checking this space weekly for more exciting news.


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